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Lignes de Transport et de Distribution Vandalisme et Terrorisme

UPDEA Abuja 26 Novembre 2008 Par Laurent HERBAUT Directeur Commercial Presented by LP Valmont South Europe-Africa

Vandalisme contre les lignes ariennesActes de vandalisme: Destruction des isolateurs par arme feu Destruction des transformateurs, vol dhuile de transfo Vol de diagonales-cornires des pylnes treillis Explosifs

Tanzanie TANESCO: de Janvier Mai 2006, 104 transformateurs dtruits 520 millions de perteTANESCO needs public cooperation to curb vandalism 2006-07-20 09:04:06 By Sharbano Abubakar While the Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) faces power crisis triggered by a three-year drought and low water inflows into the hydro power generation dams, vandalism by unknown people on TANESCOs electrical infrastructure is reported to be on the increase. Vandals tend to concentrate on transformer oil, distribution line conductors, transmission tower (pylon) members, and energy meters at customer premises. Apart from the power outages, which occur from generation deficiencies and unplanned system faults, vandalism of transformer oil is another leading phenomenon resulting into regular blackouts. Theft of transformer oil is said to have begun in 1998 in Shinyanga region, where unknown people drained transformer coolants, which they mixed with pesticides to spray cotton plantations. The problem grew and extended to Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, Coast, Kilimanjaro and recently in Mwanza region. In a recent incident in Mwanza, 56 transformers installed in the township were vandalized, causing TANESCO to suffer a loss of more than 140 million. The company was forced to buy new transformers to replace those burnt down. Once oil is drained from a transformer, it overheats, and if power is not switched off on time, the transformer explodes and cannot be repaired for future use. According to TANESCO reports, a total of 16 transformers were vandalized and completely burnt down in Dodoma region between 2004 and May this year, thus causing a loss of 27 million/-. The problem is apparently more acute in Dar es Salaam city. From year 2003 todate, hundreds of transformers have been vandalized in Ilala, Temeke and Kinondoni Districts. For instance, between January and May, this year, a total of 104 transformers had their oil drained and rendered useless, which has caused the Company a loose of 520 million/-.

Nigeria NEPA: 2001sabotage de pylnes 10 millions de personnes sans lectricit pendant 2 semainesThursday, 7 June, 2001, 13:18 GMT 14:18 UK Power cuts hit eastern Nigeria Nigerian cities suffer frequent power cuts By Barnaby Phillips in Lagos The Nigerian Electricity Power Authority (Nepa) says 13 states, including the entire eastern part of the country, may be without electricity for two weeks after what it calls an attack by vandals on a vital transmission line. Tens of millions of people in eastern Nigeria have been without electricity since Monday night. Nigeria's Government has struggled to improve the country's notoriously inefficient electricity network since coming to power two years ago. Nigerians are well accustomed to power cuts but rarely on such a devastating scale. The huge area affected by this latest blackout includes some of Nigeria's largest and economically most important cities. Struggling industries and public services, as well as private households, are already experiencing enormous inconvenience and discomfort. Sabotage A Nepa official told the BBC that a tower on a vital power line serving the east had been attacked by vandals and that it may take two weeks to repair. President Obasanjo: Took charge of Nepa last year after blackouts Power lines in Nigeria are often sabotaged by gangs working for scrap metal traders,

Nigeria PHCN: 2008Sciage de cornires par des ferrailleurs sur des pylnes 330kV

2 arrested over vandalism of PHCN tower Ayodele Adesanmi, Abuja - 27.03.2008 Luck ran out of on two suspected vandals who were caught by members of a community in the South West of the country. In less than two months, the vandals had attacked electricity transmission that served most parts of South West in Ijebu Ode area of Ogun State, bringining the total number of such to three. The Minister of State for Energy (Power), Mrs. Balaraba Ibrahim, who said this in Abuja on Tuesday evening, said the incident meant that most parts of Lagos, Osun, Ondo, Osun Oyo and Ekiti states would remain without electricity for at least the next four weeks before the tower was re-erected, adding that the price of N1million awaited those that helped arrest the suspected vandals. The minister, at a press briefing said, the last two vandalism of the transmission lines cost the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) N18 million to fix after four weeks adding that any person or group found around any TCN facility between the 8.00p.m and 7.00a.m should be arrested and handed over to the police. According to her, "this incident is worrisome because the nature and proximity of both incidents clearly suggests sabotage, as the 330kv Tower No.395, off Oko baba near Abeakuta and 330Kv Tower No. 507 close to Temperance Farms, Ota, were both vandalised in the same manner on the 17th and 27th February 2008 respectively "Today, we are faced with yet another sabotage. This time, the vandals struck at about 1:30am today, Tuesday, 25th March 2008 and axe-sawed the 330kv transmission tower No 487 near Oke Osa Community in Ajibode area, between Ota and Ifo in Ogun State," she said. She added that luck ran out on two of the vandals as the tower came down on one of them and was trapped.

Pylnes treillis sabots

Les monopodes rsistent au vandalisme!

Les monopodes rsistent aux explosifs: Il faut 36 fois plus dexplosif pour un monopode quun treillisTubular steel transmission poles are highly resistant to vandalism and sabotage due to a greater shear load carrying capacity that is inherent in the closed section properties. According to a blast test conducted by a utility in Colombia, South America, it takes 20 kgs of explosives to damage a tubular pole section. It also takes 50 kgs of explosives to damage a tubular steel pole with a concrete filled base section up to 36 times more resistant to explosives as compared to lattice structures with similar design loading conditions.

Fondations type IEC (Israel)

Les aciers dancrages vont du massif lintrieur du fut. Le ft est rempli de bton sur 3 4 m de haut Des connecteurs souds lintrieur assurent la liaison tiges-bton-ft (calcul sections mixtes acier-bton) Ft: diamtre 2 3m paisseur 16mm 25mm. Rsistance aux explosifs = 72 fois celle dun treillis

Fondations standard de monopodes

Lignes de distribution sur Utypoles

10 points clefs des Utypoles Dure de vie 50-80 ans (5 fois celle dun support bois) 2 3 fois plus lgers que les mts bois , 5 7 fois plus que les mts btons , 3 4 fois plus lgers que HEA Diminution du risque deffet domino (ou cascade) flexibilit qui autorise les dsquilibres entre portes Ne brlent pas (feux agricoles) - pas dinfiltration deaux Pas dentretien (resserrage colliers sur mts bois) Insensible aux attaques des insectes, piverts, rongeurs Pas de traitement toxique base darsenic (CCA) Equirsistants effort identique dans toutes directions (HEA) Alternative trs conomique pour les supports darrt et dangle augmentation des portes moins de supports au km MALT: mise la terre par le mt lui-mme sans descente cuivre

Comparaison de poidsLes Utypoles sont 50-60% plus lgers que les poteaux bois.



Weight (lb)



Acier Bois


0 25'- 4 30'- 5 30' - 3 35' - 3 40' - 4 40' - 3 45' - 3 50' - 3 50' - 2

Length and Class

Pas de camion-grue juste la force humaine

Scellement la pierre sche

Dsavantages des supports bois et bton

Comparaison supportsACIER BETON BOIS

Dure de vie prvue

60 ans

30 ans

10 ans


254 kg

1350 kg

790 kg

Cots dinstallation


Trs levs


Cots de transport


Trs levs


Cots de maintenance




Valeur rsiduelle (recyclage)Influence sur lenvironnement







Spcifications techniques Lacier utilis est le S500 conforme la norme NFEN 10025 et ayant les caractristiques suivantes: Limite lastique Re = 500 Mpa (N/mm) Limite de rupture Re = 550 - 700 Mpa (N/mm) Soudage longitudinal SAW (Arc submerg) Galvanisation chaud: au tremp selon norme ISO 1461 Couche de zinc > 70 microns intrieur et extrieur Partie enterre: selon demande client protection supplmentaire bitumineuse Fabrication sur site qualifi ISO 9001

Tableau des dimensions et efforts

De 8m 12m en standard Autres hauteurs et efforts sur demande

Configurations Standard & options

Sites industriels Valmont

Procds de fabrication


UPDEA by Abuja 26 Novembre 2008 Presented