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  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs




  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs



  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs



    Pranama Mantras ......................................... 7Temple Program Prayers ............................. 10Samsara Davanala Lidha............................10Namaste Narasimhaya...............................11Jaya Narasimha Sri Narasimha...................11Ugra Vra! Mah"vi#$%...............................11Namo Namah T%lasi &rsna Preyasi.............11

    'eto Darpana Mar(anam............................1)The Ten *+enses to the ,oly Name...........1-Sri %r% 'arana Padma..............................1-/svara Parama &rsna..................................1Jaya adha Madhava..................................17Maha Prasade ovinde...............................17Sarira 2vidya Jala........................................1734 Din Santip%re.........................................15Jaya Jaya ora6ander 2roti4.......................15Songs y 8ha4tivinoda Tha4%ra ................. 152mar Jivana................................................15

    2mi Jam%na P%line.....................................192mi To: D%r(ana 2ti Sada D%ra6ar..............192nadi &arama Phale...................................)02r &eno Maya Jale.......................................)02salo &atha 8olte.......................................)12tma Nivedana T%;a Pade.........................)18ha(a 8ha4ata Vatsala................................))8ha(a e 8ha(a e 2mar.............................)-8hale a%ra adadharer 2rati...................)8h%liya Tomare...........................................)8olo ,ari 8olo.............................................)Aut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: G'ta*a!' (Section: *rasadaSe+aya Son) 1

    W1Xh"i@re>Garra aidy"@("l (oFendriya t"he 4"l

    (ve phele vi#aya@s"goret"Bra madhye (ih;" ati lohamoy

    s%d%rmatit"B4e (et" 4aKhina sa!s"re

    W)X4A#$a aro doy"moy 4ori"re (ih;" (ay

    s;a@pras"d@anna dilo h"isei ann"mAta p"o r"dh"@4A#$a@g%$a g"o

    preme F"4o 6aitanya@nit"iTRANSLATION1X * rothers> This material ody is anet;or4 o ignoran6e and the senses areoneBs deadly enemies or they thro; theso%l into the o6ean o material senseen(oyment. 2mong the senses the tong%eis the most vora6io%s and verily ;i64ed_ it isvery di6%lt to 6on^%er the tong%e in this;orld.)X * rothers> Lord &rsna is very mer6i%l@(%st to 6ontrol the tong%e ,e has given %sthe remnants o ,is o;n ood> No; pleaseeat these ne6tarean grains ;hile singing theglories o Their Lordships Sri Sri adha and&rsna and in love 6all o%t 'aitanya> Nitai>

    S,n Nam4: E) D'n Sant'pur4O;"'a! Nam4: Prasa&1S4*a5a =S,nsB,r t%4 H,n,r'n ,B Sp'r'tua! ,,&>Aut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: G'ta*a!' (Section: *rasadaSe+aya Son) 2


    e4a@dina G"ntip%re prah% ad;aitera ghared%i prah% ho(ane osilo

    G"4 4oriB "s;"dana prah% ole ha4ta@ga$a

    ei G"4 4A#$a "s;"diloW)X

    heno G"4@"s;"dane 4A#$a@prema aisemane

    sei preme 4oro "s;"dana

    (aFa@%ddhi parihariB pras"d ho(ana 4oriBhari hariB olo sarva (anTRANSLATION1X * rothers> *ne day at Sri 2dvaitaBsho%se in santip%ra the t;o Lords@'aitanya


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    and Nityananda@;ere seated or l%n6h. Lord'aitanya tasted the green leay vegetalepreparation and addressed the assemly o,is devotees This sa4 is so deli6io%s> Lord&rsna has denitely tasted it.)X 2t the taste o sa4 li4e this love o &rsnaarises in the heart. /n s%6h love yo% sho%ldtaste these remnants. iving %p all

    materialisti6 6on6eptions and ta4ing theLordBs prasad all o yo% (%st 6hant ,ari>,ari>B

    S,n Nam4: -a5a -a5a G,ra"an&4rAr,t')O;"'a! Nam4: Sr' Gaura Frat'Aut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: G'ta*a!' (Section: Arati#irtana Son) 2


    W4iaX (aya (aya gor"6"nder "rati4o Goh"("hnav@taKa@vane (aga@mana@loh"(aga@(ana@mana@loh"

    Wga%r"ger "roti4 Goh" (aga@(ana@mana@loh"X

    W)Xda4hi$e nit"i6"nd "me gad"dhara

    ni4aKe ad;aita Grniv"sa 6hatra@dharaW-X

    osiy"6he gor"6"nd ratna@si!h"sane"rati 4oren rahm"@"di deva@ga$e

    WXnarahari@"di 4ori: 6"mara dh%l"ya

    saI(aya@m%4%nda@"s%@gho#@"di g"yaW

  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    TRANSLATION1X / am an impio%s sinner and have 6a%sedothers great aniety and tro%le.)X / have never hesitated to perorm sin%la6t or my o;n en(oyment. Devoid o all6ompassion 6on6erned only ;ith my o;nselsh interests / am remorse%l seeingothers happy. / am a perpet%al liar and the

    misery o others is a so%r6e o greatpleas%re or me.-X The material desires ;ithin the 6ore omy heart are %nlimited. / am ;rath%ldevoted to alse pride and arrogan6eintoi6ated y vanity and e;ildered y;orldly a+airs. 3nvy and egotism are theornaments / ;ear.X %ined y labiness and sleep / resist allpio%s deeds_ yet / am very a6tive andenth%siasti6 to perorm ;i64ed a6ts. for

    ;orldly ame and rep%tation / engage in thepra6ti6e o de6eit%lness. Th%s / amdestroyed y my o;n greed and am al;aysl%st%l.

  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    TRANSLATION1X / am 6ertainly the most ;i64ed personal;ays perorming sin%l a6tions. formillions and millions o irths / have noteen ale to gain release rom thispredi6ament.)X ho is so mer6i%l ;ithin this material%niverse as to pi64 s%6h a sinner %p and

    ta4e me 6lose to ,imselO-X 8%t / have heard ao%t Sri 'aitanyaMahaprah% ho is 4no;n as the deliverero the most allen. /nn%merale sinnershave already een reed y ,im.X S%6h an o6ean o 6ompassion ,e is hois distri%ting ,is o;n 6a%seless mer6y>hen ;ill ,e deliver me y esto;ing %ponme ,is o;n Divine Lot%s feetO No; / ;ill really %nderstand theetent o ?o%r 6ompassion only i ?o% are

    ale to deliver this most sin%l person.=X 8y ;hat means ;ill / get those lot%s eetsin6e / am 6ompletely eret o r%itivea6tivities eret o 4no;ledge and eret oany 4ind o devotion to &rsnaO7X My only hope is ?o%r 6ompassion or theopinion o all the Vedas is that ?o%r6ompassion is 6a%seless.5X ?o% are the very aode o p%rity and /am most ;i64ed and evil@minded. So ho;;ill / attain the shelter o ?o%r lot%s eetO

    9X eeping and ;eeping this allen andmost 6ontemptile person says Dear Lordall / 4no; is that ?o%r most 6elerated nameis Patita@Pavana the deliverer o the allen.

    S,n Nam4: Ana&' 2arama P%a!4Aut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: G'ta*a!' (Section: SriSi.sasta.a" Son) $

    W1Xan"di: 4arama@phale paFi: hav"r$ara (ale

    tari"re n" de4hi %p"yaei vi#aya@hal"hale div"@niGi hiy" (vale

    mana 4ah% s%4ha n"hi p"yaW)X

    "G"@p"Ga@Gata@Gata 4leGa deya aviratapravAtti@rmira t"he 4hel"

    4"ma@4rodha@"di 6haya "Kap"Fe deyahaya

    avas"na hoilo "si: el"W-X

    (n"na@4arma@Khaga d%i more prat"rya loiavaGe#e phele sindh%@(ale

    e heno samaye andh% t%mi 4A#$a 4Ap"@sindh%

    4Ap" 4ori: tolo more ale

    WXpatita@4i4are dhari: p"da@padma@dh%li

    4ari:deho ha4tivinoda "Graya

    "mi tava nitya@d"sa h%liy" m"y"ra p"Gaaddha ho:ye "6hi day"maya

    TRANSLATION1X / have allen into the o6ean o material

    eisten6e as a res%lt o my selsh a6tivities;hi6h are ;itho%t eginning and / see nomeans o deliveran6e rom this great o6eano nes6ien6e. Day and night my heart %rnsrom the poison o these ;orldly a6tivitiesand on a66o%nt o this my mind never ndsany satisa6tion or happiness.)X ,%ndreds and tho%sands o desires li4enooses aro%nd my ne64 6onstantly give memisery and tro%le. /n that great o6ean ones6ien6e play the ;aves o materialisti6

    tenden6y. /n this ;orld there are manythieves and rog%es o ;hom si areprominent_ l%st anger greed envy ill%sionand madness. They are 6a%sing me greatear and in this ;ay my lie is 6oming to anend.-X The t;o high;ay roers mentalspe6%lation and r%itive a6tivity have6heated me and misled me and nally theyare thro;ing me into the o6ean o misery. 2ts%6h a time as this my dear &rsna ?o% are

    the only riend and ?o% are the o6ean omer6y and 6ompassion. / have no strengthto get o%t o this o6ean o nes6ien6e so /pray to ?o%r lot%s eet that ?o% ;ill e 4indand y ?o%r strength %plit me rom thiso6ean o s%+ering.X 266ept this allen servant and me as aparti6le o d%st on ?o%r lot%s eet. &indlygive me shelter to this 8ha4tivinoda. * mostmer6i%l Lord a6t%ally / am ?o%r eternalservant %t having orgotten this / havee6ome o%nd %p in the net;or4 o maya.

    S,n Nam4: Ar 24n, Ma5a -a!4Aut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: G'ta*a!' (Section: Sreyo/irnaya Son) 2

    W1X"r 4eno m"y"@("le poFite6ho (va@mn

    n"hi ("no addha ho:ye ro:e t%mi 6iro@dinW)X

    ati t%66ha hoga@"Ge and ho:ye m"y"@p"Ge

    rohile vi4Ata@h"ve danFya (ath" par"dhnW-X

    e4hona ha4ati@ale 4A#$a@prema@sindh%@(ale

    4rF" 4ori: an"y"se th"4o t%mi 4A#$a"dhna


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    TRANSLATION1X * sh li4e so%l ;hy have yo% allen intothe entangling nets o MayaO ?o% have not%nderstood that eing o%nd %p y thosenets yo% ;ill have to remain in this material;orld or a long long time.)X 2ter e6oming 6aptive in Maya:s snared%e to yo%r desires or insigni6ant

    en(oyments yo% remain transormed in aspirit%ally diseased 6ondition p%nishale(%st li4e a disoedient servant.-X No; y the po;er o devotional servi6eal;ays remain s%servient to Lord &rsnas;imming and roli64ing reely in thene6tarine o6ean o &rsna@prema.

    S,n Nam4: Asa!, 2at%a (,!t4Aut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: (au! San't (Son)s o the

    ad"an(Section: Son) 3W1X"salo 4ath" olte 4i

    tom"r 4enth"@dhor" 4apni@"K"@saaph"4i

    W)Xdharma@patn tya(i: ghare para@n"r@saga

    4oreartha@lohe dv"re dv"re phire r"4hle 4i


    t%mi g%r% ol6ho vaKe s"dh%@g%r%ni#4apaKe4A#$a@n"m deno 4ar$a@p%Ke se 4i emon hoy


    (e" anya Gi4#" dey t":4e 4i Eg%r%: oltehoyO

    d%dher phal to: ghole noy heve: 6ittede4ho de4hi

    W ?o% are seen to e ;rapped in anold tattered lan4et and ;earing a simpleloin6loth (%st li4e a reno%n6ed as6eti6 @@ %tin a6t%ality all o this is simply pretentio%s.)X Leaving yo%r legally married ;ie athome yo% go o+ and 4eep the 6ompany othe ;ives o others. /n yo%r greed or

    a6^%iring more and more ;ealth yo%;ander li4e a poor eggar rom door todoor and yo% se6retly 4eep so manys%rpl%ses stored a;ay.

    -X ?o% are ^%ite 6ondent in presentingyo%rsel as a saintly spirit%al master andth%s yo% are %sily engaged in initiatinginno6ent people y re6iting &rishna@namainto their ear @@ is this ehavior not a great6haradeOX 'an anyone e 6alled a g%r% simplye6a%se he gives advi6e to othersO 2 6oo4

    6an never %se ;hey in a re6ipe that 6alls ormil4. No; thin4 ao%t this and (%st see ;hat/ see.

  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    )X ?o%r t;o lot%s eet are reservoirs oimmortal ne6tar ;here one may live reerom sorro; and ear. / have o%nd pea6ethere no; and have given %p the ear o;orldly eisten6e.-X / shall render servi6e in ?o%r ho%seholdand not endeavor to en(oy the r%its o thatservi6e %t rather / shall strive or ;hatever

    pleases ?o% %lly devoted to ?o%r lot%s eet.X Tro%les en6o%ntered in ?o%r servi6e shalle the 6a%se o great happiness or in ?o%rdevotional servi6e (oy and sorro; aree^%ally great ri6hes. 8oth destroy themisery o ignoran6e.

  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    =X There is also s;eet ri6e that tastes (%stli4e ne6tar d%e to its eing mied ;ith6amphor. There are ananas and 6heese;hi6h is ne6tarean and deli6io%s. They arealso served t;elve 4inds o so%rpreparations made ;ith tamarinds limeslemons oranges and pomegranates.7X There are %ns made ;ith ;hite o%r and

    s%gar_ %ns lled ;ith 6ream_ ladd%s_ anddahl patties oiled in s%gared ri6e. &rsnaeagerly eats all o the ood.5X /n great e6stasy and (oy &rsna eats theri6e 6%rried vegetales s;eets andpastries 6oo4ed y Srimati adharani.9X &rsnaBs %nny rahmana riendMadh%mangala ;ho is very ond o Ladd%sgets them y hoo4 or y 6roo4. 3ating theladd%s he sho%ts ,ariol> ,ariol>B andma4es a %nny so%nd y slapping his sides

    %nder his armpits ;ith his hands.10X 8eholding adharani and ,ergopiriends rom the 6orner o ,is eyes&rsna eats at the ho%se o mother ?asoda;ith great satisa6tion.11X 2ter l%n6h &rsna drin4s rose@s6ented;ater. Then all o the oys standing inlines ;ash their mo%ths.1)X 2ter all the 6o;herd oys ;ash theirhands and mo%ths in great liss they ta4erest ;ith Lord 8alarama.

    1-X The t;o 6o;herd oys Jam%la andasala then ring &rsna pan made ;ithetel n%ts an6y spi6es and 6ate6h%. 2tereating that pan Sri &rsna6andra thenhappily goes to sleep.1X hile &rsna happily ta4es ,is rest on ane6ellent edstead ,is servant Visala4sa6ools ,im ;ith a an o pea6o64 eathers.1 *h(%st ;orship oh (%st ;orship the lot%s eeto adha and &rsna in the orests o Vra(a>W*h ;itho%t s%6h ;orship there is no meanso spirit%al advan6ement>X J%st ;orship thelot%s eet o adha and &rsna in the orestso Vra(a> W*h giving %p all spe6%lative4no;ledge and materialisti6 a6tivities>X)X J%st ;orship a%ra adadhara 2dvaitaand Lord Nityananda the original spirit%almaster> W*h 4no;ing Lord a%ra and Lord&rsna to e the same>X W*h 4no;ing thespirit%al master to e very dear to &rsna>XJ%st rememer the dear asso6iates o Lord'aitanya namely Srivasa Tha4%ra ,aridasaTha4%ra M%rari %pta and M%4%nda Datta>W*h in deep love or Lord a%ra yo% sho%ldrememer (%st rememer>X WJ%st rememerthe t;o great personalities Srivasa Tha4%ra

    and ,aridasa Tha4%ra>X-X J%st rememer Sri %pa os;amiSanatana Jiva and the t;o agh%nathas>W*h i yo% are engaged in ;orshiping Lord&rsna>X WJ%st rememer the t;o great so%ls


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    Sri %pa os;ami and Sanatana os;ami>XJ%st rememer aghava Pandita opal8hatta os;ami Svar%pa Damodaraos;ami and amananda aya> W*h i yo%really see4 love o &rsna>X WJ%st rememerSvar%pa Damodara os;ami andamananda aya>XX J%st rememer Srila &avi &arnap%ra and

    all his amily memers espe6ially hisather Sivananda Sena> W*h al;aysrememer al;ays rememer>X WSri &avi&arnap%ra and his amily>X J%st rememerall the sadh%s ;ho ollo; the path o Sri%pa os;ami and ;ho are asored in thee6stasy o ha(an> W*h i yo% a6t%ally ;antresiden6e in the land o Vra(a>X WJ%strememer the sadh%s ;ho are ollo;ers oSrila %pa os;ami>X

    S,n Nam4: (%a!4 Gaura Ga&a&%ar4rArat'O;"'a! Nam4: Gaura Ga&a&%ara Arat')=at %)ura (%a)t'*'n,&as %,m4 atSura$%'1)u06a 'n G,&ru?a1&*pa>Aut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: G'ta*a!' (Section: Arati/#irtan Son) 1

    W1Xh"le gor"@gad"dharer "rati neh"rinady"@praa@h"ve ("% olih"ri

    W)X4alpatar%@tale ratna@si!h"sanopari

    sa% sa4h@e#Kita 4iGora@4iGorW-X

    p%raKa@(aFita 4ota ma$i@ga(amati(hama4i: (hama4i: lahe prati@aga@(yotiC

    WXnla nrada l"gi: vidy%t@m"l"

    d%h% aga mili: Goh" h%vana@%("l"W

  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    W)X(anan (aKhare 6hil"ma (a4hona

    i#ama andhana@p"Gee4a@"ra prah%> de4h" diy" more

    vaI6ile e dna d"seW-X

    ta4hona h"vin% (anama p"iy"4orio ha(ana tava

    (anama hoilo paFi: m"y"@("len" hoilo (I"na@lavaWX

    "darera 6hele sva@(anera 4oleh"siy" 4"K"n% 4"la

    (ana4a (anan@snehete h%liy"sa!s"ra l"gilo h"lo

    W * rothers ;ithliss%l minds 6hant the name o ,ari>'hant the name o ,ari> 8irth ater irth inhappiness 6hant the name o ,ari>)X 'hant the name o ,ari> * rothers yo%have otained a h%man irth no; 6hant thename o ,ari> 'hant the name o ,ari>hether yo% are in happiness or distress6hant the name o ,ari>-X 'hant the name o ,ari> * rothers;hether in prosperity or misort%ne 6hantthe name o ,ari> 'hant the name o ,ari>hether yo% live at home or in the orest6hant the name o ,ari> emaining in thismaterial ;orld or &rsnaBs p%rposes 6hantthe name o ,ari>X 'hant the name o ,ari> * rothers give%p the asso6iation o non@devotees and6hant the name o ,ari> 'hant the name o

    ,ari> falling at the eet o the Vaisnavas6hant the name o ,ari> 'hant the


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    names o a%ra and adadhara> 'hant thenames o a%ra and 2dvaita>

    S,n Nam4: (,r, Su)%4r 2%a$,r Ga'O;"'a! Nam4: Da!a!4ra G'ta =T%4 S,n,B t%4 (r,)4r>Aut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: Va'sna*a S'&&%anta Ma!a

    W1Xoro s%4her 4haor g"is%rahi@4%I(ete n"mer h"K 4h%le:6he

    4hoda nit"iW)X

    oro mo("r 4ath" t"yGraddh"@mlye G%ddha@n"ma sei h"Kete


    (ata ha4ta@Anda asi:adhi4"r de4he: n"ma e66he daro 4asi:

    WX(adi n"ma 4ine h"i"m"r sage 6alo mah"(aner 4"6he ("i

    W] * my mind please dan6e> *my mind please dan6e> * my mind pleasedan6e>)X *h> S%6h a mer6i%l personality asNityananda Prah% is not to e o%ndany;here> ,e s%+ers a eating rom Jagaiand Madhai and still gives them the love o

    od> *h> hen yo%r o+enses are eingvan^%ished yo% ;ill otain the treas%re olove o od> 8%t in these names o 'aitanyaand Nitai there is no 6onsideration oo+enses> *n6e yo% have a taste or the holy


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    name o &rsna ondage to this ;orld ;ill6ome to an end.-X *h> hen there is atta6hment to the holyname o &rsna the lie o a living eing veryeasily e6omes s%66ess%l> *h> itho%ta+e6tion or &rsna lie is simply %seless> 2tthe end o lie yo% ;ill otain the ea%ti%lvision o adha and Syama in Vrndavana

    %t only ;hen the mer6y o Lord a%ra isrst re6eived> *h>

    S,n Nam4: Dur!a$%a Mana*a -anmaAut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: 2a!5ana 2a!pataru(Section: ir+edana La.sana -paladhiSon) 4

    W1Xd%rlaha m"nava@(anma lahiy" sa!s"re4A#$a n" ha(in%@d%C4ha 4ahio 4"h"reO

    W)XEsa!s"r: Esa!s"r: 4o:re mi6he gelo 4"ll"ha n" 4oilo 4i6h% ghaKilo (aI("l

    W-X4iser sa!s"r ei 6h"y""(i pr"y

    ih"te mamat" 4ori: Ath" dina ("yWX

    e deho patana ho:le 4i ro:e "m"rO4eho s%4ha n"hi die p%tra@pariv"r

    W n"hi h"vi@anitya e saa

    (vana vigate 4oth" rohie vaihavaOW10X

    GmaG"ne Garr mama poFiy" rohieihaga@pataga t"y ih"r 4orie

    W11X4%44%r sAg"l sa "nandita ho:ye

    mahotsava 4orie "m"r deho lo:yeW1)X

    (e deher ei gati t":r an%gatasa!s"r@vaihava "r andh%@(ana (ata


    ataeva m"y"@moha 6h"Fi: %ddhim"nnitya@tattva 4A#$a@ha4ti 4or%na sandh"nTRANSLATION1X The h%man orm o lie is the rarestopport%nity or attaining spirit%al pere6tion.

    8%t no; / am lamenting e6a%se /Bvesomeho; or other een orn ;ith s%6h anopport%nity and / ;asted it y never;orshiping Lord &rsna. *h to ;hom shall /tell the tale o this miseryO)X ,aving married and entered into theentanglements o materialisti6 amily lie /passed my time in vain. / never got any

    tangile gain or permanent enet onlytro%le and otheration.-X hat 4ind o ;orld is this any;ayO /tseems to e (%st li4e a magi6 lantern sho;that / sa; at a 6arnival ;herein so manyshado;s and opti6al ill%sions dan6emagi6ally eore my eyes. / eel greatatta6hment and identi6ation ;ith s%6h a;orld and th%s day ater day passyr%itlessly ;itho%t any p%rpose ;hatsoever.X hen this ody drops dead on the

    gro%nd then ;hat ;ill remain mineO 2t thatmoment all o my sons and dearest lovedones ;ill not e ale to give me anyhappiness. hat a remorse%l sit%ationhas arisen> / am asored in all this tro%le%t / never 6onsider that all these things aretemporary and s%(e6t to perish very soon.2ter /Bm dead and gone ;here ;ill all omy material op%len6es remainO10X hen my ody ;ill e thro;n in the pit

    at the 6remation gro%nds it ;ill simply liethere motionlessly. Then many 6ro;sv%lt%res ants and ;orms ;ill 6ome andplay%lly sport there.


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    11X 2ll the stray dogs and (a64als ;ill thene6ome very m%6h delighted and in greate6stasy they ;ill ma4e a estival gro%nd o%to my ody and ;ill have a h%ge 6elerationand east.1)X J%st see this is the %ltimate destinationo this material ody. 2nd the most amabingthing is that all o my material op%len6es

    ho%se amily and riends have ea6tly thesame destination.1-X Thereore / as4 o anyone ;ho has anysharp intelligen6e please give %p all othese temporary ill%sions presented ymaya and 4indly sear6h ater the means toget p%re devotion to Lord &rsna or this isthe only really tangile eternal tr%th.

    S,n Nam4: E)%,na (u6%'nuAut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura

    (,,) Nam4: Saranaat' (Section:A+asya 5a.sie #rsna Vis+asa *alanaSon) 1

    W1Xe4hona %(hin% prah%> tom"ra 6ara$a

    aGo4"hoy"mAta@prna sarva@4hanaW)X

    sa4ala 6h"Fiy" t%;" 6ara$a@4amalepoFiy"6hi "mi n"tha> tava pada@tale

    W-Xtava p"da@padma n"th> ro4hie "m"re"r ra4h"@4art" n"hi e hava@sa!s"re

    WX"mi tava nitya@d"sa@("nin% e@"ra

    "m"ra p"lana@h"ra e4hona tom"raW

  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    elevated devotees has 6ome to ring meo%t.)X ,e sa; me so allen and ;ret6hed too4pity and 6ame to me saying \* h%mledso%l please listen to this good tiding or it;ill gladden yo%r heart.-X Sri &rishna 'aitanya has appeared in theland o Navadvipa to deliver yo%. ,e has

    saely 6ond%6ted many miserale so%lss%6h as yo% a6ross the sea o ;orldlyeisten6e.X \To %lll the promise o the Vedas theson o a rahmana earing the nameMahaprah% o golden 6ompleion hasdes6ended ;ith ,is rother the avadh%taNityananda. Together They haveover;helmed all o Nadia ;ith divinee6stasy.

    Aut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: 2a!5ana 2a!pataru(Section: -paladhi Vinapti Son) 1


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    W1Xgopn"th mama nivedana G%novi#ay d%r(ana sad" 4"ma@rata

    4i6h% n"hi mora g%$aW)X

    gopn"th "m"ra haras" t%mitom"ra 6ara$e loin% Gara$a

    tom"ra 4i4ora "mi

    W-Xgopn"th 4emone Godhie moren" ("ni ha4ati 4arme (aFa@mati

    pore6hi so!s"ra@ghoreWX

    gopn"th sa4ali tom"ra m"y"n"hi mama ala (I"na s%nirmala

    s;"dhna nahe e 4"y"W

  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    X * opinatha / am ?o%r devotee %thaving aandoned ?o% and th%s havingorgotten my real treas%re / have ;orshipedthis m%ndane ;orld.

    4Ap"@ind% diy" 4oro: ei d"setA$"pe4h" ati hna

    sa4ala@sahane olo diy" 4oroni(a m"ne spAh"@hna

    W)Xsa4ale samm"n 4orite Ga4ati

    deho: n"tha> (ath"(athatae to: g"io harin"ma@s%4he

    apar"dha ha Ee hataW-X

    4ae heno 4Ap" lohiy" e (ana4At"rtha hoie n"tha>

    Ga4ti@%ddhi@hn "mi ati dn4oro: more "tma@s"tha

    WX(ogyat"@vi6"re 4i6h% n"hi p"i

    tom"ra 4ar%$" s"ra4ar%$" n" hoile 4"$Fiy" 4"$Fiy"

    pr"$a n" r"4hio "ra


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    TRANSLATION1X %r%deva give to this servant (%st onedrop o mer6y. / am lo;er than a lade ograss. ive me all help. ive me strength.Let me e as yo% are ;itho%t desires oraspirations.)X / o+er yo% all respe6ts or th%s / mayhave the energy to 4no; yo% 6orre6tly.

    Then y 6hanting the holy name in greate6stasy all my o+enses ;ill 6ease.-X hen ;ill s%6h mer6y all to this one ;hois ;ea4 and devoid o intelligen6eO 2llo;me to e ;ith yo%.X / yo% eamine me yo% ;ill nd no^%alities. ?o%r mer6y is all that / am madeo. / yo% are not mer6i%l %nto me / 6anonly ;eep and / ;ill not e ale to maintainmy lie.

    S,n Nam4: Guru&4*a (,r, 2rpa 2,r'Aut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: Saranaat' (Section:!haana Lalasa Son) 10


    oFo 4Ap" 4ori: ga%Fa@vana m"(hegodr%me diy"6ho sth"na

    "(I" dila more ei ra(e osi:hari@n"ma 4oro g"na

    W)X4int% 4ae prah% yogyat" arpie

    e d"sere doy" 4ori:6itta sthira hae sa4ala sohio

    e4"nte ha(io hariW-X

    GaiGava@ya%vane (aFa@s%4ha@sageahy"sa hoilo manda

    ni(a@4arma@do#e e deho hoiloha(anera pratiandha

    WXv"rdha4ye e4hona paI6a@roge hata

    4emone ho(io olo:4"diy" 4"diy" tom"ra 6ara$e

    poFiy"6hi s%vihvalaTRANSLATION1X %r%deva> 8e6a%se yo% are so mer6i%lyo% gave me a pla6e in odr%ma amid the;oodlands o a%da ;ith this order to%lll \D;ell here in this Vrndavana andsing the holy name o ,ari.])X 8%t ;hen * master o%t o yo%r greatmer6y ;ill yo% esto; %pon this servant oyo%rs the spirit%al 6ompeten6e to %lll that

    orderO hen ;ill my mind e6ome tran^%iland edO hen ;ill / end%re all hardshipsand serve Lord ,ari ;itho%t distra6tionsO-X D%e to atta6hment to ;orldly pleas%resin 6hildhood and yo%th / have developed

    ad haits. 8e6a%se o these sin%l a6ts myody has e6ome an impediment to theservi6e o the S%preme Lord.X No; in old age aci6ted y the ve@oldillnesses ho; ;ill / serve the LordO *master please tell me. / have allen at yo%reet ;eeping over;helmed y aniety.

    S,n Nam4: Guru&4*4 Vra6a Van4 Vra6a(%um' Vas' -an4Aut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura

    W1Xg%r%deve vra(a@vane vra(a@h%mi@vasi

    (anes%ddha@ha4te ara vipra@gane

    ista@mantre hari@name y%gala ha(ana4ame

    4ara rati ap%rva yataneW)X

    dhari mana 6arane tomara(aniya6hi ee sara 4rsna@ha4ti vina aranahi gh%6e (ivera samsara

    W-X4arma (nana tapah yoga sa4alai ta

    4arma@hoga4arma 6hadaite 4eha nare

    sa4ala 6hadiya hai sraddha@devira g%nagai

    yanra 4rpa ha4ti dite pareWX

    6hadiB damha an%4sana smara asta@tattvamana4ara tahe nis4apata rati

    sei rati prarthanaya sri@dasa@gosvami payae ha4ativinoda 4are nati


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    TRANSLATION1X W1X The Divine Master W)X Sri VrndavanaW-X The residents o Sri Vrndavana WX Thep%re Vaisnavas W'hant ,ari> Lord a%ranga and Lord Nitaihave ro%ght the holy name> WSeeing o%r%nhappiness>X


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    )X 36ept or the holy name there is noother treas%re or the so%l> 8y the in%en6eo the holy name even Jagai and Madhaie6ame p%re> WThey ;ere oth greatly sin%lpersons>X-X / pass my lie %selessly o%nd y Maya>W2l;ays saying / and mine>X anderinghere and there %nder the 6ontrol o

    m%ndane desires@;here shall / go netOWThere is no end to ;orldly desires>XX * rothers 6hant ,ari> ;hile loo4ingdire6tly in the a6e o material desire>Wfreedom rom m%ndane han4erings is theplatorm o a6t%al happiness>X iving %p alldesire or m%ndane en(oyment andlieration / 6hant the holy names o theS%preme Lord> W,aving e6ome p%re andsit%ated in trans6enden6e>X Srimad@8hagavatam 11.5. asa hi paramam

    d%h4ham nairasyam paramam s%4hammaterial desire is s%preme misery ;hile thestate o desireless@ness is s%premehappiness. W,aving given %p allendeavors or insigni6ant material res%lts>X8ha4tivinoda says / 6on^%er allimpediments to the p%re 6hanting o theholy name> W,aving given %p all o+enses to

    the holy name>XS,n Nam4: -a5a -a5a Ra&%a 2rsnaO;"'a! Nam4: Sr' Jua!a Ar,t') =T%494r4m,n5 ,B ,rs%'p'n t%4 D'*'n49,up!4>Aut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: G'ta*a!' (Section: Arati#irtana Son) 3

    W1X(aya (aya r"dh"@4A#$a y%gala@milana

    "rati 4aro;e lalit"di sa4h@ga$aW)X

    madana@mohana rpa tri@haga@s%ndaraptamara Gi4hi@p%66ha@6F"@manohara

    W-Xlalita@m"dhava@v"me A#ah"n%@4any"s%nla@vasan" ga%r rpe g%ne dhany"

    WXn"n"@vidha ala4"ra 4ore (halamalahari@mano@vimohana vadana %((vala

    WAut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: G'ta*a!'

    W1X(v ("go (v ("go ga%ra6"nda ole4ota nidr" y"o m"y"@pG"6ra 4ole

    W)Xha(io oliy" ese so!s"ra@hitoreh%liy" rohile t%mi avidy"ra hore

    W-Xtom"re loite "mi hoin% avat"ra

    "mi vin" andh% "ra 4e "6he tom"raWX

    ene6hi a%#adhi m"y" n"Gi"ro l"gi:hari@n"ma mah"@mantra lao t%mi m"gi:


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    -X / have des6ended (%st to save yo%_ otherthan Mysel yo% have no riend in this ;orld.X / have ro%ght the medi6ine that ;ill;ipe o%t the disease o ill%sion rom ;hi6hyo% are s%+ering. Ta4e this mah"@mantra@,are &A#$a ,are &A#$a &A#$a &A#$a ,are,are`,are "ma ,are "ma "ma "ma,are ,are.

  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    all my o+en6es and give my heart a tasteRr%6i or 6hanting the ,oly Name in p%rityO)X hen ;ill / taste the essen6e o the ,olyName eeling mysel to e lo;er than thegrass my heart lled ;ith toleran6eO hen;ill / give respe6t to all others and e reerom desire or respe6t rom themO-X hen ;ill / 6ry o%t that / have no longer

    any desire or ;ealth and ollo;ers poetryand ea%ti%l ;omen all o ;hi6h are meant(%st or odily pleas%reO * a%ra ,ari> iveme 6a%seless devotional servi6e Rha4ti toyo%r lot%s eet irth ater irth.X hen ;ill my ody e 6overed ;ithgoose %mps and my voi6e ro4en ;ithemotion as / prono%n6e &rishnaBs nameOhen ;ill my ody 6hange 6olo%r and myeyes o; ;ith endless tears as / 6hantO

  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    S,n Nam4: 2a$4 Mu' Va'sna*a 9'n'$,Aut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: 2a!5ana 2a!pataru(Section: -cch+asa: *rarthana Lalas"ayiSon) 7

    W1X4ae m%i vaisnava 6inio hari hari

    vaisnava 6arana 4alyaner 4hanimatio hrdaye dhoriBW)X

    aisnava@tha4%ra apra4rta sadanirdosa anandamoy

    4rsna@name priti (ade %dasina(iete dayardra hoy

    W-Xahimanahina ha(ana praveena

    isayete anasa4taantara@ahire nis4apata sada

    nitya@lila@an%ra4taWX4anistha madhyama %ttama prahede

    vaisnava trividha gani4anisthe adara madhyame pranati

    %ttame s%sr%sa s%niW

  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    X eeping and ;eeping / ;ill %nderstandthe real nat%re o this aode o misery and/ ;ill eg or relie rom the labing re othis material ;orld.

    Aut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: 2a!5ana 2a!pataru(Section: -cch+asa: -cch+asa #irtanaa"a #irtana Son) 1

    W1X4ali@4%44%ra@4adana (adi 6ao WheX

    4ali@y%ga@pavana 4ali@hoya@nasanasri@sa6i@nandana gao WheX

    W)Xgadadhara@madana nita:yer prana@dhana

    advaiter prap%(ita goranimai isvamhar srinivas@is;ar


    nadiya@sasadhar mayap%ra@is;arnama@pravartana s%ra

    grhi@(ana@si4sa4a nyasi@4%la@naya4amadhava radha@hava@p%ra

    WXsarvaha%ma@sodhana ga(apati@tarana

    ramananda@posana virar%pananda@vardhana sanatana@palana

    haridasa@modana dhira


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    W)Xaner pa4hi re dhare r"4l"m hAdoy mandire

    madh% m"4h" ei hari n"mpa4hi re Gi4haile Gi4he

    W-Xpa4hi sa4al n"m olte paro

    4eno hare 4A#$a n"m olo na4eno hare 4A#$a n"m hari ole mano pr"$

    4"de n"WX6halo pa4hi rper deGe ("i

    (e deGete maner m"n%G "s" ("oy" n"iW t%;" (agata vi6itra

    4arama@vip"4e hava@vana hrama@ipe4hal% raga ah% 6itra

    W)Xt%;" pada@vismAti "@mara (antran"

    4leGa@dahane dohi: ("i4apila pataI(ali ga%tama 4anaho(

    (aimini a%ddha "o;e dh"i:W-Xta 4oi ni(a@mate h%4ti m%4ti y"6ato

    p"ta@i n"n"@vidha ph"dso@sa%vaI6a4a t%;" ha4ti ahir@m%4ha

    ghaK"o;e vi#ama param"dWX

    vaim%4ha@vaI6ane haKa so@sa%niramilo vividha pas"r

    danFavat drato ha4ativinoda heloha4ata@6ara$a 4ori: s"r

    TRANSLATION1X This material 6reation o ?o%rs * &esavais most strange. / have roamed thro%gho%tthe orest o this %niverse in 6onse^%en6e omy selsh a6ts and / have eheld manystrange and 6%rio%s sights.)X forget%lness o ?o%r lot%s eet hasro%ght on ang%ish and grie. 2s / %rn inthis re o misery my ;o%ld@e saviors &apila Patan(ali a%tama &anada Jaiminiand 8%ddha 6ome r%nning to my aid.

    -X 3a6h epo%nds his parti6%lar vie;dangling vario%s pleas%res and lieration asait in their philosophi6al traps. They are all6heaters averse to ?o%r devotional servi6eand th%s atally dangero%s.X They are magnates o 4arma (nana andyoga ;ho spe6ialibe in opinions and proosor 6heating the materially in6lined.8ha4tivinoda 6onsidering re%ge at the eeto the Vaisnavas as essential pays hisrespe6ts to these 6heating philosophersrom aar.

    S,n Nam4: 2' -an' 2' (a!4Aut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: Saranaat' (Section:optrit+e Varana Son) 1

    W1X4i ("ni 4i ale tom"ra dh"mete

    hoin% Gara$"gatat%mi doy"@moy patita@p"vana

    patita@t"ra$e rataW)X

    haras" "m"ra ei m"tra n"tha>t%mi to: 4ar%n"@moy

    tava doy"@p"tra n"hi mora samaavaGya gh%6"e hoy


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    W-X"m"re t"rite 4"h"ro Ga4ati

    avan@hitore n"hidoy"la Kh"4%ra> gho#an" tom"ra

    adhama p"mare tr"hiWX

    sa4ala 6h"Fiy" "siy"6hi "mitom"ra 6ara$e n"tha>

    "mi nitya@d"sa t%mi p"layit"t%mi gopt" (agann"tha>W

  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    W-Xeso nanda@4%m"r "r nanda@4%m"rhae prema@pradpe "rati tom"r

    WXnayana (am%n" (hare ani"r

    tom"ra virahe giridh"rW * people o aith> 8ythe order o Lord a%ranga * rothers /eg these three re^%ests o yo% 'hant&rsna> ;orship &rsna and tea6h othersao%t &rsna.


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    -X 8eing 6are%l to remain ree o o+enses_(%st ta4e the holy name o Lord &rsna. &rsnais yo%r mother &rsna is yo%r ather and&rsna is the treas%re o yo%r lie.X iving %p all sin%l a6tivities 6arry onyo%r ;orldly d%ties only in relation to Lord&rsna. The sho;ing o 6ompassion to otherso%ls y lo%dly 6hanting the holy name o

    &rsna is the essen6e o all orms o religion.

    S,n Nam4: Nara&a Mun' (a6a5 V'naAut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: G'ta*a!' (Section:a"asta.a" Son) '

    W1Xn"rada@m%ni "("ya v$"

    Er"dhi4"@rama$a:@n"men"ma amani %dita haya


    W)Xamiya@dh"r" vari#e ghanaGrava$a@y%gale giy"

    ha4ata@(ana saghane n"6ehariy" "pana hiy"

    W-Xm"dh%r@pra "saa paGi:

    m"t"ya (agata@(ane4eha v" 4"de 4eha v" n"6e

    4eha m"te mane maneWX

    paI6a@vadana n"rade dhari:premera saghana rola

    4amal"sana n"6iy" aleEola ola hari ola:


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    ?o% are the sae shelter at the shore o thisear%l o6ean has given me a ray o hope.-X ?o% dear Lord are a6t%ally made o6ompassion. / am 6ompletely 6onvin6edthat ?o% are the original so%r6e o thehighest orm o 6a%seless mer6y. No; thismost allen ras6al 8ha4tivinoda ;onBt re(e6t?o% any more... or / the etting o(e6t o

    6a%seless mer6y have attained the avor o,e ho ao%nds in 6a%seless mer6y.

    S,n Nam4: N'ta' Nam Hat4 O 24 -a$'r4(%a'O;"'a! Nam4: Nama Hatta (%a6anaAut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura

    W1Xnitai nam hate o 4e (aire hai ay 6h%te

    ese pasanda (agai madhai d%(an sa4al hatermal nile (%te

    W)Xhater amsi maha(on sri ad;aita sanatanhandari sri gadadhar pandit vi6a4san

    W-Xa6hen 6a%4idar haridas adi holen sri san(ay

    sri sridhar mate dalal 4esava harati srividya va6aspati

    pari6ara4 a6hen 4rsna dasa prahrtihon 4osadhya4sa srivas pandit (had%dar

    4edar (%teWX

    hater m%lya nir%pon naya ha4tipra4asanaprema heno m%dra sarasar samyaman nai

    4omi esi samanW

    vai#$aa Kh"4%ra doy"ra s"garae d"se 4or%$" 4ori:

    diy" pada@6h"y" Godho he "m"yatom"ra 6ara$a dhori

    W)X6haya ega domi: 6haya do#a Godhi:

    6haya g%$a deho: d"se

    6haya sat@saga deho: he "m"reoshe6hi sagera "GeW-X

    e4"4 "m"ra n"hi p"ya alahari@n"ma@sa4rtane

    t%mi 4Ap" 4ori: Graddh"@ind% diy"deho: 4A#$a@n"ma@dhane

    WX4A#$a se tom"ra 4A#$a dite p"ro

    tom"ra Ga4ati a6he"mi to: 4"gala E4A#$a: E4A#$a: oli:

    dh"i tava p"6he p"6heTRANSLATION1X * venerale Vaisnava. * o6ean o mer6ye mer6i%l %nto yo%r servant. ive me theshade o yo%r lot%s eet and p%riy me. /hold on to yo%r lot%s eet.)X Tea6h me to 6ontrol my si passions_re6tiy my si a%lts esto; %pon me thesi ^%alities and o+er %nto me the si 4indso holy asso6iation.-X / do not nd the strength to 6arry onalone the san4irtana o the holy name o,ari. Please less me y giving me (%st onedrop o aith ;ith ;hi6h to otain the greattreas%re o the holy name o &rsna.X &rsna is yo%rs. ?o% have the po;er togive ,im to me. / am simply yo%r servantr%nning ehind yo% sho%ting &rsna>&rsna>

    S,n Nam4: Or4 Mana (%a!,na%' La4E SamsarAut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura

    (,,) Nam4: 2a!5ana 2a!pataru(Section: -paladhi: ir+eda/La.sana/-paladhi Son) 1


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    W1Xore mana halonahi lage e samsar

    (anama@marana@(ara (e samsare a6hehara

    tahe 4ia a6he olB sarW)X

    dhana@(ana@parivar 4eho nahe 4ah% 4aBr4ale mitra a4ale apar

    (aha ra4niare 6ai taha nahe tha4e haianitya samasta inasvarW-X

    ay% ati alpa@dina 4rame taha hoy 4sinasamaner ni4ata darsana

    roga@so4a aniar 6itta 4oreB 6hara4harandhava@i(oga d%rghatana

    WXhalo 4oBre de4ho hai amisra ananda nai

    (e a6he se d%h4her 4aranase s%4her tore tae 4eno maya@dasa hae

    haraie paramartha@dhanaW

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  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    )X / yo% (%st %nderstand that the spirit so%lis the eternal servant o &rsna yo% ;illnever have any more sorro;s. 'hant ,are&rsna and yo%r eyes ;ill ll ;ith tears andyo%r ody ;ill eel trans6endental shivering.'hant 6hant adha@&rsna> 3veryone6hant>-X Simply 6hant adha@&rsna and (oin ;ith

    %s. Those are the only alms ;e eg. 'hant6hant adha@&rsna> 3veryone 6hant> 2lldangers ;ill e gone ;hen that Name is6hanted says 8ha4tivinoda Tha4%ra.'hant 6hant adha@&rsna> 3veryone6hant>

    S,n Nam4: Ra&%a 2un&a Tata 2un6a2ut'rAut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: Saranaat' (Section: !ha.ti atra #aryera S+i.ara Son) 4W1Xr"dh"@4%nFa@taKa@4%I(a@4%Kr

    govardhana@parvata ("m%na@trW)X

    4%s%ma@sarovara m"nasa@gag"4alinda@nandin vip%la@taraga

    W-Xva!G@vaKa shashan4a go4%la dhra@samr


    4haga@mAga@4%la malaya@"t"smayra hramara m%ral@vil"s

    Wt%;" %ddpa4a h"m"r" par"n

    TRANSLATION1@=X The 6ottage in the grove on the an4so adha@4%nda the great ovardhana ,illthe an4s o the ?am%na &%s%ma@sarovaraManasa@ganga the da%ghter o &alinda Wthe?am%naX ;ith her many ;aves the Vamsi@vat o4%la Dhira@samira the trees and6reepers and reeds o Vrdavana thedi+erent varieties o 6olor%l irds the deer

    the 6ooling reebe rom the MalayaMo%ntains the pea6o64s the %mleeesthe pastimes ;ith the %te the %te itselthe %+alo horn %gle the ootprints o6o;s in the d%st o Vra(a the ro;s o

    la64ish rain 6lo%ds springtime the moonthe 6on6hsell and the 4aratalas all these /4no; to e very 6ond%6tive or the pastimeso adha and &rsna. / re6ognibe in them atrans6endental stim%l%s or ma4ing theLord:s 6harming pastimes more intense.7X / re%se to go any;here i there stim%li todevotional servi6e are not there or to

    aandon them is to aandon lie itsel.5X 8ha4tivinoda says \Please hear me *&ana> ?o%r ento%rage and paraphernaliastim%late rememran6e o ?o% and are thevery so%r6e o my lie.]

    S,n Nam4: Sar*as*a T,mar 9aran4Aut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: Saranaat' (Section:optrit+e Varana Son) 3


    sarvasva tom"r 6ara$e sa!piy"poFe6hi tom"ra gharet%mi to: Kh"4%r tom"ra 4%4%r

    oliy" ("naho moreW)X

    "dhiy" ni4aKe "m"re p"lierohio tom"ra d;"re

    pratpa@(anere "site n" dior"4hio gaFera pare

    W-Xtava ni(a@(ana pras"d seviy"

    %66hi#Ka r"4hie ("h""m"ra ho(an parama@"nande

    prati@din ha:e t"h"WX

    osiy" G%iy" tom"ra 6ara$a6intio satata "mi

    n"6ite n"6ite ni4aKe ("io(a4hona F"4ie t%mi


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    X hile sitting %p ;hile lying do;n / ;ill6onstantly meditate on ?o%r lot%s eet.henever ?o% 6all / ;ill immediately r%n to?o% and dan6e in rapt%re.

  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    respe6t 6onsistently sho; honor to alleings.7X 8y possessing these o%r ^%alities@h%mility mer6i%lness respe6t to;ardothers and the ren%n6iation o desires orprestige@one e6omes virt%o%s. /n s%6h astate yo% may sing the glories o theS%preme Lord.

    5X eeping 8ha4tivinoda s%mits hisprayer at the lot%s eet o the the Lord *Lord ;hen ;ill yo% give me the^%ali6ation or possessing attri%tes s%6has theseO

    S,n Nam4: Su&&%a (%a)ata 9aranaR4nuAut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: Saranaat' (Section: ! atra #aryera S+i.ara Son) 3


    ha4ata@sev" parama@siddhiprema@lati4"ra mla

    W)Xm"dhava@tithi ha4ti@(anan

    (atane p"lana 4ori4A#$a@asati asati oli:

    parama "dare oriW-X

    ga%r "m"ra (e@saa sth"ne4oralo hrama$a rage

    se@saa sth"na herio "mipra$ayi@ha4ata@sage

    WXmAdaga@"dya G%nite mana

    aasara sad" ("6ega%ra@ihita 4rtana G%ni:

    "nande hAdoya n"6eWtom"ra i66h"ya viGve sA(ana sa!h"ra

    W)Xtava i66h"@mato rahm" 4orena sA(anatava i66h"@mato vi#n% 4orena p"lana


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    W-Xtava i66h"@mate Giva 4orena sa!h"ratava i66h"@mate m"y" sA(e 4"r"g"ra

    WXtava i66h"@mate (ver (anama@mara$a

    samAddhi@nip"te d%C4ha s%4ha@sa!ghaKanaW

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  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    gopis. ,e is the pleas%re o the gopisB heartsand the aode o all ;onder%l ^%alities.5X Lord &rsna is the lie o the iver ?am%na.,e is al;ays asored in amoro%s pastimesand ,e is the moon o the gopisB minds;hi6h are li4e the 6a4ora irds that s%sistonly %pon moonlight. * mind oey these;ords o mine and sing the glories o Sri

    &rsna in the orm o these holy names;hi6h are %ll o ne6tarean mello;s.

    S,n Nam4: V'&5ara V'!as4Aut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: Saranaat' (Section:ainya Son) 2

    W1Xvidy"ra vil"se 4"K"in% 4"la

    parama s"hase "mitom"ra 6ara$a n" ha(in% 4ah%

    e4hona Gara$a t%miW)Xpodite podite haras" "rilo

    (I"ne gati hae m"ni:se "G" iphala se (I"na d%rala

    se (I"na a(I"na ("niW-X

    (aFa@vidy" (ata m"y"ra vaihavatom"ra ha(ane "dh"

    moha (anamiy" anitya sa!s"re(va4e 4oraye g"dh"

    WXsei g"dh" ho:ye sa!s"rera o(h"

    ahin% ane4a 4"la"rdha4ye e4hona Ga4tira ah"ve

    4i6h% n"hi l"ge h"loW

  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    )X These p%re holy names o Lord ,ari are%ll o s;eet ne6tarean pastimes. &rsna isthe Lord o the t;elve orests o Vra(a ,e isever@yo%th%l and is the est o lovers. ,e isal;ays playing on a %te and ,e is ane6ellent dresser.-X &rsna is the prote6tor o the inhaitantso Vra(a_ the destroyer o vario%s demonia6

    dynasties_ the 4eeper and tender o NandaMahara(aBs 6o;s_ the giver o pleas%re tothe 6o;s land and spirit%al senses_ theh%sand o the goddess o ort%ne_ the%tter thie_ and the ea%ti%l 6o;herd oyo Nanda Mahara(a.X &rsna ;anders along the an4s o theiver ?am%na. ,e stole the garments o theyo%ng damsels o Vra(a ;ho ;ere athingthere. ,e delights in the mello;s o the rasadan6e_ ,e is very mer6i%l_ the lover and

    eloved o Srimati adharani_ the greatdan6er o Vrndavana_ and the shelter andonly re%ge o Tha4%ra 8ha4tivinoda.

    S,n Nam4: Ja&' T4 Har' Pa&a Sar,6aSu&%aO;"'a! Nam4: Sr' G,&ruma 9an&ra(%a6an,pa&4saAut%,r: (%a)t'*'n,&a T%a)ura

    W1Xyadi te hari@p"da@saro(a@s%dh"@

    rasa@p"na@para! hAdaya! satatamparihAtya gAha! 4ali@h"va@maya!ha(a godr%ma@4"nana@4%I(a@vidh%m

    W)Xdhana@ya%vana@(vana@r"(ya@s%4ha!nahi nityam an%4#a$a@n"Ga@param

    tya(a gr"mya@4ath"@sa4ala! viphala!ha(a godr%ma@4"nana@4%I(a@vidh%m

    W-Xrama$@(ana@saga@s%4ha! 6a sa4he6arame hayada! p%r%#"rtha@haram

    hari@n"ma@s%dh"@rasa@matta@matirha(a godr%ma@4"nana@4%I(a@vidh%m

    WX(aFa@4"vya@raso nahi 4"vya@rasaC

    4ali@p"vana@ga%ra@raso hi rasaCalam any@4ath"dy@an%Glanay"

    ha(a godr%ma@4"nana@4%I(a@vidh%mW

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    W15Xvada y"m%na@tra@van"dri@patevada go4%la@4"nana@p%I(a@ravevada r"sa@ras"yana ga%ra@hare

    ha(a godr%ma@4"nana@4%I(a@vidh%mW19X

    6ala ga%ra@vana! nava@4ha$Famaya!paKha ga%rahareG 6arit"$i m%d"

    l%Kha ga%ra@pad"4ita@g"ga@taKa!ha(a godr%ma@4"nana@4%I(a@vidh%mW)0X

    smara ga%ra@gad"dhara@4eli@4al"!hava ga%ra@gad"dhara@pa4#a@6araCGr$% ga%ra@gad"dhara@6"r%@4ath"!

    ha(a godr%ma@4"nana@4%I(a@vidh%mTRANSLATION1X / yo% ;ant yo%r heart to e al;aysasored in drin4ing the amrosial mello;so the lot%s eet o Lord ,ari then give %p

    ho%sehold lie ;hi6h is %ll o ^%arrels andstrie and (%st ;orship Lord a%ra themoon o odr%ma:s orest o;ers.)X Material ri6hes yo%th long d%ration olie and royal happiness none o theseare eternal. 2t any moment they may edestroyed. ive %p all %seless topi6s om%ndane 6onversation and (%st ;orshipLord a%ra the moon o odr%ma:s oresto;ers.-X * friend %ltimately the pleas%re to e

    had in the 6ompany o ea%ti%l yo%ng;omen t%rns to ear%lness and distra6tsone rom the real goal o lie. J%st ;orshipLord a%ra the moon o odr%ma:s oresto;ers ;ith yo%r mind intoi6ated y thene6tarine mello;s o the holy name.X The taste o m%ndane poetry does nota+ord the s;eet taste o a6t%al poetry. Thes;eet mello;s o tr%e poetry are o%nd indes6riptions o Lord 'aitanya the savior oall so%ls in the &ali y%ga. 3no%gh ;ith thest%dy o any other topi6s> J%st ;orship Lorda%ra the moon o odr%ma:s oresto;ers.

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    J%st ;orship Lord a%ra the moon oodr%ma:s orest o;ers.1X Lord &rsna ;ho ;as pleased ;ith thepenan6es and a%sterities o /ndra and theS%rahi 6o; appeared in this ;orld as Lord'aitanya possessing a golden 6ompleion.,e is eternal happiness and the 6aptivatoro the intelligen6e o all learned sages. J%st

    ;orship Lord a%ra the moon o odr%ma:sorest o;ers.1 *Madhava * &rishna * ,ari * ama *Janardana * &eshava * eloved Lord oadha>]

    15X J%st ;orship Lord a%ra the moon oodr%ma:s orest o;ers and 6all o%t to theLord \* Lord o the Vrindavana orest ;hi6hlies along the an4s o the ?am%na> * Lordo ovardhana ,ill> * s%n o the orest oo4%la> * giver o lie to the rasa dan6e.> *a%rahari>19X o to Navadvipa the land o Lord'aitanya ead and re6ite ;ith great (oy the;onder%l pastimes o Lord a%rahari. ollao%t in e6stasy on the an4s o theanges ;hi6h are mar4ed ;ith theootprints o Lord 'aitanya and (%st ;orshipLord a%ra the moon o odr%ma:s oresto;ers. ememer the ;onder%l pastimeso a%ra and adadhara.)0X 8e6ome a servant o a%ra andadadhara. Listen to the ea%ti%lnarration:s 6on6erning a%ra andadadhara and (%st ;orship Lord a%ra themoon o odr%ma:s orest o;ers.

    S,ns $5 Nar,ttama Das T%a)ura

    S,n Nam4: Ar4 (%a' (%a6a M,raGauranaO;"'a! Nam4: Gaurana N'st%aAut%,r: Nar,ttama Dasa T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: Prart%ana

    W1Xare h"i> ha(a mora ga%r"ga 6ara$an" ha(iy" moin% d%4he F%i gAha vi#a

    4pedagdha 4oilo e p"6a par"$a

    W)Xt"pa tray vi#"nale ahar@niGi hiy" (vale

    deho sad" hoy a6etanarip% vaGa indriya hoilo gor" pada p"sarilo

    vim%4ha hoilo heno dhanaW-X

    heno gor" doy"moy 6h"Ai sa l"(a hoy4"ya mone lohare Gara$ap"mara d%rmati 6hilo t"re gor" %ddh"rilo

    t"r" hoilo patita p"vanaWX

    gor" dvi(a naKar"(e "ndhaho hAdaya m"(he4i 4orie sa!s"ra Gamana

    narottama d"se 4ohe gor" sama 4ehonohe

    n" ha(ite dey prema dhanaTRANSLATION

    1X * rother please ;orship the lot%s eeto Lord a%ranga. / have not ;orshippedthem %t instead have dived into thepoisono%s ;ell o materialisti6 ho%sehold@lie and as a res%lt my ve lie@airs are%rning ;ith the poison o material lie.)X Day and night / %rn in the poisono%s reo the threeold miseries o material lieand as a res%lt / aint again and again. Mysenses are over;helmed y l%st greed andn%merless other enemies and / am averseto the great treas%re that is the lot%s eet oLord a%ranga.-X * rother give %p all ear and shynessand ta4e shelter o mer6i%l Lord a%ranga.Lord a%ranga res6%es those ;ho are most;i64ed at heart and thereore ,e is 4no;nas Patita@pavana the savio%r o the allen.X / yo% pla6e Lord a%ranga therahmana 4ing o dan6ers ;ithin yo%rheart then ;hat ;ill death e ale to do toyo%O Narottama dasa says There is no onee^%al to Lord a%ranga. 3ven i one ;ill not

    e6ome ,is devotee still Lord a%ranga ;illreely give him the treas%re o love or&rsna.


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    S,n Nam4: D%ana M,r N't5anan&aO;"'a! Nam4: Sa N'st%aAut%,r: Nar,ttama Dasa T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: Prart%ana

    W1Xdhana mor nity"nanda pati mor ga%ra@


    pr"$a mor y%gala@4iGoradvaita "6"rya ala gad"dhar mor 4%lanarahari vil"sa@i mor

    W)Xvai#$aver pada@dhli t"he mor sn"na@4eli

    tarpa$a mor vai#$aver n"mavi6"r 4oriy" mane ha4ti@rasa "sv"dane

    madhyastha Gr@h"gavata p%r"$aW-X

    vai#$aver %66hi#Kha t"he mor mana ni#Khavai#$aver n"mete %ll"s

    vAnd"vane 6a%t"r" t"he mor mana gher"4ohe dna narottam d"sTRANSLATION1X Lord Nityananda is my ;ealth. Lorda%ra6andra is my master. The yo%th%lDivine 'o%ple is my lie. 2dvaita 26arya ismy strength. adadhara is my amily.Narahari Sara4ara is my glory.)X The d%st o the devoteesB lot%s eet is myathing ;ater. The 6hanting o thedevotees names is my satisa6tion.

    'onsidering the merits o all Vedi6literat%res in the light o devotional servi6e/ have 6on6l%ded that the Srimad8hagavatam is the est o all s6ript%res.-X My mind is rmly 6onvin6ed o thespirit%al enet otained y eating theremnants o oodst%+ let y the devotees.The names o the devotees are myhappiness. The land o Vrndavana is theen6los%re ;ithin ;hi6h / 4eep my mind.Poor@hearted Narottama dasa spea4s in this;ay.

    S,n Nam4: E' (ar, 2aruna 2,r,O;"'a! Nam4: Va'.a*4 V'60apt'=Pra54r t, t%4 Va'.a*a>Aut%,r: Nar,ttama Das T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: Prart%ana (Section:Vaisna+a Vinapati Son) 2

    W1Xei@"ra 4ar%$" 4ara vai#$ava gos"Iipatita@p"vana tom" ine 4eha n"i


    ("h"ra ni4aKe gele p"pa dre ("yaemana day"la prah% 4e" 4oth" p"ya

    W-Xgagara paraGa haile paG6"te p"vanadarGane pavitra 4ara@ei tom"ra g%$a

    WXhari@sth"ne apar"dhe t"re harin"m

    tom" sth"ne apar"dhe n"hi paritr"naW There is no one more allen thanmysel in all the three ;orlds.

    )X ,olding grass et;een my teeth * Lorda%ra / am 6alling o%t to ?o% no;> Pleasee 6ompassionate %pon me and 6ome toreside ;ithin the temple o my heart.


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    -X / ?o% do not give ?o%r mer6y seeing ho;allen / am then ;hy are ?o% 4no;n asPatita Pavana @@ the mer6i%l Savior o theallenOX / am pl%nged amidst the violenth%rri6ane@stri64en ;aves in the o6ean othis material ;orld rom ;hi6h there is noes6ape. &indly give me the git o ?o%r

    divine lot%s eet ;hi6h are 6ompared to aoat in ;hi6h ?o%r servant may 6ross overthe o6ean o irth and death.

  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    and &rsna and then my spirit%al lie ;ill es%66ess%l.X hen shall / e very m%6h eager to st%dythe oo4s let y the Si osvamiBs headedy Srila %pa osvami and Srilaagh%natha dasa osvamiO 8y theirinstr%6tion / shall e ale to properly%nderstand the loving a+airs o adha and


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    7X To e a servant o their lot%s eet and toreside in the 6ompany o devotees@@this ismy aspiration irth ater irth.5X hen these si os;amis lived in Vra(athey revealed the eternal pastimes o Sri Sriadha and &rsna.9X /n e6stasy sing the name o Lord ,ariand ;orship Vrindavan (oy%lly ing yo%r

    mind %pon the lot%s eet o the ona@despirit%al master and the p%re devotees.10X The lot%s eet o my g%r% and thevaisnavas are my aspiration. NarottamaDasa th%s sings ,ari@nama san4irtana.

    S,n Nam4: Har' Har' ('p%a!4 -anamaO;"'a! Nam4: Ista D4*4 V'6napt'=Pra54r t, On4s (4!,*4& L,r&>Aut%,r: Nar,ttama Das T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: Prart%ana (Section: ainya

    !odhi.a Son) 2 W1Xhari hari> iale (anama go"in%

    man%#ya@(anama p"iy" r"dh"@4A#$a n"ha(iy"

    ("niy" G%niy" i#a 4h"in%W)X

    golo4era prema@dhana hari@n"ma@sa4rtana

    rati n" (anmilo 4ene t"ysa!s"ra@i#"nale di"@niGi hiy" (;ale

    (%r"ite n" 4oin% %p"yW-X

    ra(endra@nandana (ei Ga6@s%ta hoilo seialar"ma hoilo nit"i

    dna@hna yata 6hilo hari@n"me %ddh"rilot"ra G"4# (ag"i m"dh"i

    WXh" h" prah% nanda@s%ta vA#ah"n%@s%t"@

    y%ta4or%$" 4aroho ei@"ro

    narottama@d"sa 4oy n" Kheliho r"g" p"ytom" ine 4e "6he "m"ra

    TRANSLATION1X * Lord ,ari / have spent my lie %selessly.,aving otained a h%man irth and havingnot ;orshiped adha and &rsna / have4no;ingly dr%n4 poison.)X The treas%re o divine love in olo4aVrndavana has des6ended as the6ongregational 6hanting o Lord ,ariBs holynames. hy did my attra6tion or that6hanting never 6ome ao%tO Day and nightmy heart %rns rom the re o the poison o

    ;orldliness and / have not ta4en the meansto relieve it.-X Lord &rsna ;ho is the son o the &ing oVra(a e6ame the son o Sa6i WLord'aitanyaX and 8alarama e6ame Nitai. The

    holy name delivered all those so%ls ;ho;ere lo;ly and ;ret6hed. The t;o sinnersJagai and Madhai are eviden6e o this.X * Lord &rsna son o Nanda a66ompaniedy the da%ghter o Vrsahan% please emer6i%l to me no;. Narottama Dasa says* Lord please do not p%sh me a;ay rom?o%r reddish lot%s eet or ;ho is my

    eloved e6ept or ?o%O

    S,n Nam4: Har' Har' 2a$4 M,r4 H,'$4Su1D'naAut%,r: Nar,ttama Das T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: Prart%ana (Section: adha.aehocita Sri Vrnda+ana !asa Lalasa Son)4

    W1Xhari hari> 4oe mora hoie s%dinaO

    ha(io sri r"dh"@4A#$a hoiy" prem"dhna

    W)Xs%yantra miG"iy" g"o s%madh%ra t"na"nande 4orio doh"ra rpa g%$a g"na

    W-XBr"dhi4" govindaB oli 4"dio %66aiC svare

    hi(ie sa4ala aga nayanera nreWX

    ei "ra 4ar%$" 4oro rpa san"tanaragh%n"tha d"sa mora Gr (va (vana


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    S,n Nam4: -4 An'!, Pr4ma D%ana2,runa Pra"uraO;"'a! Nam4: Sapr.a&a1$%aa*a&1*'ra%a16an'ta1*'!pa =Lam4ntat',n Du4t, S4parat',n r,m t%4 L,r& an& H'sAss,"'at4s>Aut%,r: Nar,ttama Dasa T%a)ura

    (,,) Nam4: Prart%ana (Section: Sa*arsada !ha)a+ad Viraha anita VilapaSon) 1

    W1X(e "nilo prema@dhana 4or%$" pra6%rheno prah% 4oth" gel" "6"rya@Kh"4%r

    W)X4"h" mora s;arp rpa 4"h" san"tan4"h" d"sa ragh%n"tha patita@p"van

    W-X4"h" mora haKKa@(%ga 4"h" 4avir"(

    e4a@4"le 4oth" gel" gor" naKa@r"(WXp"#"$e 4%Kio m"th" anale paGio

    ga%r"ga g%$era nidhi 4oth" gele p"oW

  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    W patita %ddh"ra

    ei "ra narottame 4oroho nist"raTRANSLATION1@ * master> ?o% donot loo4 or a%lts %t yo% simply redeemthe allen> This time redeem thisNarottama>

    S,n Nam4: 2usum'ta Vrn&a*an4Na"ata S')%' Gan4Aut%,r: Nar,ttama Das T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: Prart%ana (Section:Sahista Lalasa Son) 6

    W1X4%s%mita vAnd"vane n"6ata Gi4higa$e

    pi4a 4%la hramara (ha4"repriya saha6ar sage g"iy" ("ie rage

    manohara ni4%I(a 4%KreW)X

    hari hari manoratha phalie "m"reOd%h%4a manthara gati 4a%t%4e herao ati

    age hori p%la4a antareW-X

    6a%di4e sa4hra m"(he r"dhi4"ra igite6ir%$ loiy" 4ore 4ori

    4%Kila 4%ntala sa vith"riy" "6a@dioon"io vi6itra 4aar

    WXmAgamada malaya(a sa age lepao

    por"io manohara h"r6andana 4%4%me tila4a as"io

    herao m%4ha s%dh"4araW

  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    S,n Nam4: N'ta' Pa&a 2ama!aO;"'a! Nam4: Mana1+'). =T4a"%'nst, t%4 M'n&>Aut%,r: Nar,ttama Das T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: Prart%ana (Section:ityananda istha Son) 1


    nit"i@pada@4amala 4oKi@6andra@s%Gtala(e 6h"y"y (agata (%r"yheno nit"i ine h"i r"dh"@4A#$a p"ite n"i

    dAFha 4ori: dharo nit"ir p"yW)X

    se samandha n"hi (":r Ath" (anma gelot":r

    sei paG% oro d%r"6"rnit"i n" olilo m%4he ma(ilo sa!s"ra@s%4he

    vidy"@4%le 4i 4orie t"rW-X

    aha4"re matta hoiy" nit"i@pada p"sariy"asatyere satya 4ori m"ninit"iyer 4or%$" hae ra(e r"dh"@4A#$a

    p"edharo nit"i@6ara$a d%:4h"ni

    WXnit"iyer 6ara$a satya t"h"ra seva4a nitya

    nit"i@pada sad" 4oro "Ganarottama oro d%4h nit"i more 4oro s%4h

    r"4ho r"g"@6ara$era p"GaTRANSLATION1X The lot%s eet o Lord Nityananda are ashelter ;here one ;ill get the soothingmoonlight not only o one %t o millions omoons. / the ;orld ;ants to have realpea6e it sho%ld ta4e shelter o LordNityananda. Unless one ta4es shelter %nderthe shade o the lot%s eet o LordNityananda it ;ill e very di6%lt or him toapproa6h adha@&rsna. / one a6t%ally ;antsto enter into the dan6ing party o adha@&rsna he m%st rmly 6at6h hold o the lot%seet o Lord Nityananda.)X 2nyone ;ho has not estalished hisrelationship ;ith Nityananda Prah% is%nderstood to have spoiled his val%aleh%man irth. S%6h a h%man eing isa6t%ally an %n6ontrollale animal. 8e6a%sehe never %ttered the holy name oNityananda he has e6ome merged into so@6alled material happiness. hat 6an his%seless ed%6ation and amily tradition do tohelp himO-X 8eing maddened ater alse prestige and

    identi6ation ;ith the ody one is thin4ingoh ;hat is NityanandaO hat 6an ,e do ormeO / donBt 6are. The res%lt is that he isa66epting something alse to e tr%th. / yo%a6t%ally ;ant to approa6h the asso6iation o

    adha@&rsna yo% m%st rst a6hieve themer6y o Lord Nityananda. hen ,e ismer6i%l to;ard yo% then yo% ;ill e ale toapproa6h adha@&rsna. Thereore yo%sho%ld rmly grasp the lot%s eet o LordNityananda.X The lot%s eet o Nityananda are notill%sion_ they are a a6t. *ne ;ho engages in

    the trans6endental loving servi6e oNityananda is also trans6endental. 2l;aystry to 6at6h the lot%s eet o LordNityananda. This Narottama dasa is very%nhappy thereore / am praying to LordNityananda to ma4e me happy. My dearLord please 4eep me 6lose to ?o%r lot%seet.

    S,n Nam4: Ra&%a 2rsna Prana M,raO;"'a! Nam4: Sa)%' Vrn&4 V'6anpt'

    =Pra54rs t, Sa)%'s>Aut%,r: Nar,ttama Das T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: Prart%ana

    W1Xr"dh"@4A#$a pr"$a mora (%gala@4iGora

    (vane mara$e gati "ro n"hi moraW)X

    4"lindra 4le 4eli@4adamera vanaratana@edra %para os"o d%:(ana

    W-XGy"ma@ga%r@age dio W6;"X 6andanera

    gandha6"mara Fh%l"o 4ae heri m%4ha@6andraWX

    g"thiy" m"latr m"l" dio doh"ra galeadhare t%liy" dio 4arpra@t"mle


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    Aut%,r: Nar,ttama Dasa T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: Prart%ana (Section: *nah*rarthana Son) 1

    W1XGr@4A#$a@6aitanya prah% doy" 4oro more

    tom" in" 4e doy"l% (agat@sa!s"reW)X

    patita@p"vana@het% tava avat"ramo sama patita prah% n" p"ie "raW-X

    h" h" prah% nity"nanda prem"nandas%4h

    4Ap"alo4ana 4oro "mi oro d%C4hWX

    doy" 4oro st"@pati ad;aita gos"itava 4Ap"@ale p"i 6aitanya@nit"i


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    to the spirit%al s4y. This moon shines notonly in the nighttime %t day and night.X ?o%r asen6e rom my vision is li4e adose o strong poison and / ;ill s%+er tillthe end o my lie. Narottama dasa Tha4%rasays Please give me yo%r mer6y and theshade o yo%r lot%s eet.

    S,n Nam4: Sun'5a"%' Sa&%u Mu)%4(,!4Aut%,r: Nar,ttama Das T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: Prart%ana (Section: LalasaSon) 2

    W1XG%niy"6hi s"dh% m%4he ole sarva (ana

    Gr rpa 4Ap"ya mile y%gala 6ara$aW)X

    h" h" prah% san"tana ga%ra pariv"rasae mili v"I6h" pr$a 4oroho "m"ra

    W-XGr rpera 4Ap" yeno "m"r prati hoyse pada "Graya y"ra sei mah"Gaya

    WXprah% lo4an"tha 4oe sage loy" ("eGr rpera p"da@padme more samarpie


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    W-Xtrtha (ala pavitra g%$e li4hiy"6he p%r"$e

    se saa ha4tira pravaI6anavai#$avera p"doda4a sama nahe ei saa

    y"te hoy v"I6hita pra$aWX

    vai#$ava sagete mana "nanditaan%4#a$a

    sad" hoy 4A#$a parasagadna narottama 4"nde hiy" dhairya n"hi"ndhe

    mora daG" 4eno hoilo hagaTRANSLATION1X * rother please hear my ;ords ;ithrapt attention. The lot%s eet o theVaisnavas are the most val%ale treas%re othis ;orld. These Vaisnavas 6ontin%allyta4e shelter o Lord &rsna and ;orship ,im.They never aandon their Lord. They are

    lierated. They are ree rom the 6y6le oirth and death.)X The ;ater that has ;ashed the lot%s eeto the Vaisnavas esto;s devotional servi6ein p%re love o od. Nothing else is ase+e6tive or attaining this divine love. /pla6e d%st rom the lot%s eet o theVaisnavas %pon my head. / ;ear no otherornament.-X The p%riying po;er o the ;aters at thevario%s holy pla6es o pilgrimage is

    des6ried in the P%ranas altho%gh this issomething o a de6eptive tri64. 26t%allythere is not anything as p%riying as the;ater that has ;ashed the lot%s eet o theVaisnavas. This ;ater %llls all desires.X Moment ater moment my mind ndspleas%re in the asso6iation o the Vaisnavas./ al;ays see4 o%t the 6ompany o those ;hoare devoted to Lord &rsna. Poor@heartedNarottama dasa rea4s do;n and 6ries.,o; has this allen 6ondition 6ome %ponmeO

    S,n Nam4: Vrn&a*ana Ram5a St%anaO;"'a! Nam4: Vasant' Rasa =Am,r,usPast'm4s 'n t%4 Spr'n>Aut%,r: Nar,ttama Das T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: Prart%ana (Section:athra/+irohcita arsana Lalasa Son) 3

    W1XvAnd"vana ramya@sth"na divya@6it"ma$i@

    dh"maratana@mandira manohara

    aAta 4"lind@nre r"(a@ha!sa 4eli 4aret"he Gohe 4ana4a@4amala

    W)Xt"ra madhye hema@pKha a#Ka@dale e#Kita

    a#Ka@dale pradh"n" n"yi4"t"ra madhye ratn"sane a:si "6hen d%i@(ane

    Gy"ma@sage s%ndar r"dhi4"W-X

    o@rpa@l"a$ya@r"Gi amiya pari6he 4hasih"sya@parih"sa@samh"#a$e

    narottama@d"sa 4aya nitya@ll" s%4ha@mayasad"i sph%r4a mora maneTRANSLATION1X 8ea%ti%l Vrndavana is lled ;ith6intamani gems and many (e;el pala6esand temples. Many regal s;ans play in the;aters o the ?am%na and in those ;aters asplendid golden lot%s o;er gro;s.)X /n the middle o that lot%s is a goldenpla6e s%rro%nded y eight petals. *n theseeight petals the eight prin6ipal gopis reside

    and in the 6entre Lord Syamas%ndara andea%ti%l Srimati adharani sit on a (e;elthrone.-X The great ea%ty o the Divine 6o%pleand Their 6harming (o4ing and la%ghter6ontin%ally sho;ers ne6tar every;here.Narottama dasa says / pray that theseliss%l eternal trans6endental pastimes othe Divine 'o%ple may e al;ays maniestin my heart.

    S,ns $5 A898 (%a)t'*4&anta Sam'Pra$%upa&a

    S,n Nam4: (,r, 2rpa 2,'!4 2rsnaO;"'a! Nam4: Mar)'n4 (%aa*ata1D%armaAut%,r: A898 (%a)t'*4&anta Sam' =at(,st,n Har$,rQ S4pt4m$4r CQ CU>

    W1Xoro@4Ap" 4oile 4A#$a adhamer prati

    4i l"giy"nile heth" 4oro ee gatiW)X

    "6he 4i6h% 4"r(a taa ei an%m"nenahe 4eno "nien ei %gra@sth"ne

    W-Xr"(as tamo g%$e era sa"i "66hannav"s%de@4ath" r%6i nahe se prasanna

    WXtae (adi taa 4Ap" hoy ahait%4i

    sa4al@i samhava hoy t%mi se 4a%t%4W

  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    W7Xtaa i66h" hoy (adi t"dera %ddh"r%(hie niG6ai tae 4ath" se tom"r

    W5Xh"gavater 4ath" se taa avat"r

    dhra haiy" G%ne (adi 4"ne "r "rW9X

    Grnvat"! sva@4ath"C 4A#$aC

    p%nya@Grava$a@4rtanaChAdy antaC@stho hy ahadr"$ividh%noti s%hAt sat"m

    na#Ka@pr"ye#v ahadre#%nitya! h"gavata@sevay"hagavaty %ttama@Glo4eha4tir havati nai#Khi4tad" ra(as@tamo@h"v"C4"ma@loh"dayaG 6a ye6eta etair an"viddha!sthita! sattve prasdati

    eva! prasanna@manasohagavad@ha4ti@yogataChagavat@tattva@vi(I"na!

    m%4ta@sagasya ("yatehidyate hAdaya@granthiG

    6hidyante sarva@sa!Gay"C4#yante 6"sya 4arm"$i

    dA#Ka ev"tmanGvareW10X

    ra(as tamo hate tae p"ie nist"rhAdayer ahadra sae gh%6ie t"h"r

    W11X4i 4o:re %(h"o 4ath" aro sei 6"hi4h%dra "mi dna hna 4ono Ga4ti n"hi

    W1)Xatha6a ene6ho prah% 4ath" oli"re(e tom"r i66h" prah% 4oro ei are

    W1-Xa4hila (agat@g%r%> a6ana se "m"r

    ala4Ata 4ori"r 4hamat" tom"rW1X

    taa 4Ap" ha:le mor 4ath" G%ddha haeG%niy" sa"ra Go4a d%C4ha (e gh%6ie


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    material asso6iation. Th%s the 4not in theheart is pier6ed and all misgivings are 6%tto pie6es. The 6hain o r%itive a6tions isterminated ;hen one sees the sel asmaster.10X ,e ;ill e6ome lierated rom thein%en6e o the modes o ignoran6e andpassion and th%s all ina%spi6io%s things

    a66%m%lated in the 6ore o the heart ;illdisappear.11X ,o; ;ill / ma4e them %nderstand thismessage o &rishna 6ons6io%snessO / amvery %nort%nate %n^%alied and the mostallen. Thereore / am see4ing ?o%renedi6tion so that / 6an 6onvin6e them or/ am po;erless to do so on my o;n.1)X Someho; or other * Lord ?o% havero%ght me here to spea4 ao%t ?o%. No;my Lord it is %p to ?o% to ma4e me a

    s%66ess or ail%re as ?o% li4e.1-X * spirit%al master o all the ;orlds> /6an simply repeat ?o%r message so i ?o%li4e ?o% 6an ma4e my po;er o spea4ings%itale or their %nderstanding.1X *nly y ?o%r 6a%seless mer6y ;ill my;ords e6ome p%re. / am s%re that ;henthis trans6endental message penetratestheir hearts they ;ill 6ertainly eelengladdened and th%s e6ome lieratedrom all %nhappy 6onditions o lie.

    1Aut%,r: A898 (%a)t'*4&anta Sam' =,n$,ar& t%4 s%'p -a!a&utaQ S4pt4m$4r CQCU>

    WrerainX4A#$a taa p%$ya hae h"i

    e@p%$ya 4orie (ae r"dh"r"$ 4h%s haedhr%va ati oli tom" t"i

    W1XGr@siddh"nta saras;at Ga6@s%ta priya ati

    4A#$a@se"ya ("ra t%la n"isei se moh"nta@g%r% (agater madhe %r%

    4A#$a@ha4ti dey Kh"i Kh"i

    W)Xt"ra i66h" alav"n p"G6"tyete Kh"n Kh"n

    hoy ("te ga%r"ger n"mpAthivte nagar"di "sam%dra nada nad

    sa4alei loy 4A#$a n"mW-X

    t"hale "nanda hoy tae hoy digvi(ay6aitanyer 4Ap" atiGay

    m"y" d%#Ka (ata d%C4h (agate sa"i s%4hvai#$aver i66h" pr$a hoyWX

    se 4"r(a (e 4ori"re "(I" (adi dilo more(ogya nahi ati dna hna

    t"i se tom"ra 4Ap" m"gite6hi an%rp""(i t%mi sa"r prav$a


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    villages on the earth etending to all theo6eans rivers and streams everyone maya66ept the ,oly Name o &rsna.-X Th%s all dire6tions ;ill e 6on^%ered y aood o trans6endental e6stasy o;ing ;iththe e6essive mer6y o Sri 'aitanyaMahaprah%. hen all the miserale livingentities that have een 6orr%pted y maya

    e6ome happy then the VaisnavaBs desire is%llled.X 2ltho%gh my %r% Mahara(a ordered meto a66omplish this mission / am %n;orthyto do it eing very allen and in6ompetent.That eing the 6ase * Lord &rsna ?o%rmer6y is today arising in a etting mannerto ma4e me e6ome ;orthy or ?o% are the;isest o all. Then the greatsage Narada M%ni 4indly a66epted me ashis dis6iple and instr%6ted me ho; toa6hieve the trans6endental position similarto his o;n. ,o; 6o%ld / ever leave theservi6e o yo%r servantO7X * Lord &rsna ?o% are my eternal6ompanion. forgetting ?o% / have s%+eredthe 4i64ing o maya irth ater irth. / todaythe 6han6e to meet ?o% o66%rs again thens%rely / ;ill e ale to re(oin ?o%.5X * my dear rother> /n ?o%r 6ompany / ;illeperien6e great (oy on6e again. anderingao%t the past%res and elds / ;ill pass theentire day ;ith ?o% in tending the 6o;s.Jo4ing ;ith ?o% and roli64ing thro%gho%t somany orests o Vra(a / ;ill roll %pon thegro%nd in spirit%al e6stasy. hen oh ;hen;ill that day e mineO9X Today that rememran6e o eing ;ith?o% 6ame to me in a very ni6e ;ay. feelinggreat longing / 6alled o%t or ?o% * Lord

    &rsna> *nly e6a%se / am ?o%r eternalservant do / desire ?o%r asso6iation som%6h. 36ept or ?o% / have no otherre%ge.

    S,ns $5 L,"ana Das T%a)ura

    S,n Nam4: A*atara Sara G,ra A*ataraAut%,r: L,"ana Das T%a)ura

    W1Xavat"ra s"r ga%ra avat"ra 4ena na ha(ili


    4ari nire vas gel" na piyasa "pana 4aramaphereW)X

    4anta4er% tar% sad"yi sevili man amrtap"yivar "Ge

    prema 4alpatar% Gri ga%r"nga "m"r t"h"reh"vili viGe

    W-Xsa%raher "Ge pal"Ga G%n4ili man n"G"te

    p"Gile 4itai4sh%danda h"vi 4"tha 6h%Gili man

    4emane paeei mithaWXh"r aliy" gal"ya parili man Gaman 4in4ar

    s"paGital aliya "g%na poh"li man paii va(ar


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    S,n Nam4: A)r,&%a Paramanan&aAut%,r: L,"ana Das T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: 9a'tan5a Mana!a

    W1Xa4rodha param"nanda nity"nanda r"yahim"na Gnya nit"i nagare eF"y


    adhama patita (ver dv"re dv"re giy"hari@n"ma mah"@mantra di66hen il"iy"W-X

    ("re de4he t"re 4ohe dante tA$a dhori:"m"re 4iniy" loho olo ga%ra@hari

    WXeto oli: nity"nanda hme gaFi ("yson"ra parvata (eno dhl"te loK"y


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    TRANSLATION1X The t;o Lords Nitai@a%ra6andra arevery mer6i%l. They are the essen6e o allin6arnations. The spe6i6 signi6an6e othese in6arnations is that They introd%6ed apro6ess o 6hanting and dan6ing that issimply (oy%l.)X My dear rother / re^%est that yo% (%st

    ;orship Lord 'aitanya and Nityananda ;ithrm 6onvi6tion and aith. / one ;ants to e&rsna 6ons6io%s y this pro6ess one has togive %p his engagement in sensegrati6ation. *ne simply has to 6hant ,are&rsna> ,ari ,ari> ;itho%t any motive.-X My dear rother (%st try and eaminethis. ithin the three ;orlds there is no oneli4e Lord 'aitanya or Lord Nityananda. Theirmer6i%l ^%alities are so great that %ponhearing Them even irds and easts 6ry

    and stones melt.X 8%t Lo6ana dasa regrets that / amentrapped y sense grati6ation. Sin6e /have no attra6tion or the lot%s eet o Lord'aitanya and Lord Nityananda then?amara(a the s%perintendent o death isp%nishing me y not allo;ing me to eattra6ted y this movement.

    S,ns $5 (%a)t's'&&%anta Sarast'T%a)ur

    S,n Nam4: Dusta ManaO;"'a! Nam4: Va'sna*a 24W =%, 's aR4a! Va'.a*aW>Aut%,r: (%a)t's'&&%anta Sarasat'

    W1Xd%#Ka mana> t%mi 4iser vai#$avaO

    prati#Kh"r tare nir(aner gharetava Ehari n"ma: 4evala E4aitava:

    W)X(aFer prati#Kh" G%4arer vi#Kh"

    ("no n" 4i t"h" Em"y"r vaihava:4ana4a 4"min divasa@y"minh"viy" 4i 4"(a anitya se saa

    W-Xtom"r 4ana4a hoger (ana4a

    4ana4er dv"re sevaho Em"dhava:4"minr 4"ma nahe tava dh"ma

    t"h"r@m"li4a 4evala Ey"dava:WX

    prati#Kh"G"@tar% (aFa@m"y"@mar%n" pela Er"va$a: y%(hiy" Er"ghava:vai#$av prati#Kh" t"te 4oro ni#Kh"

    t"h" n" ha(ile lahie ra%rava


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    W1=X(e Ephalg%@vair"g: 4ohe ni(e Ety"g:

    se n" p"re 4ah% hoite Evai#$ava:hari@pada 6h"Fi: Enir(anat" "Fi:

    lahiy" 4i phala Ephalg%: se vaihavaW17X

    r"dh"@d"sye rohi: 6h"Fi Ehoga@ahi:Eprati#Kh"G": nahe E4rtana@ga%rava:

    Er"dh"@nitya@(ana: t"h" 6h"Fi: mana4eno v" nir(ana@ha(ana@4aitavaW15X

    vra(a@v"s@ga$a pra6"ra4a@dhanaprati#Kh"@hi4#%4a t":r" nahe EGava:

    pr"$a "6he t":r se@het% pra6"rprati#Kh"G"@hna@:4A#$a@g"th": saa

    W19XGr@dayita@d"s 4rtanete "G

    4oro %66aiC@svare Ehari@n"ma@rava:4rtana@prah"ve smara$a svah"ve

    se 4"le ha(ana@nir(ana samhavaTRANSLATION1X * ;i64ed mind> hat 4ind o Vaisnava doyo% thin4 yo% areO ?o%r pretentio%s sho; o6hanting Lord ,ariBs holy name in a solitarypla6e is only or the sa4e o attaining thealse prestige o a ;orldly rep%tation @@ it isnothing %t p%re hypo6risy.)X S%6h materialisti6 prestige is asdisg%sting as the stool o a hog. Do yo% not4no; that it is only a mere ill%sion 6ast y

    the poten6y o MayaO hat is the val%e o6ontemplating day and night yo%r plans oren(oying ;ealth and ;omenO 2ll thesethings are only temporary.-X hen yo% 6laim ;ealth as yo%r o;n it6reates in yo% ever@in6reasing desires ormaterial en(oyment. ?o%r ri6hes sho%ld e%sed or serving Madhava the Lord o all;ealth. Neither is it yo%r proper pla6e toind%lge in l%st or ;omen ;hose only tr%eproprietor is Lord ?adava.X The demon avana Wl%st@in6arnateXo%ght ;ith Lord ama6handra Wlove@in6arnateX in order to gain the tree o;orldly rep%tation @@ %t that oasis t%rnedo%t to e %t a mirage 6ast in the desert;asteland o the LordBs ill%sory materialpoten6y. Please 6%ltivate eddetermination to attain only the steady andsolid platorm ;here%pon a Vaisnava everstands. / yo% negle6t ;orshiping the Lordrom this position then yo% ;ill %ltimatelyattain a hellish eisten6e.

  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    tigress o ;ealth ea%ty and ame. S%6h aso%l is a6t%ally deta6hed rom material lieand is 4no;n as a p%re devotee. Someone;ith this 6ons6io%sness o deta6hment hastherey e6ome vi6torio%s over them%ndane ;orld o irth and death.1)X *ne is indeed deta6hed ;ho moderatelyparta4es o ;orldly things that are deemed

    ne6essary or living in devotional servi6e_ adevotee a6ting in that manner does not allprey to the disease o material inat%ation.Th%s devoid o selsh atta6hment andendo;ed ;ith the aility to see things inrelation to the Lord all sense o(e6ts arethen dire6tly per6eived as eing LordMadhava ,imsel.1-X This is the standard o ettingren%n6iation and one ;ho realibes this ismost ort%nate indeed. 3verything involved

    in s%6h a devoteeBs lie represents Lord,ariBs personal spirit%al op%len6e asmaniest in the ;orld o matter. *n theother hand one ;ho engages in 6hantingthe LordBs name ;ith hopes o enhan6inghis o;n material rep%tation nds that all hisa6tivities and paraphernalia represent onlythe ri6hes o hypo6risy.1X * mind please re(e6t the 6ompany ot;o types o persons @@ those desiringimpersonal lieration rom the material

    ;orld and those ;ho desire to en(oy thepleas%re o material sense o(e6ts. 8oth othese are e^%ally non@devotees. The thingsthat are %sed in relation to Lord &rsna areo(e6ts elonging dire6tly to thetrans6endental realm and th%s havingnothing to do ;ith matter they 6annot eeither o;ned or orsa4en y personsinterested in m%ndane en(oyment orren%n6iation.1

  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    W-Xt"h" hoite day"nidhi t"ra d"sa vidy"nidhi

    r"(endra hoilo t"h" ha:tet"h"ra 4i4ora (aya@dharma n"me pari6aya

    parampar" ("no h"lo mateWX

    (ayadharma@d"sye 4hy"ti Gr p%r%#ottama@(ati

    t" ha:te rahma$ya@trtha srivy"satrtha t"ra d"sa la4#mpati vy"sa@d"sa

    t"h" ha:te m"dhavendra p%reW

  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    Narottama Dasa ;as al;ays engaged in theservi6e o his g%r% and he also engagedhimsel in the servi6e o his g%r%Bs intimateriend. Th%s he e6ame very dear to&rsnadasa &avira(a osvami. To serve / theeet o Narottama Dasa Tha4%ra ;as theonly desire o Visvanatha 'a4ravartiTha4%ra ;ho ;as the o%rth a6arya in

    dis6ipli6 s%66ession rom Narottama Dasa.5X Visvanatha 'a4ravarti Tha4%ra ;as thesi4sa@g%r% Rinstr%6ting spirit%al master o8aladeva Vidyah%sana to ;hom he ta%ghtthe pre6epts o [email protected] Dasa 8aa(i ;as a veryprominent a6arya ater Sri 8aladevaVidyah%sana and ;as the eloved si4sa@g%r% o Sri 8ha4tivinoda Tha4%ra.8ha4tivinoda Tha4%raBs intimate riend andasso6iate ;as the eminent maha@hagavata

    Sri a%ra4isora Dasa 8aa(i ;hose sole (oy;as o%nd in hari@ha(ana.9X These treat saintly Vaisnavas are allparamahamsas or devotees o the highestorder and they are all part o Lorda%rangaBs o;n spirit%al amily. Their holyeet are my re%ge. / have no real interest indevotional servi6e and / am a poor andlo;ly tridandi sannyai named Sri8ha4tisiddhanta Sarasvati.

    S,ns $5 23.a D*a'p5ana V5sa

    S,n Nam4: Namam's*aramSa""'&anan&a RupamO;"'a! Nam4: Sr' Sr' Dam,&arasta)amSp,)4n $5: Sat5a*rata Mun' 'n a",n*4rsat',n 't% Nra&a Mun' anauna)a .'Aut%,r: V5asa&4*a(,,) Nam4: Pa&ma Purana

    W1Xnam"mGvara! sa6@6id@"nanda@rpa!lasat@4%$Fala! go4%le hr"(amanamyaGod"@hiyol4hal"d dh"vam"na!par"mA#Kam atyantato dr%tya gopy"

    W)Xr%danta! m%h%r netra@y%gma! mA(antam

    4ar"mho(a@y%gmena s"ta4a@netramm%h%C Gv"sa@4ampa@trire4h"4a@4a$Kha@

    sthita@graiva! d"modara! ha4ti@addhamW-X

    itdA4 sva@ll"hir "nanda@4%$Fe

    sva@gho#a! nima((antam "4hy"payantamtadye#ita@(Ie#% ha4tair (itatva!

    p%naC prematas ta! Gat"vAtti vande

    WXvara! deva mo4#a! na mo4#"vadhi! v"

    na 6anya! vA$e Eha! vare#"d aphaida! te vap%r n"tha gop"la@"la!

    sad" me manasy "vir"st"! 4im anyaiCW

  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    ,is s%preme ma(esty and op%len6e that ,eis only 6on^%ered y devotees ;hose p%relove is im%ed ;ith intima6y and is reerom all 6on6eptions o a;e and reveren6e.ith great love / again o+er my oeisan6esto Lord Damodara h%ndreds and h%ndredso times.X * Lord altho%gh ?o% are ale to give all

    4inds o enedi6tions / do not pray to ?o%or the oon o impersonal lieration northe highest lieration o eternal lie inVai4%ntha nor any other oon W;hi6h maye otained y ee6%ting the ninepro6esses o ha4tiX. * Lord / simply ;ishthat this orm o ?o%rs as 8ala opala inVrndavana may ever e maniest in myheart or ;hat is the %se to me o any otheroon esides thisO *2nanta> * Vishn%> * master> * my Lord epleased %pon me. 8y sho;ering ?o%r glan6e

    o mer6y %pon me deliver this poorignorant ool ;ho is immersed in an o6eano ;orldly sorro;s and e6ome visile tomy eyes.7X * Lord Damodara (%st as the t;o sons o&%vera@@Manigriva and Nala4%vara@@;eredelivered rom the 6%rse o Narada andmade into great devotees y ?o% in ?o%rorm as a ay tied ;ith rope to a ;oodengrinding mortar in the same ;ay pleasegive to me ?o%r o;n prema@ha4ti. / onlylong or this and have no desire or any 4indo lieration.5X * Lord Damodara / rst o all o+er myoeisan6es to the rilliantly e+%lgent rope;hi6h inds ?o%r elly. / then o+er myoeisan6es to ?o%r elly ;hi6h is the aodeo the entire %niverse. / h%mly o; do;nto ?o%r most eloved Srimati adharaniand / o+er all oeisan6es to ?o% theS%preme Lord ;ho displays %nlimitedpastimes.

    S,n Nam4: -a5at' T4 D%')a? -anmanVra6aO;"'a! Nam4: G,p' G'tam =T%4 G,psS,ns ,B S4parat',n>Sp,)4n $5: Sat5a*rata Mun' 'n a",n*4rsat',n 't% Nra&a Mun'Aut%,r: V5asa&4*a

    (,,) Nam4: (%aa*ata Purana(Section: Canto 10 Chapter 31 Verses 1 to19

    W1Xgopya 6%C

    (ayati te Bdhi4a! (anman" vra(aCGrayata indir" GaGvad atra hi

    dayita dAGyat"! di4#% t"va4"stvayi dhAt"savas tv"! vi6invate

    W)XGarad@%d"Gaye s"dh%@("ta@sat@

    sarasi(odara@Gr@m%#" dAG"s%rata@n"tha te BG%l4a@d"si4"vara@da nighnato neha 4i! vadhaC

    W-Xvi#a@(al"pyay"d vy"la@r"4#as"dvar#a@m"r%t"d vaidy%t"nal"t

    vA#a@may"tma("d viGvato hay"dA#aha te vaya! ra4#it" m%h%C

    WXna 4hal% gop4"@nandano hav"n

    a4hila@dehin"m antar"tma@dA4vi4hanas"rthito viGva@g%ptayesa4ha %deyiv"n s"tvat"! 4%le


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    W10Xprahasita! priya@prema@v4#a$a!

    vihara$a! 6a te dhy"na@magalamrahasi sa!vido y" hAdi spAGaC

    4%ha4a no manaC 4#ohayanti hiW11X

    6alasi yad vra("6 6"rayan paGnnalina@s%ndara! n"tha te padam

    Gila@tA$"4%raiC sdatti naC4alilat"! manaC 4"nta ga66hatiW1)X

    dina@pari4#aye nla@4%ntalairvanar%h"nana! ihrad "vAtam

    ghana@ra(asvala! darGayan m%h%rmanasi naC smara! vra ya66hasi

    W1-Xpra$ata@4"ma@da! padma("r6ita!dhara$i@ma$Fana! dhyeyam "padi6ara$a@pa4a(a! Gantama! 6a te

    rama$a naC stane#v arpay"dhi@hanW1Xs%rata@vardhana! Go4a@n"Gana!svarita@ve$%n" s%#Kh% 6%mitam

    itara@r"ga@vism"ra$a! nA$"!vitara vra nas te Bdhar"mAtam


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    10X ?o%r smiles ?o%r s;eet loving glan6esthe intimate pastimes and 6ondential tal4s;e en(oyed ;ith ?o% all these area%spi6io%s to meditate %pon and theyto%6h o%r hearts. 8%t at the same time *de6eiver they very m%6h agitate o%r minds.11X Dear master dear lover ;hen ?o% leavethe 6o;herd village to herd the 6o;s o%r

    minds are dist%red ;ith the tho%ght that?o%r eet more ea%ti%l than a lot%s ;ille pri64ed y the spi4ed h%s4s o grain andthe ro%gh grass and plants.1)X 2t the end o the day ?o% repeatedlysho; %s ?o%r lot%s a6e 6overed ;ith dar4l%e lo64s o hair and thi64ly po;dered ;ithd%st. Th%s * hero ?o% aro%se l%sty desiresin o%r minds.1-X ?o%r lot%s eet ;hi6h are ;orshiped yLord 8rahm" %lll the desires o all ;ho

    o; do;n to them. They are the ornamento the earth they give the highestsatisa6tion and in times o danger they arethe appropriate o(e6t o meditation. *lover * destroyer o aniety please p%tthose lot%s eet %pon o%r reasts.1X * hero 4indly distri%te to %s the ne6taro ?o%r lips ;hi6h enhan6es 6on(%galpleas%re and van^%ishes grie. That ne6taris thoro%ghly relished y ?o%r virating %teand ma4es people orget any other

    atta6hment.1 ?o%r lot%s eet are sosot that ;e pla6e them gently on o%rreasts earing that ?o%r eet ;ill e h%rt.*%r lie rests only in ?o%. *%r minds

    thereore are lled ;ith aniety that ?o%rtender eet might e ;o%nded y pelesas ?o% roam ao%t on the orest path.

    S,ns $5 V's*anat%a 9a)ra*art'T%a)ura

    S,n Nam4: Gan45a 9amp45aO;"'a! Nam4: Sr' Sr' Vrn&a&4*'1asta)amAut%,r: V's*anat%a 9a)ra*art'

    T%a)ura(,,) Nam4: Sta*amrta La%ar'W1X


    andh4a@andh%@dy%ti@divya@v"sovAnde> namas te 6ara$"ravindam



    vAnde> namas te 6ara$"ravindamW-Xsamasta@vai4%$Kha@Giroma$a% Gr@

    4A#$asya vAnd"vana@dhanya@dh"mnidatt"dhi4"re vA#ah"n%@p%try"

    vAnde> namas te 6ara$"ravindamWX

    tvad@"(Iay" pallava@p%#pa@hAga@mAg"dihir m"dhava@4eli@4%I("hmadhv"dihir h"nti vih#yam"$"vAnde> namas te 6ara$"ravindam

    W namas te 6ara$"ravindam

    W=Xr"s"hil"#o vasatiG 6a vAnd"@vane

    tvad@G"ghri@saro(a@sev"lahy" 6a p%!s"! 4Apay" tavaivavAnde> namas te 6ara$"ravindam

    W7Xtva! 4rtyase s"tvata@tantra@vidhir

    ll"hidh"n" 4ila 4A#$a@Ga4tihtavaiva mrtis t%las nA@lo4e

    vAnde> namas te 6ara$"ravindam


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    W5Xha4ty" vihn" apar"dha@la4#aih

    4#ipt"G 6a 4"m"di@taraga@madhye4Ap"mayi> tv"! Gara$a! prapann"vAnde> namas te 6ara$"ravindam

    W9XvAnd"#Ka4a! yaC GA$%y"t paKhed v"vAnd"van"dhGa@pad"(a@hAgah

    sa pr"pya vAnd"vana@nitya@v"sa!tat@prema@sev"! lahate 4At"rthahTRANSLATION1X ?o% are athed y streams o splendo%rthat re%4e gold lightning and the6ampa4a o;er. ?o%r splendid garments areriend to the andh%4a o;er. * Vrnda /o; to yo%r lot%s eet.)X ?o%r a6e is splendid ;ith a pearlde6orating the tip o ?o%r nose and a;onder%l gentle smile on yo%r ima@r%it

    lips. ?o% are de6orated ;ith ;onder%l (e;elornaments. * Vrnda / o; to yo%r lot%seet.-X Vrsahan%Bs da%ghter adha made yo%g%ardian o &rsnaBs op%lent and a%spi6io%saode o Vrndavana the 6rest (e;el o allVai4%ntha planets. * Vrnda / o; to yo%rlot%s eet.X 8y ?o%r order the groves ;here Madhavaen(oys pastimes are splendidly de6orated;ith lossoming o;ers %mle@ees

    deer honey and other things. * Vrnda /o; to yo%r lot%s eet.

  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    s;eetness here they egged to ta4e irthhere even as a lade o grass. for thisreason / pray to reside in Vrndavana.-X ,ere the gopis gloried the earth saying* 3arth ;hat a%sterities have yo% doneso that yo%r s%ra6e is no; mar4ed ;ith&rishnaBs ootprintsO May / reside inVrndavana.

    X May / reside in Vrndavana ;heree6a%se the Vedas say raso vai sah WTheS%preme Personality o odhead iss;eetnessX trans6endental s;eetnessattained its highest pere6tion in the gopisBpassionate love.

  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    W1Xyadi ga%ra n" hoito tae 4i hoito

    4emone dharit"m der"dh"r mahim" prema@rasa@sm"

    (agate ("n"to 4eW)X

    madh%ra vAnd" vipina@m"dh%rpraveGa 6"t%r s"r

    ara(a@y%vati h"ver ha4atiGa4ati hoito 4"rW-X

    g"o g"o p%naC ga%r"ger g%$asarala 4oriy" mana

    e hava@s"gare emona doy"ln" de4hiye e4a@(ana

    WXW"miX ga%r"ga oliy" n" gen% galiy"

    4emone dhorin% dev"s%r hiy" p"#"$a diy"

    4emone gaFiy"6heTRANSLATION1X / Lord a%ra had not appeared as they%ga@avatara in this age o &ali then ;hat;o%ld have e6ome o %sO ,o; 6o%ld ;ehave tolerated livingO ho in this %niverse;o%ld have ever learned ao%t the topmostlimits o loving mello;s that 6omprise theglory o Sri adhaO)X ho ;o%ld have had the po;er to rendere6stati6 devotional servi6e that ollo;s in

    the ootsteps o the damsels o Vra(aO/ndeed the 6lever epertise o the Vra(a@gopis is a prere^%isite or entering thes%premely s;eet orest o Vrinda Devi.-X *h please sing again and again o theglorio%s ^%alities o Lord a%ranga> J%st tryto 4eep yo%r heart simple. Not even oneperson ;ithin this o6ean o nes6ien6e hasever seen s%6h a magnanimo%s personalityas ,e.X 3ven tho%gh / 6hant the holy name oLord a%ranga someho; / still have notmelted in e6stasyho; then have /maintained the %rden o this odyO ,o;has the 'reator ashioned this ody ;ith astone in pla6e o Vas%deva hosh:s heartO

    S,ns $5 Rupa G,sam'

    S,n Nam4: (%ratur Anta)as5aPattan4O;"'a! Nam4: Sr' Sr' Jamunasta)amAut%,r: Rupa G,sam'

    (,,) Nam4: Sta*ama!a

    W1Xhr"t%r anta4asya pattane :hipatti@h"ri$pre4#ay"ti@p"pino :pi p"pa@sindh%@t"ri$

    nra@m"dh%rhir apy aGe#a@6itta@andhinm"! p%n"t% sarvad"ravinda@andh%@




    m"! p%n"t% sarvad"ravinda@andh%@nandin


    vardhintra@sagam"hil"#i@magal"n%andhinm"! p%n"t% sarvad"ravinda@andh%@


    Gr@m%4%nda@nirmitor%@divya@4eli@vedin4"nti@4andalhir indranla@vAnda@nindinm"! p%n"t% sarvad"ravinda@andh%@


  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    W9Xt%#Ka@%ddhir a#Ka4ena nirmalormi@6e#Kit"!

    tv"m anena h"n%@p%tri> sarva@deva@ve#Kit"m

    yaC stavti vardhayasva sarva@p"pa@mo6aneha4ti@pram asya devi> p%$Far4a@lo6ane

    TRANSLATION1X May Sri ?am%na ;ho is the da%ghter o

    S%ryadeva ;ho saves one rom having toenter the 6ity o her rother ?amara(a thesight o ;hom enales the most sin%lpersons to 6ross the o6ean o sin and thes;eetness o ;hose ;ater 6harms thehearts o everyone al;ays p%riy me.)X May Sri ?am%na ;ho is the da%ghter oS%ryadeva ;ho de6orates the great&handava orest ;ith a stream o pleasant;aters ;ho is lled ;ith lot%s o;ers anddan6ing irds and ;ho linds the terrile

    sins o they ;ho desire to athe in heral;ays p%riy me.-X May Sri ?am%na ;ho is the da%ghter oS%ryadeva a drop o ;hose ;ater destroysthe sin%l rea6tions o the people ;ho6reates a great ood o 6ondential p%redevotional servi6e to Lord Nandananadanaand ;ho rings a%spi6io%sness to they ;hodesire to live on her shore al;ays p%riyme.X May Sri ?am%na ;ho is the da%ghter o

    S%ryadeva ;ho divides the seven o6eansand seven 6ontinents ;ho ;itnessed manyo Lord M%4%ndaBs trans6endental pastimesand ;hose splendor re%4es a host osapphires al;ays p%riy me.

  • 8/21/2019 Vaishnava Songs


    shame or they are the essen6e o alls;eetness. This is my only prayer.

    S,n Nam4: Ra&%4 -a5a -a5a Ma&%a*aDa5't4O;"'a! Nam4: Sr' Ra&%')a Sta*aAut%,r: Rupa G,sam'(,,) Nam4: Sta*ama!a (Section:

    Vol"e 6 Son) 14WrerainX r"dhe (aya (aya m"dhava@dayite



    W)XvA#ah"ndadhi@nava@GaGi@le4helalit"@sa4hi g%$a@ramita@viG"4he

    W-X4ar%$"! 4%r% mayi 4ar%$"@harite

    sana4a@san"tana@var$ita@6ariteTRANSLATIONWerainX * adha> * eloved o Madhava> *?o% ;ho are ;orshiped y all the yo%ng girlso o4%la> 2ll glories %nto ?o%> 2ll glories%nto ?o%>W1@-X ?o% ;ho dress ?o%rsel in s%6h a ;ayas to in6rease Lord DamodaraBs love andatta6hment or ?o%> * ^%een o Vrndavana;hi6h is the pleas%re grove o Lord ,ari> *ne; moon that has arisen rom the o6ean o&ing Vrsahan%> * riend o Lalita> * ?o%;ho ma4e Visa4ha loyal to ?o% d%e to ?o%r;onder%l ^%alities o riendliness 4indnessand aith%lness to &rsna> * ?o% ;ho arelled ;ith 6ompassion> * ?o% ;hose divine6hara6teristi6s are des6ried y the greatsages Sana4a and Sanatana> * adhaplease e mer6i%l to me>

    S,n Nam4: Sa)%4 2a!a5a Gauram7&aramAut%,r: Rupa G,sam'

    W1Xsa4he 4alaya ga%ram %d"ram

    W)Xnindita h"Ka4a 4"nti 4alevara

    garvita m"ra4a m"rammadh%4ara raI(ita m"lat ma$Fita

    (ita@ghana 4%I6ita 4eGamW-X

    tila4a vinindita GaGadhara r%pa4ah%vana manohara veGam

    madh% madh%rasmita lohita tan%hAta

    an%pama h"va vil"sam

    WXni4hila ni(a (ana mohita m"nasa

    vi4athita gada gada h"#amparam" 4iI6ana 4i$6ana naraga$a

    4ar%$" vitara$a GlamTRANSLATION1X My riend> That most magnanimo%s Sria%ranga Mahaprah% has appeared as the

    rising s%n to dispel the dar4ness o this age&ali.)X ,is rilliant golden 6ompleion shamesthe right l%ster o gold and ,is ea%tydeeats the pride o '%pid. ,is 6%rly la64hair is de6orated ;ith a garland made omalati o;ers and %mle ees y aro%ndthem.-X ,is ea%ti%l moonli4e a6e is de6orated;ith tila4a and ,is dressing en6hants the;hole ;orld. ,is s;eet smile delivers all

    emodied so%ls rom the mire o materialeisten6e y generating in them greed orlove o odhead. ,e displays %ni^%ee6stati6 symptoms.X ,e en6hants the minds o ,is dear onesand ,e spea4s ;ith a altering voi6e. /norder to esto; the greatest ;ealth %ponthe poverty stri64en so%ls o this ;orld ,ehas a66epted the lie o ren%n6iate andth%s distri%ted ,is mer6y to all.

    S,ns $5 2rsna&asa 2a*'ra6a G,sam'S,n Nam4: -a5a Ra&%4 -a5a 2rsna -a5aVrn&a*anaO;"'a! Nam4: Sr' Vra6a D%amaMa%'mamrta =T%4 N4"tar4an G!,r'4s ,BVra6a1&%Kma>Aut%,r: 2rsna&asa 2a*'ra6 G,aam'

    W1X(aya r"dhe (aya 4A#$a (aya vAnd"vanaGr govinda gopn"tha madana@m