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  • Education& Mobility

    EDUCATION AND MOBILITY FUERTEVENTURAC/Jess Machfn Santana 2, Entreplanta, Oficina 1

    35660 La OlivaCIF: B95213479

    Corralejo 27th March de 2015.

    Dear CPH WEST:

    isabella, Anna y Josephine have completed an excellent training in Fuerteventura. They have

    completed a succesful training during the three week training period.

    The three girls showed an excellent attitude and skills during the training even being the

    youngest group we ever hosted in Education&Mobility. The showed high responsabilty,adaptation and work maturity.

    We would like to congratulate isabella, Anna y Josephine for the merit based internship donein Fuerteventura.

    Reports from all the hosting placements have been very possitive in both, profesional andpersonal ways.

    The students have intereacted very professionaly and in a very friendly way with the workplacment's work mates.

    Our congratulations to the students and we wish them the best in their future projects.

    Best regards

    Ms. Itziar Sanchez. Education&Mobility

    T. (+34) 678474707 E. itziar@educationandmobility.cm W. www.educationandmobility.com


    AclMlles/tasks carried out-

    Contact with different touristic platforms

    -Manage Customer database

    Job-related skills and ompeterlces acquired

    In these three days Isabella is mainly familiar with the operationIn our database, has operated by itself control customers

    Language skillsand:competenceS acquired (if nofincluded under'Job-related skills and competences') i

    (3ta) -] There has been no improvements of this kind, even that their treatment (in English) to the rest of his teammates was nice

    i and formal at all timesComputerskills and competences acquired (if not included under'Job-related skills and competences')

    (32a) At all times Isabella has developed this kind of work, recording the customers data

    Organisational skills and competences acquired (if riot included under'Job-related skills and competences')

    (33a) During his three days of practice has shown great organization

    _ -Social Skills and competences acquired (if not included under'Job-related skills and competences')

    (34a) His sympathy was evident at all times, the relationship with other colleagues / as has been optima

    . Other skills and competences acquired: - - : :

    (35a);il Not observed

    Date = ; " S - " : : Signatureofthehoider .

    26 -[t 03 2015 (37a)(*) ll!if!_t!he+z H3.Sa)(*) ,-,___,__,,_,- _

    NB :This table is not valid without the Sfditcfttftft!tltlJlhtOr and of the holder of the Europass Mobility. ' ::: -: : : : Headings marked with an asterisk are mandatory,-. ' ::: :::


  • .-- - .... :-;-,'- "" E'ROPASS MOBILITY EXPERIENCE (NO)


    ActNitJes/tasks carried out ; : : ::; : : " : - -- ....

    *) t Desing of programmaes for hotel Events. (Sunny Animation)

    i Achiving of office documents. (Sunny Animation)

    Promotion video and pictures of event. (Sunny Animation)

    ooperate office tasks. (Villas Apartamento).

    : Job-related skills and co mpetences acquired ,and problem-solvingcation and cooperation

    to take care inf the whole task,- ,skltlsandcompetenceSacquired(ifn0tincludedunder'job:.relatedskllsandcmpeten ) ,

    Clear improvement of English in the field of event.

    entEn lishsk s - :Excell g ' .... s'= : ,: : :, .. - --,---,,,,-,,lted skills and competence )

    :: CompUter skilis,d competen-,s acquired (ll not incuaea unuul ,,-, .,'-- --

    : , Organisational skills and competances acquired (if nofinduded under'Jobrelated skills and competence ) : i :=__

    (33a)-cultural team work skills -- - : : '- , - : : . : : Sz,-iSociai Skillsandcompetences acquired (if not included under'Job-relatedsk IIs and competence ) : " : ....

    (34a)-e hasdevod an attitude of partnership and cooperation with all members from the beginning.

    : : i : Other skillsand cornpete_n__sacqulreu ---:-.---;- ..... ,^, He,-as been ver professional every time and

    i Isabella's training has been absolutely excellent in villas y AparaHu,u ..... a Y

    she has showed excellent attitude every time. :, : .....

    = - : " erson/mentor: : i Signature of the holder: Date - L ::

  • Europass Mobility




    Christianehj 772860 SborgDenmark

    Date of birth

    6/18/! 997





    Isabella Gry }


    IDenmark i


    Name of the issuing organization

    CPH West

    Europass Mobility number

    I D K/00/2015/62/DK/ES/3 JIssuing date

    I2 2o 2ol,


    Explanatory noteEuropass Mobility is a standard European document, which records detils of the contents and the results - in terms of skills andcompetences or of academic achievements - of a period that a person of whatever age, educational level and occupational statushas spent in another European country (UE/EFTA/EEA and candidate countries) for learning purposes.The Europass Mobility was established by the decision No 2241/2004/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15December 2004 on a single Community framework for the transparency of qualifications and competences (Europass).For more information on Europass, including on the Europass curriculum vitae and the Europass language Passport:

    http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu European Communities 2004

    Europass Mobility Denmark

  • Sending partner


    CPH WestVejlebrovej 45-652635 IshjDenmark


    Stamp and/or signature, / / /



    45-65, DK-2635 Ish3388 0000


    Reference person/mentor

    [steen schnedler-sorensen ]


    [+4533880312 I


    Piu-koordinator I


    [sss@cphwest.dk I

    Host partner

    Name Stamp and/or signaturei

    Education & MobilityCalle Artalandio 3, Bilbao,48004, BilbaoSpain

    Rerence person/mentor

    Iker Orueta


    +34 661 27 48 53




    Project Coordinator




    Europass Mobility Denmark 2

  • Objective of the Europass Mobility experience

    The objective is to increase the student's vocational qualifications and competences by an internship abroad, which are Ia deciding factor for our students to manage and succeed n the ncreased globalization. I

    Initiative during which the Europass Mobility experience is completed, if applicable

    Non IQualification (certificate, diploma or degree) to which the education or training leads, if any

    An evaluation assessment and a list of task formula: Plus a EuroPass Mobility Certificat. I

    Community or mobility program involved, if any

    I Mobility 2013, projekt nr. 005, from the Lifelong Learning Programme. Ii

    Duration of the Europass Mobility experience

    From To

    [3/8/2015 ] 3/29/2015 I

    Europass Mobility Denmark 3

  • Activities/tasks carried out


    Job-related skills and competences acquired


    Language skills and competences acquired (if not included under 'Job-related skills and competences')


    Computer skills and competences acquired (if not included under 'Job-related skills and competences')


    Organisational skills and competences acquired (if not included under 'Job-related skills and competences')


    Social skills and competences acquired (if not included under 'Job-related skills and competences')(34a)

    Other skills and competences acquired(35a)

    Date'36a)(*)[ 2009(37

    a)(9dd mm yyyy

    Signature of the reference person/mentor Signature of the holder

    NB : This table is not valid without the signatures of the reference person/mentor and of the holder of the Europass Mobility.Headings marked with an asterisk are mandatory,

    I can provide you with an electronic version, you can fill out online,- if you send me a notice atsss@cphwest,dk

  • Erasmus+ ECVET Learning Agreement- CPH WEST


    Voct o al EductL:ti & Tr/ll:lg

    for Isabella Madsen

    1. Information about the participants

    Contact details of the home organisation

    Name of organisation CPH WEST

    Address Vejlebrovej 45-65

    Telephone/fax +45 3388 0000

    E-mail cphwest@cphwest.dk

    Website www.cphwest.dk

    Contact person Steen Schnedler-Soerensen

    Telephone/fax +45 3388 0312, fax +45 3388 0001

    E-mail sss@cphwest.dk

    Contact details of the host organisation

    Name of organisation