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  • USSU Chinese Society

    Annual Report 2018-19


    USSU Chinese Society

  • Contents Introduction





    Volunteering Project

    #StudyinginSurrey Project



    Challenges & Recommendations

    Partners & Sponsors












  • In early 2018, we became a registered

    society of the University of Surrey

    Students' Union. Also, we are externally

    affiliated to the Chinese Students and

    Scholars Association (CSSA) of the UK.

    We persist our nature - a non-political,

    non-religious, non-profit voluntary


    In this academic year, we focused on

    enriching the daily life of Chinese

    students studying at the University of

    Surrey and delivered transformational

    positive impacts on local community.

    We held regular internal meetings

    biweekly during term time, and we

    actively communicated with the

    University, Students’ Union and other

    organisations as well as worked closely

    with the International Student

    Recruitment Office, Employability and

    Career Centre and Widening

    Participation and Outreach Department.

    We are committed to provide timely and

    accurate information and practical

    services to Chinese students.

    Meanwhile, we maintain good

    relationships with Chinese companies

    and provide recruitment information

    from Chinese universities and


    All what we aim to achieve is to build an

    international and future-oriented

    platform for Surrey's students and are

    adhering to the spirit of openness,

    tolerance and enthusiasm.

    2018-2019 has been a busy year for the USSU Chinese Society. We have had an almost 150 per cent increase in the number of activities organised and have started 2 brand new projects.

    Introduction 3 4

  • Committee Structure We have identified an efficient team structure and an effective team management for better dealing with heavy workload.

    President Vice President


    Activity Manager

    Liaison Manager

    Media Manager

    Support Manager

    Deputy Manager

    Deputy Manager

    Deputy Manager

    Activity Sub-Committee

    Liaison Sub-Committee

    Media Sub-Committee

    Volunteer Team Leader

    Support Sub-Committee

    According to area of functions, the committee is divided into 4 Departments and a Team Leader of volunteering projects.

    The Department of Activity is responsible for making sure events are smoothly run and for collaborating events with other societies and organisations.

    The Department of Media is responsible for running our official society media accounts on Weibo, WeChat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bilibili and YouTube, for ensuring them have the most updated and useful information students would need, for compiling and updating the Chinese version freshers’ guidebook and for organising the #StudyinginSurrey project.

    The Department of Liaison is responsible for maintaining relationships with sponsors and societies at the University of Surrey.

    The Department of Support is responsible for financial transparency by publishing financial statements on WeChat quarterly and for managing the freshers’ groups on WeChat.

    The Volunteer Team is responsible for providing volunteer opportunities for team members and for organising events including culture and language tasting sessions.

    5 6

  • Chairperson: Yan Zhu Vice Chairperson : Xiaofu Li Treasurer: Anyang Ma

    Department of Activity: Manager: Phoebe Sek Event Organiser: Phoebe Sek Event Assistant: Changsheng Wang, Jiayi He, He Huang, Qingwei Chen,

    Yanhong Liu, Jiayan Lu, Yutong Zheng,

    Jinru Wu, Wanting Ye, Jingyi Xu,

    Yuqing Dai

    Department of Media: Deputy Manager: Keming Su Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Weibo Admin: Yuhuan Qian WeChat Admin: Haiying Wu Designer: SANA Hui Assistant: Xiaoling Fan, Yifei Jin Webmaster Chinese: Yiyi Yang Webmaster SU Activity Page: Hui Wang

    Department of Liaison: Manager: Xiangyi Kong Activity Assistant: Simon, Freya Sponsor Program Assistant: Stella Assistant: Teddy Photographer: Carol Assistant: Karen

    Department of Support: Manager: Anyang Ma HR: Yuqi Zhan Newsletter Editor: Long Meng

    Volunteer Team: Team Leader: Kary Ho

    Committee Members

    Key position changes: 17.5.2018 The change of committee 20.11.2018 Vice Chairperson: Xiaofu Li 26.2.2019 Treasurer: Anyang Ma

    7 8

  • Due to the popular usage of WeChat app among Chinese students, a great number of society members joined the Chinese Society through our official WeChat group chats, which suggests the actual number of society members goes beyond the figure showed on the Students’ Union website.

    Over 200 members are actively participating in our activities, whilst 85 of them have registered on the USSU website with free membership.

    We offered our members opportunities to meet up with University professors and lecturers via the Chinese New Year Lunch.

    Closely working with our sponsors and other companies, we organised career training sessions, had guest speakers from Career Frog and had 58 attendees. We organised the Huawei ITC competition Roadshow at Surrey and offered our members the opportunity to attend the Awarding Ceremony to broaden their network with managers from Huawei and industry experts.


    We aim to attract both local and international students and to introduce Chinese culture to them while maintaining connection and participation from Chinese students. We were thrilled that there were same number of international students anticipated the Chinese New Year Fair as Chinese students, proving that we are achieving our goals in terms of promoting Chinese culture.

    9 10

  • Events We have organised a variety of events covering sports, performances, literature and arts to enrich our daily life at the University.

    Society Events Events held by our Society. Aiming at enriching daily life, promoting Chinese culture and developing personal skills.

    Collaboration Events collaboratively held with societies at the University and other external organisations.

    Union Events Events held by the Students’ Union which we actively participated.

    Charity EventsEvents held aiming at raising awareness or charitable fund.

    11 12

  • Society Events

    PSE12 Campus Tour

    This free campus tour was specifically organised for students who just arrived at the University for the PSE 12 course (Pre- sessional English Language 12 weeks). The tour detailly described and explained about

    each building and section of the university, helped freshers get familiar with the campus and adapt to the new life and study environment as soon as possible.

    Meet & Greet

    The Meet & Greet at the beginning of Semester 1 was presented with free pizza and drinks. We invited students to enjoy the treat and introduced in detail how our society functions and some upcoming events. Games and a lucky draw were also arranged with the help from our sponsors

    as a bonus treat. We did our best to answer all the questions raised and to make sure the students were able to enjoy facilities and events that we prepared for them.

    13 14

  • Keep Running

    In order to get the students further familiar

    with the campus layout and surroundings,

    an event named ‘Keep Running’ was

    organised. Another objective of the event

    was to act as a team building activity.

    Students were split into pairs as teams and

    were asked to take selfies at assigned points.

    The first team finished won the game. It was

    absolutely incredible that the winner team

    completed all tasks within just half an hour.

    Surrey Idol

    Surrey Idol is an event that the Chinese

    Society held annually. This year we

    auditioned the best singers, while 8

    participants entered the Grand Final. It

    was a very intense competition for the

    competitors yet a delightful evening for the

    audiences. Senyu Qiu, won the

    competition with the song ‘The Brightest

    Star in the Night Sky’. His vocal

    techniques has proved that he was well

    deserved for the first place.

    15 16

  • Revision Package

    What can be a better way than treating our students with sweets and snacks during the intense exam period? The Chinese Society had prepared a wide range of snacks and drinks for all students for FREE during the three weeks’ exam period. We wanted to keep students energised to face their upcoming exams and do their best that they would never

    regret. Nearly 300 revision packages were distributed, and we hope students have received sufficient energy and power to concentrate on their exam revisions.

    Chinese New Year Lunch with SCAN

    It is a tradition to gather round family members and have a big feast at the Chinese New Year, wishing every member of the family a happy new year and all the