Using Word 2007 as a Teaching Tool

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Using Word 2007 as a Teaching Tool. Antietam Elementary School. Compatibility. MS Office 2007 uses a completely new file extension from previous versions of Office. When saved as a 2007 document the file extension will appear as docx . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using Word 2007 as a Teaching ToolAntietam Elementary SchoolCompatibilityMS Office 2007 uses a completely new file extension from previous versions of Office. When saved as a 2007 document the file extension will appear as docx.If you plan to use a document on a computer that has an earlier version of Word you need to be sure to save the document using:File > Save As > Word 97-2003 DocumentYou can also download a compatibility pack here. With this pack installed you will be able to open Word 2007 documents in older versions of Word.

Talking Study GuidesCreate talking instructional supports using the sound recorder feature in Word 2007. Use as an interactive study guide so that students can see and hear information that they need to learn!Apply It! A table or graph that tells students the highlights of its dataA math problem that talks the student through each step A picture that teaches a history lesson Shapes or letters that say their name

After creating your document, place your cursor wherever you want to place the recordingSelect Insert>Object>Wave SoundRecord a message using a microphone by pressing the red record button in the pop-up boxTo hear the recorded message, double click on the speaker icon

Smart ArtSmart Art allows users to quickly add diagrams to digital files. Insert a Smart Art graphic to easily illustrate ideas and their relationship to one another.To use go to the Insert Tab and select Smart Art

See a Tutorial and WriteCreate a graphic organizer or flow chart that talks. Give students instructions for what they should fill out in each box that they can listen to over and over. Save the document as a template so the student can open a new version each time.

Combine Smart Art and Object Sounds to make your document. You can also leave room for students to type in the document.To save the document as a template that students can open over and over like new:Click the Office ButtonSelect Save As, Word TemplateChoose a place to save the file where students can access itSelect Save

To open a saved template:Click the Office ButtonSelect New, My TemplatesOpen the template you savedHyperlinkingHyperlinking to another file allows the user to click on an object or text box to open a file in a new window. Links can go to audio files, pictures, video, other documents or webpages.To hyperlink:Go to Insert> Hyperlink to display the hyperlink as textChoose Existing File or WebpageHighlight desired fileClick OK

To make an object a hyperlink Select the object and then click Insert> Hyperlink and follow thesteps above

Grading with CommentsUse the comment feature in Word 07 to: Grade papers quickly and thoughtfullyEncourage students to read what youve written on their papersDevelop more efficent and effective pear reviewLeave reminders, hints and prompts to students in the textIn Word 07 go to the Review tab and select New CommentEach comment is identified by the username. To change the name select the Review tab>Track Changes>Change User NameShow comments as balloons or in the reviewing pane

Check Readability StatisticsThe reading level of any text can be checked in a Word document.Go to Office Button> Word Options> Proofing> Check the Show Readability Statistics boxClick on the Review tab and select check Spelling and Grammar. Once the check is complete a box will appear with the document statistics.Each readability test bases its rating on the average number of syllables per word and words per sentence.Apply It!Challenge students to increase their own statistics in their own written workCheck the readability of web pages by copy/pasting text into word

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