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  • ContentsAcknowledgements1. Background2. The survey of teachers3. Profile of the survey teachersLanguages taught at KS3 and KS4QualificationsOpportunities for target language useExperince and responsibility 4. Quantity of target language used Teachers' use of TLPupils' use of TL5. Circumstances affecting TL use6. TL use and effective teaching and learningTeaching in the TLLearning through use of the TLPatterns of TL use7. Summary of the survey findingsQuality of target language use in the classroomFactors influencing target language use8. ConclusionsReferencesTable 5.1 Factors affecting teachers' use of TL in the classroomTable 6.1 Teaching in the TL:difficulty of particular functionsTable 6.2 Activities for pupils' use of TL: frequancy at KS3 and KS4Table 6.3 Pattern of TL and English most likely to promote developmentFigure 2.1 L1, FL1 and FL2 teachers of French, German and SpanishFigure 2.2 Teacher's main qualificationsFigure 4.1 Teacher's talk in the target language at KS3 and KS4Figure 4.2 Teachers using the target language for over three-quarters of their talk, by background