Using iPads to engage the 21st century learner copy

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A presentation on the theory behind why I am using iPads in the classroom as well as the mistakes I made and how I fixed them

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  • 1.Using iPads in theClassroom to Engagethe 21st Century Learner Shauna Nro French Immersion, FSL and Spanish

2. The Digital Innovation Project in SD36THE GUIDING PRINCIPLE:Engaging students in their learning requires amultidimensional approach. While social andacademic engagement is imperative to studentsuccess, we know that "...ultimately, we need toachieve the more ambitious goal of promoting deepcognitive engagement that results in learning." National Research Council, cited in Dunleavey and Milton, 2008 3. 11 schools in the district were given access to 30 iPads (7 elementary, 3secondary and 1 Learning Center)KWANTLEN PARK SECONDARY is an inner-city school in Surrey (theWhalley area).At Kwantlen Park, 6 teachers (Science, Math, English, LST and FrenchImmersion/Modern Languages) are sharing 30 iPads and 16 iPods tocomplete their researchFollowing the results of our first year, district students involved in theproject are filling out a survey before, during and at the end of thesemester/year.We will be completing our research at the end of this year to share with thedistrict and our school. We hope to encourage the district to purchasemore iPads in order to make this technological tool available to more.Our school is also a testing school for a Learning Commons library projectwhich will see the integration of iPads, media devices (digital cameras)and a space for learning. 4. Why I use the iPad inclass? To increase student engagement To empower the digital native student withusing what they know (technology) To give choices to students through a varietyof apps can appeal to different learning styles A. Allows for differentiated learning sothat students of all levels can besuccessful 5. What other teachers have to say: @MmeHibou uses iPads in the math classroom to helpstudents who struggle, she loves the visual aspect @msewen uses them for student success and ease ofuse. He recently used iPad dictation for a student whocannot write (a great example of empowering thestudent) 6. Learning from my mistakes:practical knowledge Give each student the same iPad number for the wholeyear (even if they are doing group work, choose onestudents iPad number in the group) and record this ona class list Put a responsible student in charge, ask him/her todistribute the iPads when necessary and collect them.Do not let any student leave the classroom until YOUhave checked that all have been returned. Create a contract for students to sign which ensurestheir responsible and respectable use of the iPads inclass. 7. Getting to know the iPad Do not assume that they know how to use aniPad (this was my first and biggest mistake) Give students a "Scavenger hunt" activity forthem to learn the basic uses (taking pictures,saving pictures to Photos, surfing the interneton Safari, turning it on/off, the use of the"Home" button) Let them have fun for a class or two in orderto acquaint themselves with it, those studentswho have used an iPad before become theleaders 8. Apples iPad User Guide 9. Share a GoogleDocs list with the terms that theyneed to knowSwiping: the act ofmoving between pages,turning pages on theiPadFinder-search engine:swipe to the left after thehome screen to theMagnifying Glass page totype in the name of anapp to find its locationSafari: the access to theinternetHome button: enables youto leave an app at any 10. Do you know.... (because I sure didnt...) that to take a picture of the screen (Screen Capture),you hold the Power button and the Home button at thesame time (your pic is then saved in Photos)? in order to save battery power, double tap the Homebutton and "x" (delete) the apps that appear at thebottom of the screen? to save a picture in Safari, you press and hold thepicture and then choose "Save Image" or "Copy"? 11. Power of surveys and exit tickets They give you the opportunity to know whatthey know Students are given a voice, a voice to expresstheir concerns or their joy of using the iPads A great learning tool for you, it lets them knowthat you are learning as well and want to learnfrom them 12. Methods to do polling students can text orsend answers online to open-ended ormultiple choice questions (free account is limited to 40 answers) Socrative app (Teacher and Student) :Questions or Quiz-based activities 13. Set up a place to receive projects Classroom gmail account (students also knowthe password) Dropbox (using that Gmail account)