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using instagram to boost your brand at trade shows. Hosted by


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Using Instagram to Boost Your BrandCM Displays is always trying to stay ahead of the trade show scene in Toronto. By doing so we are always researching new and innovative ways to help out our customers get the most from there trade show displays and build a solid brand. See blow on how using the social media device Instagram can help you stand out from the crowd.Trade shows are a visually stimulating affair. Think about it youve got thousands of people coming and going, bright lights, huge signs, glossy brochures, stunning promotional models and enough nifty looking swag to fill a warehouse. If youre wondering how to leverage your trade show marketing, why wouldnt you take advantage of the most visual-centric social media network out there: Instagram!Instagram has got all the social cachet of Facebook minus all the nonsense and ads (for now at least); its strictly visual, visual, visual. Use this hot social network the right way and youll more easily engage with your audience, generate real leads, and get the most out of your trade show marketing.Here are 7 helpful tips to help you supercharge your trade show marketing with Instagram. Tell a story with images Posting on Instagram wont do you any good if share dull, lifeless images with your audience. Rather than post a boring shot of some flyer you have lying around, why not snap a photo of someone on your staff? While youre at it, how about taking a few shots while your team is setting up and/or breaking down your booth, giving your audience an inside look at the comings and goings of your brand? Heck, you could even take some shots of local landmarks (e.g. CN Tower etc). Make your images meaningful tell a story and your audience will be more likely to respond.Include relevant hashtags Imagine youre attending a trade show in Toronto and trying to promote your product. Youd want to tag your photos with the hashtag #Toronto, #trade show, and #yourproduct, right? The tags you add play a huge part in your photos being found by your target Instagram audience. Take the time to think of all the relevant hashtags you can, and include them with your photos. Note: Most modern trade shows will probably have an official hashtag (e.g. #NYCC for New York Comic Con), so definitely include this with all of the photos you share. This will maximize the chances of being found by people at the trade show.Record quick videos Youre hip to video marketing, arent you? Whether youve got a sweet sizzle reel or wouldnt know a promo video if it hit you in the face, you can use Instagram to leverage the power of video marketing. Instagram lets you record 15 second video clips, just enough time to show off a hot new product or share a funny sound bite from one of your staff. Engaging little clips can help you stand out from the hordes of trade show marketers posting generic-looking, static photos and connect with trade show attendees. Showing that you are serious but also having a good time will ultimately attract the crowdsStage photo opportunities Got a really cool part of your booth that you want to show off? Want to get trade show attendees more involved with your booth? When youre developing the look of your booth, consider creating a special section where you can take pictures with attendees. This might be something as simple as a backdrop or as elaborate as a special Photos with Brand X seat. This will help create a more memorable image for your business and make it easier for you to truly engage with visitors.If you have any questions please feel free to drop by our location conveniently located in Toronto Ontario or visit our website at