Using Graphic Organizers to Build Deeper Understanding of Content

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Using Graphic Organizers to Build Deeper Understanding of Content. EDC 448. Take notes from the chapter. Organize notes from the chapter. Benefits of Organizing Information Visually. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Biggest Benefit Connections improve recall and understanding. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Using Graphic Organizers to Build Deeper Understanding of ContentEDC 448</p> <p>Take notes from the chapterOrganize notes from the chapter</p> <p>Benefits of Organizing Information Visually1. 2. 3. 4. 5. A different representation of ideas with minimal use of words 2. Shows relationship between the ideas 3. Think about the relationship between the ideas 4. See how all of the parts fit into a whole 5. Add color and organize hierarchically5Biggest Benefit Connections improve recall and understanding4 2 9 5 6 3 1</p> <p>429 5631 +/- 7 </p> <p>You remember things better when they are connected and you understand how the parts are related to the whole! Time Order</p> <p>JFKFreedom of Religion</p> <p>EnumerationCastlesCompare &amp; Contrast</p> <p>FireCause-Effect</p> <p>Price of OilProblem-Solution</p> <p>An Example: Learning about How Farmers Organized in the late 1800sLearning objectives are explicitly stated and end of chapter questions thought-provokingBut is the information presented to highlight the relationships between key concepts in a way that fosters recall and understanding?Dates dont stand out in key sequenceCause/effect relationship could be more explicitnot enough high level thinking about the Populist PartySolution: Actively engage students with the ideas using Inspiration (or digital mapping tool) So, whats the take away lesson?The TM suggestions (and questions) often found in textbooks are less likely to promote selection and organization of important text information that helps students see how key concepts are logically connected to form the big picture Even then, students need an opportunity to synthesize and integrate the visual representations into their own wordsApplying to Your Lesson Does your graphic organizer help students generate and recall important information? Does your graphic organizer teach HOW the key concepts are related (not just THAT they are related)? Does your lesson require students to summarize or apply the information AFTER they fill out the graphic organizer? </p>


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