Using ePortfolios in students’ preparation for ...· Using ePortfolios in students’ preparation

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  • Using ePortfolios in students preparation for professional practice:

    lessons from the ePrePP projectDr. Bettie Higgs

    University College Cork

    Katie OSullivan

    Tralee Institute of Technology

  • Health Sciences collaborating Medicine


    Nursing and Midwifery

    Focus on

    Inter-professional learning

    Assessment and feedback

    Building digital resources

  • Rationale for using an ePortfolio: Efficiency


    Straight substitution of paper-based by digital

    Supporting traditional teaching and learning structures

    Augmentation: Substitution with some functional improvement

    On-site submission/return of work replaced by remote online

    Online marking and feedback

    A record of submission and return dates

    Coping mechanism for increased student:staff ratios

    (There are other ways of doing these things, eg. VLEs, LMSs)

  • Rationale for using an ePortfolio: Effectiveness

    Substitution with Pedagogical improvement

    More timely feedback

    Both tutor and student have a record of past feedback

    Facilitating better use of feedback to improve future work

    Beginning to effect how students learn

  • Rationale for using an ePortfolio: Enhancement and TransformationWhat are the possibilities for student learning?

    Students engaged in self assessment and peer-assessment and feedback (usually formative)

    Academic-Tutor assessment and feedback (usually formative or summative)

    Work-place Tutor assessment and feedback (can be formative and/or summative)

    Student-tutor dialogue

    Students build capacity to critically self-reflect

    Build a diverse and inclusive network to engage in discourse around learning

    Build capacity to re-assess assumptions and come to new understandings

  • Choosing the ePortfolio : PebblePad

    Matching needs analysis with ePortfolio specification

    PebblePad met requirements for health care students

    Closed and more secure than open source for sensitive information

    PebblePad integrates with the Blackboard VLE

    Students have their portfolio for life free

  • Lesson learnt so far: Tutor feedback

    PP is very complex

    Technical support is needed

    There is a lot of initial work involved in creating and building templates..testing and taking feedback. and rebuilding

  • Lesson learnt so far: Tutor feedback

    I like it in fact I love it once I was trained. Im in charge of my own templates I dont need a learning technologist to help me if I need to change something. So yes, need training at the start but then youre in charge

  • Complexities

    From a reporting perspective you cant generate a general report for an individual student across modules

    It is difficult to share templates across institutions. Templates need to be installed separately at each institution

    Linking students to work-based tutors, as they change frequently

    Support is very good from PP team. PP is looking for solutions.

  • Student feedback

    Please indicate how successful you were in accessing Pebble Pad eportfolio Very successful - I managed to use thetool for the purpose of documenting;clinical reflection, clinical outcomes,competencies, lab work, course work

    Quite successful - I managed to log in andcomplete the tasks required

    Not very successful - I managed to log into Pebble Pad but could not complete thetasks required

    Very unsuccessful - I tried but did notmanage to log in at all

  • Student feedback

    0.00 0.50 1.00 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50

    Pebble pad eportfolio was generally easy touse

    I had sufficient support to use Pebble Padeportfolio

    Technical issues limited my use of pebble padeportfolio

    Please indicate your agreement with the following statements in relation to Pebble Pad's usability

  • 0.00 0.50 1.00 1.50 2.00

    Online instructions about the site, such as the user manual (helpsection)

    Individual guidance (email or phone) from module leader, clinicalmodule leader

    Individual guidance (email or phone) from IT department

    No support - I just worked it out for myself

    Which types of support did you utilize in learning how to use Pebble Pad eportfolio ?

  • 2.84 2.86 2.88 2.90 2.92 2.94 2.96 2.98

    Overall the Pebble Pad eportfolio was helpful for mylearning in clinical reflection, clinical learning outcomes,

    competencies, lab work , course work.

    I consider it a useful experience, learning how to usePebble Pad eportfolio

    I think the Pebble Pad eportfolio will have otherapplications

    Overall impact of Pebble Pad

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