Urban/Rural Innovation Policy factors and EDD success stories

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Urban/Rural Innovation

Urban/Rural InnovationPolicy factors and EDD success stories


Obama adds cabinet seat for SBA administrator, proposes merging commerce agencies

The Washington Post, 01/13/12

Wordle of remarks prepared for delivery by John Fernandez, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development, at the 18th Annual Conference of the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds in Arlington, Texas, on October 19, 2011.Source: http://www.eda.gov/NewsEvents/Speeches/Speech10192011_SeedAndVentureFunds_TX

http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/2011/11/jobs_accelerator.htmlthe biggest question is what we can do in the public and private sectors to spur job creation.

EDAs Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge is one federal program providing its own compelling answer. This new program is a great example of doing what worksleveraging existing resources to do more with less.5



What are EDDs doing to support innovation-based economic development?



http://www.pennyrilefuture.comNine counties in Kentucky & Montgomery County, TN

The 12 counties individually represent average rural communities but together, as a region, the population notably becomes 340,350making us the 4th largest county in the state.http://www.reditn.com