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  • UR EducatorsTeacher Licensure Program Curriculum & Instruction Ed Leadership & Policy Studies

    Pursue your passion for teaching or earn

    your masters degree while expanding your skillset and

    positively impacting the lives of young people

    Degree programs and professional development coursework for current and future educators

    Make a difference.

    APPLY ONLINE: spcs.richmond.edu/admissions

  • The University of Richmond Education Depart-ment offers several degree programs for aspiring and in-service educators.

    Aspiring teachers can apply to the Teach-er Licensure Program (TLP) to earn initial, five-year renewable licensure in Virginia. This license is reciprocal in most other states in the U.S.

    Licensed teachers can continue to strengthen their skills and knowledge by pursuing an advanced degree through our Master of Education (M.Ed.) program that offers concentrations in Curriculum and Instruction and in Educational Lead-ership and Policy Studies.

    In addition to our degree programs, we offer Professional Development for Educators, a variety of courses and insti-tutes that meet license renewal require-ments and/or provide skill-building and increased content knowledge. These courses and institutes provide a unique opportunity for teachers to participate in dynamic courses while earning licensure renewal points. As a special benefit to our metro area in-service educators, we offer reduced tuition to those educators enrolled in our professional development courses. We also offer coursework to sup-port an Add-on Endorsement in Gifted Education (see page 21 for details).

    Our graduate education programs are offered by the University of Richmonds School of Profes-sional and Continuing Studies in collaboration

    with the Universitys School of Arts and Sciences Department of Education. This program is ap-proved by the Virginia Department of Education and is nationally accredited by Teacher Education Accreditation Council.

    Included in this information booklet is an application for the TLP program (page 25). Our graduate application for M.Ed. programs is avail-able online at spcs.richmond.edu/admissions. Please carefully review the admissions require-ments for each program that are also included in this booklet.

    Of special note to our TLP candidates, is the opportunity to complete the M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction with the completion of only six classes beyond those required for completion of the TLP program. We also welcome students entering the M.Ed. who are not TLP gradu-ates. These students will complete a traditional 10-course M.Ed. program of studies.

    We are honored that you are considering the Teacher Education Programs at the University of Richmond. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions.


    Catherine S. Fisher, Ed. D.Program Chair, Teacher Licensure Program & Graduate Education Programs

    From the Director

    Welcome Prospective Candidates

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    TeacherLicensure Program

    Curriculum& Instruction

    Educational Leadership &Policy Studies

    Professional Development for Educators



    AdditionalInformation 3 Contact Us

    21 Add-on Endorsement in Gifted Education

    22 General Information

    APPLY ONLINE: spcs.richmond.edu/admissions

  • Teacher Licensure Program

    4 UR Educators

    If you are a college graduate and have always had a passion for teaching, University of Rich-mond has a great opportunity for you to be-come an educator.

    Since 1972, the University of Richmond has offered teacher licensure programs approved by the Virginia Board of Education. The Teacher Li-censure Program, offered jointly by the School of Professional and Continuing Studies and School of Arts and Sciences, provides the opportunity for adults who have already earned a bachelors degree to complete licensure requirements. Candidates admitted to this program may enroll as either full-time or part-time students.

    Students earn a Graduate Certificate in Teacher Licensure Preparation. The programs curriculum ranges from foundations courses to

    courses in classroom management, diversity, reading, curriculum development and technol-ogy, and all coursework is at the graduate level.

    All students complete a student teaching experience in either an elementary, secondary or comprehensive (preK-12) environment. Student teachers are placed in schools in Richmond area school divisions. While students are completing their student teaching, they meet for a weekly seminar to discuss critical issues related to indi-vidual students responsibilities and competen-cies.

    Individuals who have not yet earned a bach-elors degree and are interested in teaching may earn a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts (BALA) with a Concentration in Education. SPCS also offers an Master of Education completion option for students who earn a Graduate Certificate in Teacher Licensure Preparation. TLP graduates may apply their TLP coursework and experiences to our M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction. The M.Ed. completion option requires an additional 18 semester hours.

    Endorsement AreasThe Teacher Licensure Program is approved by the Virginia Board of Education to prepare teacher candidates to pursue a five-year renew-able license in the following endorsement areas: Elementary Education (PreK-6) Secondary Content Areas (6-12)

    English History and Social Sciences Mathematics Science Biology Science Chemistry Science - Physics

    Comprehensive (PreK-12) Foreign Language French Foreign Language German Foreign Language Latin

    Go back in school to get yourself back in school

    Our Teacher Licensure Preparation program is

    designed for adults who have already earned a bachelors degree and

    are interested in becom-ing a classroom teacher.


    FallAugust 3

    SpringDecember 7

    SummerApril 27

    APPLY ONLINE: spcs.richmond.edu/admissions

  • Teacher Licensure Program

    School of Professional and Continuing Studies 5

    Foreign Language Spanish Theater Arts Visual Arts Special Education General

    Curriculum English as a Second Language Gifted Education: Add-on

    Admission RequirementsApplicants seeking admission to the Graduate Certificate in Teacher Licensure Preparation Program must demonstrate the following: Earned bachelors degree from a

    regionally-accredited college or university

    Minimum GPA of 2.7 on all col-lege and university academic work attempted

    Passing scores on Praxis I and Praxis II

    Admission DocumentationTo be admitted as a candidate for the Teacher Licensure Program at the University of Richmond, the following must be submitted by the appropri-ate deadline: A completed online TLP applica-

    tion. The online application may be found at spcs.richmond.edu/admissions.

    A brief explanation of why the candidate is interested in becom-ing a teacher (limit: two typewrit-ten pages), uploaded with your online application.

    Current resume, uploaded with your online application.

    Official scores on the Praxis I (or SAT/ACT) and Praxis II sent directly to the University of Richmond

    Two official (in a sealed envelope) transcripts from all colleges or universities attended. A Tran-

    scripts Request Form may be found at spcs.richmond.edu/about/forms.html.

    Once the Program Chair or desig-nee of the Teacher Licensure Program receives and reviews all required ap-plication materials, the applicant will be contacted to attend an interview with the Chair. No interviews will be scheduled until all required materi-als are received by the date stipu-lated. Upon approval by the Chair, the applicant will be admitted to the program.

    All required test scores and official transcripts should be sent to:Director Teacher Licensure Program

    Department of Education28 Westhampton Way

    University of Richmond, VA 23173Fax: (804) 287-6369

    Transfer CoursesNo more than two courses or semi-nars (6 total graduate credit hours) may be transferred into the Gradu-ate Certificate in Teacher Licensure Preparation. A request letter along with a course description and course syllabus should be sent to the direc-tor of the program for approval of transfer credits.

    Curriculum Materials CenterThe Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) provides students access to an assortment of materials and resources for exploration, use and evaluation, as well as the latest in instructional re-sources. Designed for individual and small group curriculum development, study, reading and collaboration, the Curri