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  • 7/28/2019 Uponor Resenja Za Industriske Objekei


    Industrial solutionsB n ,

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  • 7/28/2019 Uponor Resenja Za Industriske Objekei



    ur dialogue with customers has

    resulted i cotiuously develoig

    the way we deliver services to

    costructio rojects. s a leadig

    rovider o idoor climate ad

    lumbig solutios, we aim to

    brig ew ideas ito ractice ad

    geerate better services or every

    arter i the rocess, all the wayrom ivestors to istallers.

    ur suort i all stages o

    costructio right rom the very

    rst cocets to buildigs i use

    cotributes to the quality o the

    built eviromet ad the eciecy

    o the costructio rocess.

    Partnership or better human


    "Our approach to createinnovative solutionsthat bring eciency andsustainability"

    he sustaiability o buildigs is

    becomig more ad more imortat

    to both society ad our idustry

    as a whole. ur solutios rovide

    the best basis or idoor comort

    combied with the most eciet

    use o eergy. t is at the core o

    what we do. his is why we arter

    with roessioals to create a better

    eviromet i every meaig o

    the word.

    Uponor commitment

    U o o r i d u s t r i a l s o l u t i o s

  • 7/28/2019 Uponor Resenja Za Industriske Objekei



    Value proposition

    ur solutios are made to rovide

    suerior quality, easy itegratio

    ito the buildig rocess ad to

    give higher value to the buildig.

    s leadig exerts i water based

    radiat systems, Uoor oers

    a suerior thermal eviromet

    or workig at otimised eergyeciecy ad cost.

    ur low eergy solutios are ideal

    or the use o reewable sources

    ad hel reduce cosumtio ad



    We rovide the costructio

    idustry with sae, ast ad eciet

    istallatio techologies, givig

    log-lastig, healthy ad trouble-

    ree solutios. We allow develoersto imrove the solutios quality

    stadards, oerig dieretiatio

    ad added value to their buildigs.

    The additional value o

    Uponor expertise

    ur large rages o roducts, which

    are corrosio resistat, hygieic,

    comletely easible ad exible, are

    desiged as systems that itegrate

    the costructio rocess.

    ur systems are desiged to

    oer log lie ad o exesive


    ur techical service guaratees

    local suort i all rocess stages,

    rom desig to istallatio.

    Uoor is always at your side to

    suort you i the desig stage.

    ow ivestmet cost

    ow ruig cost

    freedom o desig

    prove techology

    timal workig


    U o o r i d u s t r i a l s o l u t i o s

  • 7/28/2019 Uponor Resenja Za Industriske Objekei



    Uponor systems or Industrial


    System overview

    Uponor pre-insulated

    distribution pipe system

    Uponor Industrial underfoor

    heating and cooling system

    Uponor Snow and ice melting


    U o o r i d u s t r i a l s o l u t i o s

  • 7/28/2019 Uponor Resenja Za Industriske Objekei



    Uoor does ot oly oer you higherormace through high ie techologybut radiat heatig ad coolig systems orthe idustrial buildig.

    ur carig starts with mauacturig thereliable, robust ad durable p-Xa ie that isable to coe with the tough eviromet ooor costructio i a idustrial buildig. Wedesig ad otimise the Uderoor heatigsystem to our customers secic eeds adesure that our system is delivered o time.

    t is istalled by Uoor traied istallers adwe rovide suort ad reliable arters ortotal roject delivery.

    U o o r i d u s t r i a l s o l u t i o s

  • 7/28/2019 Uponor Resenja Za Industriske Objekei



    Low maintenance

    Hall sace is too cost-sesitive

    to surreder valuable sace to a

    heatig system. ovetioal,

    visible heatig suraces

    icororatig iework, ductig,

    ad as must be regularly cleaed,

    relaced, aited, ad maitaied,quite the oosite o what the

    Uoor dustrial Uderoor

    heatig system ca oer. he

    Uoor uderoor heatig system

    does ot require ay eort i terms

    o idividual maiteace. this

    way we ca reduce the oeratig

    costs drastically, leadig to a raid

    retur o ivestmet.

    Cost ecient

    he Uoor idustrial uderoor

    heatig system is cost eciet

    because the etire system ca be

    oerated at low temerature levels.

    Heat losses at the oit o heat

    geeratio ad distributio ca be

    miimised. Groud eergy ad the

    ossibility to use existig thermal

    eergy, e. g. rom roductio

    rocesses, ca additioally decrease

    eergy exeses. hrough whole

    oor costructio otimisatio the

    eectiveess o the eergy source

    ca be ully utilised.

    Field o Application

    Uoor dustrial Uderoor

    heatig ad coolig system is a

    low-temerature heat distributio

    system to heat or to cool idustrial


    Uponor Industrial Underfoor

    Heating System

    he costructio ad comositio

    o idustrial oors strogly deeds

    o the eects o static ad dyamic

    loads. hese ca be wheel loads o

    vehicles, static loads o shelves ad

    machies, but also the mechaical

    ad chemical imact o oor

    suraces have to be cosidered.

    he great advatage o the Uoor

    dustrial Uderoor heatig

    system is that it does ot iuece

    the static calculatio. Because o

    this the system ca be built directly

    ito the cocrete oor slab.

    oreover, there are o more static

    costraits regardig the roo

    costructio due to the heatig

    system. other words, the ideal

    coditios or makig otimal use

    o the iterior hall sace.

    his is a act that makes our

    system so exible ad uiversallyalicable.

    Heating and cooling

    System benets

    og lie time with low maiteace costs

    fast ay back time i combiatio with low temerature heat sources

    djustable system with otimal buildig sace utilisatio

    Suitable or dieret kids o idustrial buildigs

    Smart system or serious use:

    licatios rage rom workshos, through roductio halls with lightad heavy machiery, to warehouses where orklit trucks are used adeve airort maiteace hagers.

    U o o r i d u s t r i a l s o l u t i o s

  • 7/28/2019 Uponor Resenja Za Industriske Objekei



    very machie has a otimal

    oeratig temerature but

    what about eole? leasat

    temerature i the worklace

    motivates sta to erorm at their

    best. geeral, the temerature o

    the oor lays a imortat role,

    alogside the room air temerature.

    he Uoor idustrial uderoorheatig system creates this ideal

    workig atmoshere. t rovides

    Ecient and sae working


    a large area with heat radiatio

    without dust circulatio. his makes

    it ideal or warehouses, storages

    ad retail outlets where you wat to

    kee your items ad roducts clea.

    System benets

    ostat ad eve temera-

    ture level

    ow air seeds with o dust


    ciet ad sae workig


    Temperature curve o an industrial underfoor heating

    and ceiling-mounted air heating system:

    0 m

    2 m

    10 m

    20 m

    25,5 m



    16 >30


    14 22

    18 degrees a miimum requiremet

    ater worklace regulatios.

    Surace temerature,

    air heating.

    Surace temerature,

    underfoor heating.

    Warmig role o

    air heating

    warmig role



    Source: BVf (Germa federal

    associatio o radiat heatig systems)

    news service, stallatio o radiat

    oor heatig ad coolig systems or

    commercial ad idustrial buildigs.Guidelie o.:8 ril 2010.

    U o o r i d u s t r i a l s o l u t i o s

  • 7/28/2019 Uponor Resenja Za Industriske Objekei



    Better working environment

    o oer more aswers o how to

    create eciet ad sae workig

    eviromets we must ot orget

    that the outdoor areas outside

    the idustrial buildig are as

    imortat as idoor comort.

    Uoor has a log traditio ideveloig dieret sow ad ice

    meltig systems ad have used

    this exeriece i rovidig sae

    edestria aths, arkig areas ad

    loadig areas or trucks. his has

    reveted accidets ad created

    a eciet ad sae workig

    eviromet all year roud.

    Uponor Snow and ice

    melting system

    Low Maintenance

    e o the most chageable ad

    uredictable costs that is a

    existig but still chagig actor is

    sowall. t will hae every year

    but o oe kows exactly whe

    ad how much sow there will be.

    his creates costat roblemswith the cumbersome maual

    removal o sowall. Sometimes

    you have eough machiery to

    do it but sometimes it ca cause

    delays that last days. his roblem

    ca be drastically elimiated

    with the Uoor sow ad ice

    meltig system. no more will sow

    iles iterere with decoratios,

    urishigs ad ormal commercial

    activity. his beet ca be easily

    calculated i decreased maualsow removal maiteace costs

    ad traserred to costat

    uchageable surace heatig costs

    that are easily redictable.

    "Benetscan be easilycalculatedin snowremovalcosts."

    Heating and cooling

    U o o r i d u s t r i a l s o l u t i o s

  • 7/28/2019 Uponor Resenja Za Industriske Objekei



    Low investment through


    he Uoor local heat distributio

    ie is the rove ame or the

    iovative, exible, re-isulated

    lastic iig system, desiged to

    trasort a variety o liquids both

    iside ad outside buildigs.

    ur solutio is to oer a re-

    isulated distributio ie system

    or coolig as well as or heatig

    etworks. We oer oe sigle

    system that uctios ecietly i

    terms o cost ad eergy.

    With Uoor re-isulated

    distributio ies, chilled water

    or coolig systems ca easily ad

    ecoomically be trasorted tobuildigs. he etwork istallatio

    ca be hadled quickly ad

    ecietly o site eve i the most

    dicult coditios.

    he coolig etwork ca be

    used to suly cool water either

    Ideal system or the distribution

    o heating and cooling

    to radiat coolig systems or to

    air-coditioig uits. he system

    also comrises a comlete rageo roducts or hot ad cold water

    sulies. ts material roerties

    give log service lie, ad as the

    ies are o low-weight ad are

    highly exible, they ca be istalled

    quickly ad easily, eve over

    obstacles ad roud corers.

    he Uoor re-isulated

    system is the ractical, erect

    ad multiuctioal ie systemor idustrial heatig or coolig

    eeds. t is the ideal system or the

    distributio o heatig ad coolig.

    System benets

    e system or heatig ad

    coolig etwork

    roved ad tested com-

    lete systems

    dvaced techologies or all

    system comoets

    Strog suort ad service

    or rojects

    erticatio ad warraty

    og exeriece i the

    roductio o re-isulated

    ies; over 30 millio meters

    roduced sice 1985

    Local heat distribution

    U o o r i d u s t r i a l s o l u t i o s

  • 7/28/2019 Uponor Resenja Za Industriske Objekei


    1 0

    The sanitation and heating constructioncompany Johann Holz

    Pajulahti Sports Hallhe challegig art with the sorts hall was

    ot the lacig o the uderoor heatig

    maiolds but coectig them to the actual

    heat source. s the idoor sorts hall has a

    ull sized ootball eld ad a ruig track

    Sliery areas will o loger occur uder oot

    outside the Holz oce etrace, thaks to

    the Uoor sow ad ice meltig system. he

    heat egieerig regulator is maaged by the

    Uoor regulator statio. his is ecessary

    because the ies are lled with a water /

    with really high ad curvig ceilig sace the

    solutio was to istall the Uoor thermo

    sigle re-isulated ies ito the oor

    structure udereath the sorts areas. By

    doig this it was ossible to save workig time

    glycol mixture, so they will ot reeze. he

    regulatio statio is desiged so that the

    sow ad ice meltig system is switched o

    automatically, deedet uo the exteral

    temerature. t the maitais the requisite

    derostig temerature i accordace with

    a groud sesor laced i the arkig area.

    Switchig o also occurs automatically

    i the temerature exceeds the critical

    exteral temerature. hus the system works


    ad the heatig areas could be ut ito use

    very quickly. his also let the walls ree o

    coectig ies.

    Case examples

    U o o r i d u s t r i a l s o l u t i o s

  • 7/28/2019 Uponor Resenja Za Industriske Objekei


    1 1

    BMW Dynamic Centre Dingolng

    Chatterley ValleyBuilt by mai cotractor care

    ostructio, the Uoor system was

    icororated directly ito the groud bearig

    slab i cojuctio with a laser screed

    machie. Workig alogside Stuarts dustrial

    he iteral climate withi the dyamic cetre

    rovides thermal comort through the Uoor

    idustrial uderoor heatig system which

    was itegrated ito joit less rolled cocrete

    usig the "f rocess". he oor's cocrete

    floorig the iework was itegrated ito the

    slab without causig ay time delays. aily

    roductio o u to 1,800 m2 o comleted

    oor icororatig the Uoor system were


    material is trasorted right u to the acility

    etrace by truck ad is the tied over the

    rst sectio o uderoor heatig. rough

    distributio o the material the takes lace

    usig a wheel loader, so that the ext truck

    ca drive over this surace with a subsequet

    load o cocrete. this way the heatig ies

    are rotected by the overlayig cocrete.

    U o o r i d u s t r i a l s o l u t i o s

  • 7/28/2019 Uponor Resenja Za Industriske Objekei



    Uponor Corporation

    p.. Box 37f 01511 Vataafilad

    T +358-(0) 20 129 211E [email protected] www.uoor.com

    Ecient working

    environment is

    Cost eective

    iimised ruig costs due to the ability to use

    ree ad low cost eergy.

    Human riendly

    timal workig eviromet with either dust or

    idoor draughts. leasat temerature motivates

    sta to erorm at their best.


    Sae workig eviromet with roducts that are

    rove i use. Beig a arter with Uoor will brig

    beets reliably.

    Uponor GmbH

    teratioal Salesp.. Box 164197433 HassurtGermay

    T +49-(0)9521 690 0F +49-(0)9521 690 750E [email protected] www.uoor.com/iteratioal