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<ul><li><p>Unparalled value combining sophisticated styling with an aluminium frame construction for Australia wide touring.</p><p>http://www.sunseekercaravans.com.au</p></li><li><p> INTERNAL FEATURES Ultra modern interiors with piano hinges Premium acrylic finish to ALL cabinetry with several exclusive </p><p>finishes Metal sided drawers (no chipboard) Largest size possible double glazed Euro style windows Pull down mesh screens and block out blinds to all windows New soft glow internal LED lights LED reading lights at dinette and bed head Recessed laminated hinged stove cover with securing struts Entry grab handle inside door (if possible) Pull-out pantries (most floor plans) Acrylic kitchen splash-backs Tri-fold dining table (refer floor plan) New style dual density comfort lounges and premium fabrics </p><p>or Annahide Footrests to caf dinette seats (if applicable) Posture adjustable slatted bed frame on gas struts 64 mattress with ample space around bed without requiring </p><p>a Bolster 62 mattress in single axle (64 optional) New premium thick felt backed lino Large mirror in bathroom Premium LED roof hatches in kitchen and lounge/dining </p><p>(1 only for 19ft and under) 4 seasons hatch above bed Towel rail and toilet roll holder Overheads above windows in bedroom linking to deep </p><p>overheads above bed Drawers where ever possible Solid double roller sliding door to ensuite Premium sure grip brushed alloy door and drawer catches Massive amount of internal storage space with several large </p><p>drawers</p><p> APPLIANCES 150 watt Monocrystalline solar panels with 30 amp solar regulator 120 Amp AGM deep cycle battery Reverse cycle, climate control and remote control air-conditioner Large Thetford 2 door tropical climate class 3 way evaporative </p><p>fridge/freezer with fridge fan Swift stove with 1 x electric and 3 gas element, grill and full oven </p><p>(oven optional on Single Axle) Fusion sound system Bluetooth/CD/MP3 12 volt TV 24 HD LED TV with built in DVD LED light bar over kitchen and vanity Smoke alarm Microwave 12 volt stainless steel recessed range hood Fire extinguisher Digital boosted premium Winegard sensor TV antenna Water tank gauge</p><p> EXTERNAL FEATURES Aluminium wall frames Composite panel to all 4 external walls, for stylish classy look, </p><p>superior strength and insulation Extra high checkerplate front, rear and sides for protection One piece fibreglass roof for superior sealing Full marine ply floor with waterproof membrane (form-work ply) External gas outlet to the awning side of the caravan for BBQ Anderson plug Premium Euro style double glazed windows, FULL block out </p><p>blind and flyscreen Marine hatches to all outside storage compartments Dometic roll out awning Premium triple lock security screen door Tunnel boot with lights inside, full width Premium grade external picnic table Premium Bargman grab handle at entry door with push button </p><p>LED light External LED awning lights x 2 External 12 volt, TV antenna outlet and 240 volt power outlet High output LED light bar rear tail-lights Premium stone shield covering front window</p><p> PLUMBING Washing machine Gas/electric hot water system New style flick mixer taps Water tank level indicator Ceramic bowl toilet Ceramic vanity bowl 190ltrs Water (2 x 95ltr water tanks) A frame tap with deflector Simplex water tank filling system Large single grey water outlet</p><p> CHASSIS &amp; PROTECTION Mud flaps to stop stones being thrown up into van Tandem axle models have premium roller rocker beam </p><p>axle with leaf springs, single axle models have Torflex independent suspension</p><p> 235/75/R15 light truck tyres with load rated alloy wheels Standard 50mm ball coupling Supagal chassis made with 3mm thick Australian RHS steel Rear bumper bar with 4 arms for extra strength, 2 arms on </p><p>single axle model 6 draw bar with 4 chassis and 2 chassis raiser (4 A-frame </p><p>for single axle models)</p></li><li><p>FULL H</p><p>EIG</p><p>HT</p><p>CU</p><p>PB</p><p>OA</p><p>RD</p><p>V A N ITY</p><p>R O B ES TO R A G E</p><p>S TO R A G E</p><p>S T EP</p><p>OH</p><p>C</p><p>S H O W E R</p><p>R O B E</p><p>F R ID G E</p><p>O H C</p><p>TO ILE TO H C</p><p>LO U N G E</p><p>T A B LE</p><p>B E D</p><p>R O B E</p><p>FR ID G E</p><p>PANTR</p><p>Y</p><p>TO ILE T</p><p>S E A T S E A T</p><p>W A S H IN GM A C H IN ER O B E</p><p>S TO R A G E</p><p>S TO R A G E</p><p>S TE P</p><p>S H O W E RTRI FOLDTABLE</p><p>BEDOHC</p><p>OHC</p><p>OHC</p><p>OHC</p><p>O.H</p><p>.C</p><p>R O B E</p><p>D /T</p><p>D /T</p><p>S T E P</p><p>T R I F O LDT A B LE</p><p>T O ILE T</p><p>F R ID G E</p><p>O H CO H C</p><p>O H C</p><p>O H C</p><p>V A N ITY</p><p>R O B E</p><p>B E N C H</p><p>S H O W E R</p><p>S E A T S E A T</p><p>W A S H IN GM A C H IN E</p><p>B E D</p><p>O H C</p><p>O.H</p><p>.C</p><p> R O B E</p><p> R O B ES TE P</p><p>TA B LE</p><p>LO U N G E</p><p>S H O W E R</p><p>TO ILE T</p><p>M IC R O W A V E</p><p>FR ID G E</p><p>O H C</p><p>O H C</p><p>B E N C H</p><p>O H C</p><p>O H C</p><p>FULL H</p><p>EIG</p><p>HT</p><p>PA</p><p>NTR</p><p>Y</p><p> B E D</p><p>S E A TTA B LE</p><p>O H C</p><p>17.6 FT FRONT DOOR</p><p>18.6 FT FRONT DOOR</p><p>20.6 FT FRONT DOOR</p><p>20.6 FT REAR DOOR</p><p>22.0 FT REAR DOOR (REAR DINETTE)</p><p>23.0 FT REAR DOOR (CLUB)</p><p>17.6 FT REAR DOOR</p><p>19.6 FT FRONT DOOR</p><p>20.6 FT REAR DOOR (CLUB)</p><p>21.6 FT FRONT DOOR</p><p>22.0 FT FRONT DOOR (ANGLED SHOWER)</p><p>Rear Options</p><p>L SHAPED LOUNGE SINGLE BEDS</p><p>FLOOR PLANS</p></li><li><p>Disclaimer: All illustrations, information and specifications referred to in this brochure were correct at the time of printing (May 2017). However Sunseeker Caravans reserves the right to discontinue or change the models, features, specifications or designs of the RVs referred to herein, at their discretion and without prior notice. The material contained herein must not be reproduced or used without the copyright owners express consent. E. &amp; O. E.</p><p>Built tough under the Australian sun Aluminium wall frames, stronger, lighter, </p><p>wont rot out</p><p> Full composite exterior walls and one piece fibreglass roofs</p><p> Over 20 floor plans to choose from for each model in our range</p><p> 150w Solar panels, 120AMP batteries and big two door fridges</p><p> Heavy duty chassis with independent suspension on most models</p><p>We are a team of passionate caravaners who specialise in designing, building and supplying Australia's best caravans. We understand that people value both fashion and function and our Sunseeker Caravans deliver on every level. Our craftsmanship and attention to detail is second to none when you entrust us to deliver your dream machine.</p><p>Single axle model</p><p>Tandem axle model</p><p>Galley kitchen</p><p>Designer interiors</p><p>Cafe dining</p><p>Large colour range</p><p>The ultimate in freedom</p><p>DISCOVER THE SUNSEEKER RANGE TODAY...</p><p>sunseekercaravans.com.au (07) 5491 1888 / 49 Bowman Road Caloundra QLD 4551 </p><p>CONNECT ONLINE</p><p>How to buy a Sunseeker...Step 1. Pick your floorplan</p><p>Step 2. Pick your model</p><p>Step 3. Choose any extras</p><p>Step 4. Pay 10% deposit (balance payable on arrival of your new Sunseeker, NO PROGRESS PAYMENTS) to secure your build slot and lock in your price</p><p>Step 5. Arrange a time to meet at the yard and select your preferred colours</p><p>Step 6. The big day. Come and pick up your new caravan, allow 3 hours for our extensive run through of your new caravan then spend the night at the Big 4 Waterfront Holiday Park Caloundra on us.</p><p>Ultimate Off-Road Off-Road Off-Road Family VanTouring Touring Family Touring</p>http://www.sunseekercaravans.com.auhttps://www.facebook.com/sunseekercaravans.com.au/https://www.instagram.com/sunseeker_caravans/?hl=enmailto:mailto:sales%40sunseekercaravans.com.au?subject=http://www.sunseekercaravans.com.au</li></ul>


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