UNLIMITED POTENTIAL AT YOUR .· As mobile devices are becoming a huge part of our daily lives,

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Text of UNLIMITED POTENTIAL AT YOUR .· As mobile devices are becoming a huge part of our daily lives,


    Samsung can help deliver a truly extraordinary experience with limitless possibilities. Open the door to a world of opportunities.

    Mobile | Tablet

  • Executive Summary

    Read on to learn more

    Executive Summary

    Read on to learn more

    Tablet market appears to be segmenting

    Expressing true potential at your fingertips

    Tablets challenge PCs as the leading digital video channel

    Tablets are getting slimmer and diversified

    Battery life is truly one of the key concerns

    Rapid supply of spot-on products becoming critical

    Develop premium tablets with supreme hardware

    Enjoy the unprecedented freedom of product design

    Provide long-lasting tablets

    Deliver innovative products first

  • Growth of people using tablets to watch videos outnumbered that of PC and TV 1

    4K is coming to tablets 2

    Tablets challenge PC and TV as the leading digital video channel.

    Tablets are becoming more powerful with close to one-third of video consumption starting on a mobile device.

    Trend 1

    1. Accenture, 2015 Accenture CMT Digital Consumer Survey (2015) 2. IDG, Global Mobile Survey 2014 (http://bit.ly/1IGSnWq)

    4K has 9 times as many pixels than 720p HD video content.

    4K video services are provided by major streaming services.

    87% Of tablet users watch video




    TV PC Tablet

    TV Shows/ Movies




    TV PC Tablet

    Video Clips


  • Mobile devices are getting slimmer 1

    Tablets are getting slimmer.

    Form factors are being diversified with technology allowing for slimmer devices.

    Trend 2

    1. Accenture Insights (2015)

    10mm 7.9mm 7.2mm 6.9mm

    2010 2011 2012 2013 2014


  • Tablet sizes are being diversified 1

    Tablets sizes are getting diversified.

    The display size of each tablet varies to meet the diverse customer needs, with the average screen size increasing to enhance usability and functionality.

    Trend 2

    1. Accenture Insights (2015)

    2010 2011 2012 2013 2014


    10.1 10.1 13.1



    7 5.5 5.5 7



  • Most important features for potential buyers 1

    Battery life is truly one of the key concerns

    As mobile devices are becoming a huge part of our daily lives, insufficient battery power is one of the biggest concerns people have with their tablets.

    Trend 3

    1. Samsung Semiconductor, [Infographic] Resolving the Battery Challenge in Mobile Devices (2013)

    Battery performance will only increase 5% each year


    Customer complaint call about battery power have quadrupled since 2008.

    Battery performance is the least satisfying aspect of mobile devices.

    Battery capacity will only increase x2 from 2010 to 2020

    x20 Increase in cellular speed

    x30 Increase in WiFi bandwidth

    x34 Increase in video resolution

  • The diversity of the pure-slate form factor

    Tablet market appears to be segmenting (1/2)

    The design itself opens up the possibility that, through variety in form factor, tablets can appeal to a wide range of use cases.

    Trend 4

    Tablet PC Kids Media Gaming Business Use

  • Various requirements by product type & industry

    Rapid supply of spot-on products is becoming critical (2/2)

    The demands for tablets vary by product type and industry.

    Trend 4

    Retail Education Healthcare Hospitality Finance

    Product Type

    Industry-Specific Tablets (e.g. Ebola-proof tablet, Tablet for kids etc.)









    There will be increasingly diverse competition in the hybrid ultra-

    mobile market, including leading PC vendors and the low-price-

    driven local mobile vendors who were the original tablet providers

    Low spec tablets can be utilized specifically for educational

    purposes, increasing quality of education at a low price

  • Our Solution For Tablet

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    Powerful tablets in every way specific to the needs of customers.

    The new era of tablets is upon us. Tablets are required to be as powerful as PCs and as mobile as smartphones at the same time. Lead the market with high performing and power efficient Samsung products that perfectly suit the diverse needs of users.


  • Tablet users tend to enjoy watching movies and TV shows. HD videos are now commonplace, leading to an increasing demand for high-end tablets. To satisfy customer expectations, it is paramount that the best modules are used in manufacturing.

    Develop premium tablets with supreme hardware.

    Samsung memory solutions, mobile DRAM and eMMC/UFS, support each component in a tablet to perform at its best through improved speeds and density.

    Exynos solution is designed to bring an improved performance in all aspects to deliver the most power efficient and enjoyable experience through CPU, ISP and GPU.

    Samsungs stunning WQHD MDDI displays every pixel in stunning brilliance with the mobile image compression (MIC) technology.

  • Samsungs solution allows manufacturers to enjoy the minimized footprint of components to design their end-products.

    Enjoy the unprecedented freedom in product design.

    Our cutting-edge eMCP product saves 30~40% of space by stacking mobile DRAM and eMMC, allowing the saved board space for other components in a tablet.

    Exynos ModAP, integrating AP and modem, offers up to 19% smaller chip size when compared to the combined size of individual components. This allows more space for other parts in the board design.

    Samsung has achieved 1.0 micron pixel size with industry-first ISOCELL technology, providing 23% thickness reduction in the 16MP sensor.

  • Achieving low power consumption without compromising performance is never easy. Samsung proudly presents extreme power efficiency for the key components of tablets, allowing users to enjoy their tablets in a way they want for a longer period of time.

    Provide long-lasting tablets.

    Millions of bytes are read and stored on the fly by our industry leading UFS 2.0. Samsungs cutting-edge LPDDR4 boasts 40% less energy consumption with a 30% increase in productivity, thanks to its 2xnm process technology.

    Samsungs brand new Exynos Application Processor consumes 35% less power and performs 20% better than its predecessors.

    Samsung PMIC offers improved efficiency and accuracy in power control by employing the advanced 130nm BCD process technology, while conventional competitors still use 180-200nm.

  • As a supplier to countless leading manufacturers, Samsung can guarantee a steady supply of products faster than its competitors by using an efficient combination of modules such as MCP and SoC solutions that Samsung has an extensive knowledge and knowhow on integration.

    Our in-house and end-to-end manufacturing process, from design to packaging, can ensure responsive support for customization, meaning manufacturers can enjoy both a fast time to market and cost reduction.

    Deliver innovative products first.

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    Superior intelligence

    Globally compatible and highly reliable

    Best of both worlds: SSD and eMMC

    Highly power efficient performance

    Multiband, Multimode support

    Faster R/W performance with power efficiency

    High SNR solution with

    unimaginable power efficiency

    Integrated memory solution

    Combining intelligence with network capability

    Extreme quality media contents on screens

    Capture valuable moments, day and night

    Customized for efficiency and



    Exynos Application Processor

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    Superior intelligence leading the future of mobile through cutting-edge technology.


  • World 1st 14nm leading process technology FinFET

    Exynos Application Processor

    Samsungs advanced 14nm FinFET process technology is the key to both performance and power efficiency increases for the latest Exynos AP.

    Featured Products

    Using 3D transistors, Samsung overcame limitations of conventional planar technology. In the 14nm FinFET cells, the vertical structure creates more conducting channels, and the increased channels enable better current flow and substantially reduce current leakage.

    14nm FinFET process Enables differentiated silicon value both in power and performance. Traditional Planar

    Design FinFET Design

    * Illustration: Emily Cooper

  • Superior computing performance Low power consumption

    Exynos Application Processor

    Samsung Exynos AP provides top-class performance to empower manufacturers while ensuring a longer battery life at the same time.

    Featured Products

    The latest Exynos AP consumes up to 35% less power than its predecessor by using Samsungs advanced 14nm process technology.

    By implementing the 3D FinFET technology, the 14nm Exynos AP shows a 20% overall performance improvement over the previous generations 20nm processor.

    20nm Exynos 14nm Exynos 35% of