UNIVERSITY OF SARGODHA CONVOCATION 2019 The University of Sargodha is currently undergoing major institutional

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    Message from the Chancellor

    Message from the Vice Chancellor


    Convocations at a Glance

    6th Convocation

    Position Holders

    Our Proud Alumni

    UOS among top 500 Asian Universities

    Academic Linkages

    Scholarships and Financial Aid

    Summary of Graduates of all Convocations

  • I am pleased to know that the University of Sargodha is organizing

    its Sixth Convocation where successful graduates of various

    academic programs, including those who have qualified for

    doctoral titles, will be awarded degrees and medals. I congratulate

    all the graduates and pray for their success in professional life

    ahead. It is a moment of great pride not just for the graduates and

    their parents, but also for the teachers who have enriched the lives

    of these young boys and girls. Certainly, these teachers deserve our

    greatest appreciation and gratitude.

    I have faith in our young graduates who are now well prepared to

    engage in the challenges of professional life and serve for the

    development of a prosperous Pakistan. I would like to take this

    opportunity to remind our talented and distinctive youth that the

    Government of Punjab, together with the Federal Government, will

    continue to provide an enabling environment of higher education,

    productive employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for all

    the accomplished university graduates. I would encourage the

    students, faculty and administration of the University of Sargodha

    to step forward and use their energy, acquired skills, creativity and

    intellect for the betterment of this nation.

    Education must not be evaluated on the basis of its income-earning

    potential alone. Rather, the core objective of imparting knowledge

    is to develop the intellectual capabilities, inculcate moral values,

    build character and refine human attributes of the students. I am

    impressed with the rapid and meaningful progress which the

    University of Sargodha has made in such a short span of time, for

    which its management and faculty deserve admiration and

    applause. I have no doubt that, under the dynamic leadership of

    Vice Chancellor Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad, the University will further

    flourish and become a spearhead for other institutions in Punjab

    and Pakistan. For this purpose, I shall extend all possible support

    from the Government of Punjab and the Federal Government.

    Let me once again congratulate all the graduates of today, their

    parents and teachers, on this happy occasion. I wish them all the

    success in future endeavours.

    ‘It is a moment of great

    pride not just for the

    graduates and their parents,

    but also for the teachers

    who have enriched the lives

    of these young boys and


    Honourable Chancellor’s Message

    Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar Governor Punjab


  • This is my second Convocation as Vice Chancellor, University of

    Sargodha, and I am so grateful to all the respected dignitaries,

    especially our worthy Chancellor and Governor Punjab, for joining

    us on this auspicious occasion. I congratulate all the graduates of

    UOS Convocation 2019. I share their joy, and the happiness of their

    parents and teachers.

    The graduation ceremony is a dream-come-true moment in the life

    of any graduating student. In my humble opinion, the purpose of

    life for our young souls is, and should be, to make a difference as

    individuals in their respective professions of choice or in any other

    personal or public roles. So, the degrees that candidates receive

    today are not mere pieces of paper but certificates to successful

    careers ahead. In the last over two years of my tenure at this great

    university, I have come across amazing talent among young

    scholars and students. Therefore, I have no doubt that our

    graduates will compete well in the job market and make their due

    mark in their respective professional careers at home and abroad.

    Our mode of teaching at University of Sargodha is not confined

    merely to imparting knowledge, but we also teach our students the

    religiously and culturally rich social values we have learned or

    inherited from our parents and elders. Throughout the year, our

    University remains abuzz with scholarly events, co-curricular

    activities and sports competitions. We have just concluded the

    second annual Sargodha Literary Festival, providing our students

    with rare opportunities for critical thinking and learning. I honestly

    believe that such exposure to the students beyond classroom and

    research labs is the best way to prevent them from becoming a

    victim of extremist narratives and, instead, be the leaders of a

    progressive, tolerant and inclusive Pakistan that our Founding

    Father had envisaged on the eve of Independence.

    We remain committed to providing quality education to our young

    fellows by consistently improving the level of teaching and

    research, synergising academia with industry and building global

    partnerships. Our progressive reforms have so far enabled the

    University of Sargodha to enter the rank of Top 500 Asian

    universities. And we have great plans for further consolidating its

    global academic profile. Together we shall take this university to

    the next level of professional excellence. Let me once again thank

    the Honourable Chancellor and respected dignitaries for sharing

    our moments of happiness. And congratulations again to our

    bright graduates, and their proud parents and teachers!

    Vice Chancellor’s Message

    ‘I congratulate all the

    graduates of UOS

    Convocation 2019.

    I share their joy, and the

    happiness of their parents

    and teachers.'

    Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad


  • e are proud to introduce the University of

    WSargodha, which started its journey in 1 9 2 9 w i t h t h e e s t a b l i s h m e n t o f De’Montmorency College, later renamed in 1946 as

    Government College Sargodha; which was awarded

    university charter in 2002. Since then, the University

    has emerged as one of Pakistan's leading institutions of

    advanced studies and research in the Faculties of

    Agriculture, Arts and Humanities, Engineering and

    Technology, Medical and Health Sciences, Pharmacy,

    Sciences and Social Sciences.

    With its main campus located in Sargodha city and two

    sub-campuses at Bhakkar and Mianwali, the

    University currently has more than 24,000 regular

    students and 773 faculty members, including 258 PhDs

    in 23 Departments, two Institutes, five Constituent

    Colleges, one School and seven Faculties.

    The University offers modern teaching, research and

    lodging facilities to its students and scholars, including

    well-equipped classrooms and research labs, rich

    library resources with online access to books and

    journals, as well as a secure and serene environment

    for sports and co-curricular activities. With an

    affordable fee structure, it provides a host of

    scholarships, internships and career development

    opportunities to the deserving and competitive

    students. The campus life remains busy with scholarly



  • Compassion


    Social Responsibility





    Our vision is to contribute to society through the pursuit of quality education, creative learning and productive research


    Mission To provide students with a healthy learning experience based on critical thinking, innovation and leadership skills

    To ensure a collaborative work environment for faculty and staff to achieve professional excellence and institutional growth

    To contribute to knowledge economy and social transformation through advanced studies and research

    events during each semester, and students have ample

    avenues to harness their untapped talent and youthful

    energy. The University also runs an FM radio station,

    offering infotainment to the youth.

    To ensure quality education, the University has

    established vibrant institutions, including the Office of

    Research, Innovation and Commercialization; Quality

    Enhancement Cell and Directorate of Academics as per

    requirements of the Higher Education Commission.

    As for contribution to knowledge economy and service

    to local community, it has achieved a national

    distinction for linking academia with industry by

    innovating agrarian products through citrus nursery

    and managing social-cum-commercial projects such as

    model pharmacy and diagnostic lab.

    The University of Sargodha is currently undergoing

    major institutional reforms to promote a culture of

    critical enquiry among students and f