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    Volunteer Handbook Revised March 2012

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    Table of Contents UNIVERSITY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION About the Alumni Association Alumni Board of Governors GENERAL VOLUNTEER INFORMATION Definition of a Volunteer Volunteer Responsibilities GENERAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION INFORMATION Alumni Association Responsibilities GROUP GUIDELINES Programming Marketing Information Management Fundraising Annual Reporting LEADERSHIP ROLES EVENT PLANNING AND PROMOTION Event Planning Event Promotion Event Execution STYLE GUIDE University Trademarks University Branding Style Tools VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

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    University of Chicago Alumni Association

    The University of Chicago alumni body is 150,000 strong, representing one of the most elite institutions in the world. The University of Chicago Alumni Association is dedicated to fostering energetic engagement in that community, providing a forum for alumni to connect and extend the values of the University. The central University Alumni Association serves all alumni, whether you graduated from the College, attended a divisional graduate program, earned a degree in Law, Medicine, Social Service Administration, Education, Public Policy, Library Science, Business, or Divinity, or (as in the case with many of our intellectually energetic alumni) exercised several of these options. The Alumni Association works to create opportunities for alumni to build a lifelong commitment to a globally renowned community of scholars and critical thinkers with mutual benefits for students, alumni, and the University as a whole.

    Alumni Board of Governors

    The Alumni Board of Governors sets policy for the Alumni Association and advises the Board of Trustees and Officers of the University on matters of interest and concern to University of Chicago alumni. The Board supports the mission of the University by working to engage alumni in the fabric of the University of Chicago (through a wide variety of programs, events, fundraising efforts, and educational opportunities), celebrating the accomplishments and service of alumni (primarily through the annual alumni awards celebration), and serving as advocates for alumni interests to University of Chicago administrators.

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    Role of the Volunteer A volunteer is one who gives, without compensation, of his or her time and talent to aid the University in programs, activities, and events designated and authorized by the Alumni Association and the Alumni Board of Governors. Volunteers are dedicated University of Chicago alumni, parents, and friends, from all economic, educational, and social backgrounds who make it possible for the Alumni Association to complete its mission to provide the best service possible for the alumni community. Volunteers work to engage fellow alumni socially, intellectually, professionally and philanthropically. Volunteers create new and innovative ways to connect alumni with each other and the University. Regularly volunteering even for just a few hours at a time - provides valuable support to the community, future students, and the ongoing vitality of the University. While there are numerous ways to contribute, this handbook focuses specifically on those alumni interested in volunteering with an alumni group. To learn more about other volunteer opportunities, please visit the alumni website (, email, or call 800.955.0065. For those alumni who would like to volunteer with a regional club, class council, class reunion, or Chicago Affinity Group, please read on for information about these roles and expectations of the groups and their members.

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    Volunteer Responsibilities

    Volunteers are expected to take an active role within the alumni group*, and:

    reach out to new program constituents and build community

    network with fellow members of the alumni community assist in planning, promoting, and attending University-led

    and alumni-led events recruit new volunteers

    In addition, volunteers who wish to take on a leadership role may also be asked to:

    work to set and track specific program goals each fiscal year

    participate in regular planning meetings with other volunteer leaders

    manage web resources (both those provided by the University and third-party applications such as LinkedIn and Facebook)

    develop and adopt by-laws to govern program activity submit a fiscal year-end report of program activities to the

    Alumni Board of Governors recruit successors for leadership positions

    *Alumni group and/or group refer to all regional clubs, class councils, reunions, and Chicago Affinity Groups

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    Alumni Association Responsibilities

    The Alumni Association supports volunteers in a number of ways, including:

    planning, marketing and executing University-led programming

    assistance identifying new members of clubs and groups, including in leadership roles

    managing the distribution of relevant information providing access to online services such as online

    discussion list hosts and online event registration; and administrative assistance in planning, promoting, and managing events (event registration, name tag distribution, etc.).

    providing communications support (including email blasts and marketing support) to promote the groups programs among the broader audience of University alumni and other constituents

    management of the groups membership data data services, including the input of alumni contact

    information web resources, including the listing of the club/group on

    the Universitys alumni website access, when available, to Alumni House or University

    Regional Offices for group meetings and events training and guidance for volunteer leaders through staff

    liaisons, volunteer leadership development programs, and annual Volunteer Caucus

    serving as liaisons with University faculty, facilitating faculty involvement in group events

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    All groups are expected to adhere to the following guidelines. Programming

    The Alumni Association recognizes the diverse and engaging activities in which our alumni, parents, and friends may participate. While the University and its volunteers aim to record and recognize all engagement and volunteerism, the following are criteria for events and programming that may be counted as group activity. Events further the connection between alumni, parents and friends to each other as well as the University and the community. All events must be open to all alumni and other University constituents regardless of degree, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, or other factors irrelevant to participation in the programs of the University. Events may be geared toward, or intentionally serve the needs of, one segment of the community, but must be advertised and open community-wide. Group events that are closed, or by invitation only, advertised to a personal invitation list, or advertised only through volunteers individual outreach must have the purpose of inclusive engagement planning, i.e., board/officer meetings, committee meetings, programming meetings. These events do not have to be advertised to the entire community, but the Alumni Association liaison should be made aware of the meeting in order for the meeting to count toward officer engagement. Events must support, and not conflict with, existing Alumni Association events and activities. Events may include support for the philanthropic needs of the University. These funds should be sent to Alumni Association for appropriate deposit and recognition. Events cannot aim to financially contribute to any other organizations, be they for profit or not for profit. Officers and members are responsible to reviewing the Insurance Policy FAQ prior to hosting any events. A full copy of the

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    insurance policy covering group events is available from the Alumni Association.


    All official groups operate in conjunction with and under the umbrella of the Alumni Association and all marketing materials, both print and electronic, will identify that affiliation. Communication processes will be maintained through the appropriate means and frequency to be jointly determined by the group and the Alumni Association. The University of Chicago Alumni Association will facilitate communication between club/group leadership and constituent alumni, and will maintain up to date contact information.

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    Information Management

    Maintaining and Using Alumni Information The Alumni Association maintains the alumni database of record. If an alumna/alumnus is interested in joining a group, they may do so online, or via postal mail, facsimile or by telephone to the Alumni Association. Each group will have an identification code to track group membership within the alumni database. Similarly, any address/phone/email updates for the groups members will be sent to the Alumni Association, who will maintain the group database of record.

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    Website The Alumni Association provides web resources to all alumni through the Alumni & Friends website ( All alumni have password-protected access to this site. Alumni not familiar with the many resources available on Alumni & Friends are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the site. In addition, the Alumni Association is working to enhance the presence for all groups online, fac