Unity News - Unity News Unity Church of Grand Junction Unity: A Way of Life that works! APRIL 2013
Unity News - Unity News Unity Church of Grand Junction Unity: A Way of Life that works! APRIL 2013
Unity News - Unity News Unity Church of Grand Junction Unity: A Way of Life that works! APRIL 2013
Unity News - Unity News Unity Church of Grand Junction Unity: A Way of Life that works! APRIL 2013

Unity News - Unity News Unity Church of Grand Junction Unity: A Way of Life that works! APRIL 2013

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Text of Unity News - Unity News Unity Church of Grand Junction Unity: A Way of Life that works! APRIL 2013

  • Message From Your Minister J Douglas Bottorff

    Pot Too Small?

    If you are feeling

    restricted, like your

    life is void of mean-

    ing, it is, in all like-

    lihood, because you

    have outgrown the

    vision you carry of

    your life.

    This vision undoubt-

    edly worked well for you at one time,

    but now it no longer does. You may

    have become like a root-bound house-

    plant. The pot the plant was placed in

    once served it well, giving it plenty of

    room to grow. Now the roots have filled

    the pot and they have no place to go.

    You begin to notice a decline in the

    health of this plant. It will be no help to

    affirm and visualize greater health.

    What your plant needs is a larger pot.

    We form a positive vision for our life in

    our periods of growth. What often hap-

    pens is that we intellectualize the ele-

    Events at a Glance

    Birthday Sunday

    April 7

    Prosperity Study Group

    Wednesdays, 7:00 p.m.

    The Science of Getting

    Rich - Wallace Wattles

    Begins: April 10

    April Potluck

    Sunday, April 14

    Bring a dish to share

    Unity Friends Activities

    Networking List

    Sign-up in the foyer

    Adventurous Spirits

    Hike Liberty Cap Trail

    Saturday, April 20th Wildwood Trailhead-9:00

    Meditation Service

    Wednesdays - 6:30 p.m.

    UV Window Protection

    In the Foyer

    Thank you, to all, who

    donated to this project!

    City Market Value Card

    Sign-up sheet in foyer

    Lending Library

    Downstairs-Fellowship Hall

    PayPal Is Available

    Go to Church Web-site

    Unity News Unity Church of Grand Junction Unity: A Way of Life that works!

    APRIL 2013

    ments of this vision, pulling it from its

    dynamic state.

    We develop a codified checklist of ac-

    complishments we believe need to be

    fulfilled, so we may sign off: vision ac-

    complished. We accomplish it and we

    still feel dissatisfied. Why?

    No vision, no matter how great, is ever

    large enough to forever house our ex-

    panding consciousness.

    If your life feels like it is at a standstill,

    become willing to allow that same ex-

    pansive impulse that brought you to this

    point to carry you on.

    Let go of your old vision. Allow the Infi-

    nite, ever-expanding Spirit to move you

    to new heights, to instruct and guide you

    into a larger vision that inspires the joy

    of new growth and unprecedented learn-

    ing. You are not done.

    Your current pot needs to go. Your spirit

    is new wine that cannot be tolerated by

    the old wineskin of a worn out vision.

    You have fulfilled one vision. Now let it

    go and allow Spirit to give you another.

    Unity Friends Activity Network

    Unity Friends Activity Network is a

    loosely organized group, who are inter-

    ested in attending local community and

    cultural events. Which could also consist

    of days trips within 100 miles or more,

    from Grand Junction.

    Activities might include going to festi-

    vals, music events, museums, archeologi-

    cal features, movies and theatre produc-

    tions. It could also include outdoor out-

    ings such as biking, snowshoeing, nature

    walks and hiking.

    (This network would not replace or

    compete with the Adventurous Spirits

    hiking group). Nothing would be for-

    mally organized; you would simply call

    a Unity friend on the Activity Network

    list and make your own arrangements

    for an outing of your choice.

    Please sign the sign-up sheet on the ta-

    ble in the foyer if you would like to join

    our Unity Friends Activity Network list.

    Photo copies will be made of the list, as

    names are added. For more information,

    contact, Doug Sawtelle at 241-8476.

  • Meditation Service Each Wednesday6:30 p.m.

    A time of meditation is held each

    Wednesday, at 6:30 p.m. You are

    invited to come and take part in

    thirty minutes of quiet prayer.

    Rev. Doug leads a wonderful,

    guided meditation. Be sure to invite

    your family and friends. I hope you

    will join me at the Meditation Ser-

    vice; it is a powerful way to open

    yourself up to Spirit and to infinite,

    possibilities. - Rev. Doug

    PayPal Is Available Now you can send gift offerings to

    the church through PayPal. Just

    click on the home page link in blue

    and follow the directions: home

    Prosperity Study Group Wednesdays, 7:00 p.m.

    The Prosperity Study Group meets

    downstairs on Wednesdays. We alter-

    nate weekly facilitators. All are wel-

    come to attend. Questions? Contact

    Denice at 210-7877.

    We are taking a three week, Spring

    break and then we will begin the

    study of The

    Science of


    Rich by

    Wallace D.

    Wattles on


    April 10.

    This is a free

    book and is

    available at:




    Birthday Sunday

    April 14th

    Join us in celebrating our

    April Birthdays . . .

    Birthday Cake Sign-Up Sign up to donate a cake for Birth-

    day Sunday on the sign-up clip-

    board on the table in the foyer.

    Thank you, to all, who so gener-

    ously donate cakes for Birthday



    Saturday, April 20, 1:30 to 4:00 p.m.

    Hiking Serpents Trailon the Monument

    The Youth-Ed Activity, for April, (weather permitting),

    is a group hike on Serpents Trail, up on the Monu-

    ment. We will meet at the church, on Saturday, April

    20 at 1:30 p.m. and return to the church by 4:00 p.m.

    The church will provide snacks. Please come prepared

    with water (bottle), hat, sunscreen, proper shoes and

    light jacket, if needed. It will be fun to get out after that

    cold winter!

    For April, the children will continue to learn Unity Princi-

    ples and the older children will continue their study of

    positive messages in the Bible stories. This month is about

    King David and how he united all the tribes of Israel.

    * * * * *

    Friday, March 15, for the March Youth Activity Night and

    St. Patricks Day; we watched the movie The Magical

    Legend of Leprechauns. It was about the magical interac-

    tion of leprechauns, fairies, banshees and humans. As a

    wonderful lesson for getting along with others, it was

    also a miniseries for the children in March.

    Sunday, March 31, we had our annual Easter Egg

    Hunt. That is always a fun adventure for children of

    all ages. Channel Five, showed up for the event and

    that was great. Thank you, Kelly, for organizing the

    fun activity for the youth.

    As many of you have already noticed, there is a sign

    installed on the lower exterior doors about them be-

    ing locked during our Sunday Mornings Youth Edu-

    cation period. There is also a Security Person check-

    ing the lower level, during the beginning of classes,

    so that we can be assured that our kids are safe and


    A push-bar latch has been installed on the lower

    doors to also help keep the children secure during

    our Sunday mornings Youth Education period.

    Now everyone can leave by that door for emergen-

    cies, but no one will be able to enter without a key.

    We are continuing our safety plan for the children

    when they are downstairs, by installing cell phones

    in each classroom with instructions for 911 emergen-

    cies. We would like to Thank, Troy Nuss, for his

    good advice and help in implementing our safety

    plan for our youth.



    Denice For up-loading Rev. Dougs Sunday

    Morning talk each Sunday.

    Dougs talks can be downloaded at:

    Unity Church Talks

    April Potluck

    Sunday, April 14 You are invited to the April Potluck

    on Sunday, April 14. Please bring a

    generous dish or two small side dishes

    to share and come enjoy the good

    food and fellowship with your friends

    at Unity.

    Ultra Violet Window

    Protection in Foyer

    We, now, have ultra violet window

    protection on the door and all of our

    windows in the foyer. Now our books

    will be safe and preserved from the

    sun-lights bleaching rays.

    Thank you, to all, who donated to-

    wards the UV Window Protection

    project, through our Christmas

    Cookbook Fundraiser or through

    your generous donations!

    Whos Who in Unity . . . . Our Whos Who interview this

    month is with: Dolly Chappell

    I retired

    from my day

    job with



    known as


    Bell, in


    2012, after

    35 years. I

    am a certified massage therapist,

    with additional training fro