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Unit6 Water. Competition. 刷牙 关掉 把、、、洗干净 用泵把、、、抽到、、、 起初,一开始 地下水 饮用水 填满,充满 洗碗. brush one’s teeth. turn …off. clean …up. pump….into. in the first place. ground water. drinking water. fill up. wash the dishes. 10. 记得不能做 11. 冲澡 12. 至少 13. 分解成 14. 太、、、而不、、、 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Page 2: Unit6 Water

1. 刷牙

2. 关掉

3. 把、、、洗干净

4. 用泵把、、、抽到、、、

5. 起初,一开始

6. 地下水

7. 饮用水

8. 填满,充满

9. 洗碗

brush one’s teeth

turn …off

clean …up


in the first place

drinking water

ground water

fill up

wash the dishes

Page 3: Unit6 Water

10. 记得不能做

11. 冲澡

12. 至少

13. 分解成

14. 太、、、而不、、、

15. 由、、、组成

16. 变成

17. 从、、、开始

18 、保暖

19 、让、、、抓狂20 、从、、出来21 、杂乱22 、扑灭、熄灭

remember not to do

take a shower

at least

break up into


be made up of

turn into

from the start of

keep warm

drive … crazy

come out of

in a messput out

Page 4: Unit6 Water

1.Let’s wait here u_________ the rain stop.

2.I want to go for a j___________ in this summer holiday.3.She d____________the cake on the floor.4. Water is very v_____________.5. You should mend the b___________ tap right away.





Page 5: Unit6 Water

6. 他太小了,不能自己上学。

He is _________ young ______ go to school by himself.

7. 记得明天上学别迟到。

_______________ __________ _______ _________ late for school tomorrow.

8. 足球队由十一个队员组成。

A football team ______ __________   ________ ________ eleven footballers.

9. 我每天至少花一个小时完成功课。

I spend ________ _____________ an hour _________ my homework.

10. 我想多喝点咖啡,请把我的杯子加满。

I would like some more coffee. Please __________ _______ my cup.

too to

Remember not to be

is made up of

at least finishing

fill up

Page 6: Unit6 Water

What do we use water for?

Water is one of the Water is one of the most useful things in most useful things in the world.the world.

Do you know what Do you know what we use waterwe use water for/to for/to dodo?? for+ V-ing

to+ do

Page 7: Unit6 Water

We use water for...



eetaking a bath


At home, we use water

Page 8: Unit6 Water

cooking cooking ricerice

cleaning our cleaning our teethteeth

washing washing handshands

Page 9: Unit6 Water

washing clothes

cleaning the floor

washing the dishes

Page 10: Unit6 Water

At work, we use water for…

Page 11: Unit6 Water

Read and choose the ways mentioned in the passage.

_______1. Pick up the litter on the street.

_______2. Take a shower instead of a bath.

_______3. Do not leave the water running while you brush your teeth.

_______4. Do not throw paint, oil or litter down on the sink or toilet.

_______5. Pick up the dog’s waste.

_______ 6.Do not flush the toilet a lot.

_______ 7. Take household chemicals and batteries to the specific places.

_______ 8. Repair the broken tap once you see one.

Page 12: Unit6 Water


Page 13: Unit6 Water


有一句公益广告词是这样说的:“ If we don’t save water, the last drop of water will be our tear.”请你根据问题和提示词,写一篇 80词左右的短文。

1. Why is water so important for us?

2. What do we use water for in our daily life?

3. Is the water in danger? Why?

4. What can we do to protect water?

( Tips: without, stop, waste, save, pollute)

Page 14: Unit6 Water

Water is important to us. We drink it everyday.

We use it for cooking and washing. Without water, we can not live.

Now there is not enough fresh water on the earth. It is a big problem.

So, we should not waste water any more.

What can we do? Save as much water as we can. Use less water for washing clothes, dishes and so on. Take a shorter shower. Five to ten minutes is enough.

Try to save every drop of water every day from now on.

Page 15: Unit6 Water


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