Unit Five - Words 11-20 - Grade Six Definition Context Clues Synonyms Antonyms Definition More Context Clues inhabitant pacify refute setback synopsis

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Text of Unit Five - Words 11-20 - Grade Six Definition Context Clues Synonyms Antonyms Definition More...

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400 points - Definition

Very hungry; greedy


300 points - Definitionpacify

To make peaceful or calm200 points - Definition having lost the power of feeling or movement numb

100 points - DefinitionOne living permanently in a given placeInhabitant

500 points - DefinitionRefute

To prove incorrect

100 points Context Clues

I am an ______________ of the state of Pennsylvania.Inhabitant

100 points - Synonyms

Resident, occupant


100 points - Antonyms

Rush, leaveTarry

100 points DefinitionDeep and painful regret for ones past misdeedsremorse

100 points More Context The child showed no ____________ for making a mess in the kitchen. Remorse

200 points Context CluesThe dentist ____________ the area around the patients tooth before filling the cavity.Numbed

200 points - SynonymsSoothePacify

200 points DefinitionSomething that interferes with progress; A disappointment Setback

200 points - Antonyms

Disgruntled Smug

200 points More ContextEven though the student endured several ________________, she was able to overcome them and earn straight As in school. Setbacks

300 points - AntonymsSupport, confirmRefute

300 points - Synonyms

Starved, famishedRavenous

300 points DefinitionOverly self-satisfiedSmug

300 points More ContextThe model has a very _________ attitude. She seems to think shes better than everyone else. Smug

400 points Context CluesAfter not eating for an entire day, the man was ______________.Ravenous

400 points - SynonymsGuilt Remorse

400 points - AntonymsAdvancement, progressSetback

400 points- DefinitionA brief statement giving a general view of some subject or book Synopsis

400 points More ContextAfter reading the script, the director told the actors a brief _____________ of the script. Synopsis

500 points Context CluesThe teacher _______________ the students explanation by discussing the correct procedure.



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