Unit # 6.5 – Industrial Revolution

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Lesson # 3: Socratic Seminar. Unit # 6.5 – Industrial Revolution. Pre-Class instructions. If you have your homework with you, sit over here. If you do NOT have your homework with you, sit over here. Warm Up Pre-Seminar Questionnaire Agree/Disagree Questions Seminar Exit Ticket. Agenda. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Unit # 6.5 – Industrial Revolution

  • Lesson # 3: Socratic Seminar

  • If you have your homework with you, sit over hereIf you do NOT have your homework with you, sit over here

  • Warm UpPre-Seminar QuestionnaireAgree/DisagreeQuestionsSeminarExit Ticket

  • Page 161: Bell Ringer: Take 10 minutes and describe the positives and negatives of Communism and Capitalism on the sheet label Cheat sheet. Attach to this page in your notebook.Objective: Explain how new ideas and theories of the universe altered political thought and affected economic and social conditionsHomework: Exit Ticket (if not completed in class)Page 162:Leave Blank, Title: Socratic Seminar NotesPage 163:Attach: Part 1 Class Discussion Rubric DO NOT LOSE THIS SHEET

  • Take 3 minutes and determine to what extent you Agree or Disagree with the statements labeled Pre-Seminar Questionnaire

  • For each statement read aloud by Ms. Wrede, place yourself on the AGREE/DISAGREE side of the room

  • Is Communism Better?Or Capitalism?

  • On Page 162, write three questions you have about communism/capitalism.They are questions you will be asking one another to prompt the discussion, so do not write questions with yes/no responsesOn Page 162, write three opinions you have about communism/capitalism.Use this page to write down any additional questions/comments/concerns you have during the seminar.

  • Be respectful of classmates.Follow rubric.No one will see this but yourself and Ms. Wrede be honest!Talking out of turn, disrespecting or disrupting the class will result in alternative assignment or ZERO for the seminar portion.Have fun!

  • After the class discussion has concluded, on the quarter sheet provided, answer the following question (in a thesis statement): Which is a better system for the people communism or capitalism?