Unit 23 Lesson 90,91 Telephones Mobile phoneOrdinary phoneCordless phone

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Text of Unit 23 Lesson 90,91 Telephones Mobile phoneOrdinary phoneCordless phone

  • Unit 23 Lesson 90,91 TelephonesMobile phoneOrdinary phoneCordless phone

  • ListeningA. Multiple Choice ( Telephones)1.When you speak into the telephone, the waves of your voice are turned into .a. electrical sounds b. electrical signals c. light signals

    2. The handle of and old telephone was used for .a. producing enough electricity to make a callb. connecting with another telephonec. Getting better electrical signalsba

  • 3. The job of an operator is . a. to wind the handle for customers and charge the phone calls.b. to connect the two numbers, to time and charge the phone calls.c. to mend telephones and telephone wires.

    4. can be used to send telephone signals over long distances by satellite.a. Sound waves b. Water waves c. Radio wavesbc

  • B. Translation (The Telephone in the Office) 1. Conference calling:

    2. Dialling:

    3. Redirection:

    4. Call waiting:

  • C. Fill in the Blanks (Mobile Phones) A mobile phone has no and can be put in your pocket or bag. If you need to someone.you just press the numbers and the phone will you to the right number. You can take it with you you go.

    A cordless phone is very . You can walk to a part of your office to check the information without putting the phone down.

    Another new model has lately been developed for business people. The phone has a small . The phone recognized the name when you say it and then the correct number.wiresringconnectwhereverusefuldistantcomputerdials

  • Reading (Questions)1. Why were telephones not popular at the beginning?-----Because it was difficult to hear people over long distances.2. Why were telephones expensive at the beginning?-----Because the wires were thick, heavy and expensive.3. Why did you have to wind the handle before making a call?-----Because this produced enough electricity to make your call.4. What did the telephone operator do?-----He connected the 2 numbers and made a note of the length of the telephone call and the charge.

  • 5. How was one telephone connected with another in the past?-----the sound waves of your voice electrical signals sound.6. How is one telephone connected with another today?-----voice electrical signals light signals electrical signals sound. 7.Whats the main features of these 3 phones respectively? a. mobile phone

    b. cordless phone

    c. new model

    -----no wires, smart, easy to take with-----no wires, useful in the office and factory-----has a small computer, sound-dialling

  • Language Points get weaker and weaker get (link. V) (become) weaker and weaker andeg. When summer comes, the days get longer and longer.My friend Mary is becoming more and more interestedin Chinese food.

  • 2. in order that so that eg. In order that it might not cause trouble, both sides discussedthe agreement seriously. He gave the government a million dollars in order that itmight start the project.

  • 3. ever no matter wh-- eg. No matter where you go, Ill go with you.Whenever I see my boss, I feel nervous.Whoever says that sentence is wrong.

  • Mobile Phone is more than a telephone,a communicating tool, which develops to be multifunction ()and useful. With it you can take photos ,listen to music,surf on the Internet,have meetings,watch TV,send E-mails and E-cards.

  • Japan NTTDoCoMo

    You can wear it around your wrist. Theres a mini video-camera( ),which can transmit your live scene to the other side.You will also see the other through the screen.

    Watch Phone

  • PhilipsHands-free MobileTelephoneIt omits all the buttons and the screen. Its sound-controlled. You can speak to the phone when dialing,ordering.

  • I-mode telephoneThey can download a lovely,popular cartoon animal----Kitty Cat as the Screen Saver().The I-mode uses can connect with the Internet frequently ,send and receive E-mails, and seek the hotels and bars.

  • Nokia Photo-taking and Song-listening PhoneYou can take photos and make them into E-cards and send out. On the top of it is a recording lens(). In addition,you can listen to music.

  • MeetingPlate

    A big screen.The colored screen takes up three-fourths of the body. It is called SX 45,i.e. Sophisticated Extra (

  • NTTDoCoMo

    Memory Download Mobile PhoneYou can download songs. It is equipped inside with a 64MB RAM().

  • EricssonConcept PhonesThis small computer-likeTelephone is still a mystery.

  • DiscussionTopics:

    1. Please say sth. about the advantage and disadvantage of the mobile phone?

    2. If you have got enough money, which of the following things do you want to have most? Give your reasons for the choice. a. A latest type of mobile phone b. A digital camera c. A new type of TV set