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LP 1+2 SEM I Alopecia=baldness Candida( of the oral cavity)=thrush - afta Dyspepsia=indigestion=upset stomach Hemorrhoids=piles Herpes zoster=shingles – zona zoster Edema=swelling Rubella=german measles - pojarel Urticaria= heat spots= nettle rash= hives Arteriosclerosis=hardening of the arteries Stenosis=narrowing Cerebral palsy=(to be) spastic=spastic paralysis Eructation=belching - ragaiala Halitosis=bad breath - halena Infectious mononucleosis=glandular fever=kissing disease Poliomyelitis=polio Rubeola= morbilli=measles – pojar → morbillus - pustula Varicella=chickenpox – varsat de vant Bursitis=housemaid’s knee Cerebral infarction/bleeding=stroke = CVA Flatulence=wind Herpes simplex=cold sore Myocardial infarction=heart attack Cardiac arrest= cardiac stop Failure = insuficienta Pyrosis=heartburn – arsuri gastrice Tendonitis=tennis elbow Verrucae=warts - negi Chiropodist=podiatrist=foot doctor Physiotherapist=physical therapist Ear-nose-throat specialist (ENT)=orelist=otolaryngologist Bed-ridden=confined to bed=immobilized to bed Bedspread=bedcover-cuvertura To gain weight=to put on weight ≠ to lose weight

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LP 1+2 SEM I Alopecia=baldnessCandida( of the oral cavity)=thrush - aftaDyspepsia=indigestion=upset stomachHemorrhoids=pilesHerpes zoster=shingles zona zosterEdema=swellingRubella=german measles - pojarelUrticaria= heat spots= nettle rash= hivesArteriosclerosis=hardening of the arteriesStenosis=narrowingCerebral palsy=(to be) spastic=spastic paralysisEructation=belching - ragaialaHalitosis=bad breath - halenaInfectious mononucleosis=glandular fever=kissing diseasePoliomyelitis=polioRubeola= morbilli=measles pojar morbillus - pustulaVaricella=chickenpox varsat de vantBursitis=housemaids kneeCerebral infarction/bleeding=stroke = CVAFlatulence=windHerpes simplex=cold soreMyocardial infarction=heart attackCardiac arrest= cardiac stopFailure = insuficientaPyrosis=heartburn arsuri gastriceTendonitis=tennis elbowVerrucae=warts - negiChiropodist=podiatrist=foot doctorPhysiotherapist=physical therapistEar-nose-throat specialist (ENT)=orelist=otolaryngologistBed-ridden=confined to bed=immobilized to bedBedspread=bedcover-cuverturaTo gain weight=to put on weight to lose weightSight=vision vision problems=eye problemsEdge=limit=margin=borderTo feint=to mislead- a fentaLumber=wood cherestea, lemnLumbar puncture=lumbar tapSwab=padMyositis- inflammation of the musclesMyalgia muscle painDisease=affliction=sickness=illness to be afflicted withCough = tussisWhooping cough=pertussisInfectious=catchy=communicable=communicative=transmissible=contagiousPlain language= to use layman terms- termini nespecializatiResult = outcomeDiagnosis (subst) diagnostic (adj) to diagnose (vb)=to make a diagnosisMumps=infectious parotitis oreionSmallpox=variolaSequelae= the long-term results of an illness or treatmentDifferential diagnosis= identifying several illnesses which the patient may haveSymptoms= what the patient complains ofSigns=what the doctor seesExamination= study of the patients bodyEtiology=causePrevention=prophylaxisMedical history = patients medical background, problmes, behavior and lifestylePorter-persoana ce sta la intrarea unei institutiiOrderly-brancardierSpeech therapist-logopedTo dispense-eliberarea medicamentelor fara retetaTo fill the prescription-eliberarea medicamentelor cu retetaOccupational medicine-medicina muncii; occupational specialist-specialist in medicina munciiOccupational hazard-risc professionalCrutch-carjaDrip stand-perfuzorMonkey pole-helps the pacient to get up from bedHoist-scripeteBedpan=ploscaA general practitioner refers his patient to a specialist- letter of referralThe Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery=FMAMSwab tampon pentru stergerea sangeluiSlob natarau, natang / grasan, durduliuTo tick a bifa (vb) ; capusa (subst)Cuff- mansonair-borne particleto be on call de gardaon call schedulecannula branulaprobe- sondapit-groapato soar-a crestesore a durea (vb) sore throat = gat inflamat (adj) leziune, rana (subst)Trolley-pat mobil de regula in interiorul spitalului=gurney(targa mobile pliabila de obicei pe ambulanta) si in plus stretcher- fara rotito be on dutyto be off dutynormalabnormal

Disorders of the Respiratory TractTo extand=to enlargeExpansion=widening=dilatationdilatationnarrowing, constrictionallergist NOT allergologistneuropathy-disorders of the nervous systemepidemic=outbreakpandemic-the whole population is affectedbronch(o)-the combinatory form for bronchusappearance=ocurrancefever=pyrexiaweakness=fatigue=tiredness=debility-stare de slabiciuneto weaken=to debilitateresult=outcomehemo-/hemato-= the combinatory form from bloodsputum=phlegm=expectorationsaliva=spithist(o) the combinatory form for tissueto inflame=to swell inflammation=swellingwheezing respiratie suieratabluish discoloration = cyanosisto block=to obstruct blockage=obstructionbronchitis bronsitabronchiectasis bronsiectazie layer=stratumfor fluids we use to accumulatepus puroi pyo- : to discharge puss-a supuraempyema = acumulare de puroi intr-o cavitate a organismuluihydro- = combinatory form for fluidssteadily=constantlysquamous-it resembles scalecroup pneumonie crupoasabarking cough tuse ragusitachills = rigorsmyalgia=muscle painemphysemapolyps=adenoidsbronchoscope-it examines the tracheobronchial passagewayhypoxemia- insufficient oxygen in the blood hyperxemiawheeze whistling sound caused by narrowing of the respiratory passagewayantitussive drug which relieves coughsudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) = crib deathacidosis asthma - characterized by dyspnea and wheezing croup characterized by barking cough, difficlut breathing and laryngeal spasmnasal septumbronchospasmepistaxis=nosebleedhilum=depression in an organ where vessels and nerves enter = hilussinus cavity or channelhypoventilationhyperventilationpneumothoraxpleurisy=pleuritis=inflammation of the pleuratuberculosisdyspnea=air hunger=difficult breathingpneumonia=pneumonitisinfluenza = the fluasphyxia=suffocationrhinoplasty=plastic repair of the noseadenotome=instrument for removing adenoidsrhinorrhea=nasal dischargenasal congestion or nasal stuffinessseptum=partitionaspiration=accidental inhalation of foreign materialanoxic=lacking oxygenatelectasis=incomplete exapansion of lung tissuebrochostenosis=constriction of a bronchusaphonia=lack of voicerale=abnormal chest soundbronchogenic=originating in a bronchusapnea=absence of breathingglottis=opening between the vocal vordsalveolus=air sac=air pocketupright positionhypocapnic=deficiency of carbon dioxidehypercapnic

The Hospital

To hospitalizeTo admit a patient to a hospitalto discharge a patient from a hospital admission of the patientdischarge of the patientStaff=personnelHospitalization=patient stayProvision=supplyShrine-altar, sanctuaryThe patient undergoes surgeryThe doctor performs/does surgery=the doctor operates on a patientAnesthetist anesthesiologist the specialist - the nurse nurse anesthetistDeity-zeitateSurgery operation - specialty - ca sala de operatieOperating room (O.R.) = operating theatreWidespreadlocalised (a tumor for example) or restricted, isolatedSimilar=alikeObsolete meaningDorm =hostel - caminEndowment provizii, dotariLeporcy lepraTo have a medical insurance= to be medically insured=to be covered by medical insuranceUnit sectieOngoing=continuousPartition-paravanWard-salonIndividual room=private room rezervaTo run=to operate a hospitalInpatient=hospitalized patient outpatient= ambulatory patientMedical facility centru/oficiu medicalTo be set up=to be foundedEmergency department (ED)=emergency roomCasualty victimTo sustain casualties a suferi daune/pierderiAppointment = callPrior=previousBed sore=pressure sore=hospital gangrene=pressure gangrene or pressure ulcer=nosocomial gangrene=decubitus ulcer/gangrene escaraTo assay=to test=to examineFirst degree burnAttending doctor- medic currantPrivate practice=medical office- cabinet medicalEye doctor=ophthalmologistComa patient=comatose patient to be in a coma/ to be in a state of comaCarcinoma onco - oncologist, oncologyOBGYN = obstetrician + gynecologistHeart attack = myocardial infarction; cardio- for the heartCondition=disease; statea- lack of sth, absence of sthintensive care unit ICUspecialist medic specialistsenior specialist=senior physician medic primarmedical facility unitate medicaladentist deals with caries=cavities; plomba- tooth feeling; to fill a cavity- a plombastomatologist deals with diseases of the oarl cavitythrush = candida- aftaThe Faculty of DentistryDermatologist=skin doctorPhysical therapist = physiotherapistDispensary partea din fata a farmacieiMedical record fisa medicalaNosocomial infection = hospital-acquired infection infectie nozocomiala/intraspitaliceascaHospital administrator director de spitalTo administrate a hospital and to administer a drugHospital admission internare; admittance- intrareMedical/hospital care ingriire medicalaObservations chart=medical chart- foaie de observatieChildrens hospital- spital de copiiHospital/hospitalization costsDental hospitalHospital doctor/physician/practitionerHospital equipmentGeneral hospital spital generalHemodialysis unit- unitate de dializaHospital laundry lenjerie de spitalHospital management- conducerea spitaluluiMaternity hospitalMental/psychiatric hospitalHospital mortality mortality rateMilitary hospitalHospital nurse and hospital orderlyMedical personnel=medical staffState/public/government hospital spital de stat private/proprietary hospitalHospital records arhiva spitaluluiHospital setting mediu medicalMedical/hospital stay perioada de internareTeaching hospital spital clinicUniversity hospital spital universitarStagiu hospital trainingHospital wastesHospital workerTo deal with = to handleSocial skills=people skills=bedside mannersSkilled calificat, instruit; skillful- talentat skillessSelf-indulgent delasator, comodRequired subject elective subjectUndergraduate education/training studii de licenta undergraduate studentPostgraduate education studii de doctoratCurriculum plan de invatamantSyllabus programa analiticaLicentiate diplomaTo be licensed to a fi acreditat saTo rotate in cadrul rezidentiatuluiMalpracticeDisorders of bones and joints

Bone = os (ossa pl) adj:osseous, bony, osteal forme combinatorii : osteo-, ossi- ossical =os mic : auditory ossicalsJoint=articulationMuscle muscular-adj myo- myocitis, muscle tone, atony(lack of muscle tone)Orthopedist=orthopedic surgeon orthopedicsOrthodontistLASER light amplification by stimulation of emission of radiationEx-raysInfection infectiousnoninfectiousInflammation inflammatory noninflammatory/ anti-inflammatory (medicament antiinflamator): NSAID= nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugTuberculous spondylitis= Potts diseaseSimple/closed fracture open/compound fracture when the bone punctures/pearces the skinSplit atelaSplinter-aschieOsteoporosis brittle bonesBone mass masa osoasaProneness predispozitieTo bear a suporta (bore, born)Intake aportDisuse, overuse, misuseCast ghipsRickets rahitismOsteogenic sarcoma=osteosarcomaAmputation amputeeArthritis arthritidis la plDegenerative joint disease (DJD)=osteoarthritisWear-and-tearStenosis stenoticLoose (liber, desfacut,dezlegat) bowel movement= diarrheaAnalgezic=painkillerTo assuage, to mitigate, to soothe, to palliate, to alleviate to ease, to relieve painSystemic=generalOvergrowth excrescentaGout gutaGoiter gusaAnkylosis=immobility and fixation of a jointHernia herniation to herniate; concealed hernia-hernie ascunsa; herniated disk=ruptured/slipped diskNucleus pulposus=central portion of an intervertebral diskTo rupture a perforaCervix=neck cervicalSciatic nerve (sciatica)Discectomy removal of the diskSpinal tap=spinal puncture=rachiocentesisBackbone=vertebral column=spinal column=spine=rachisrachidesMyopathyAssay prelevare de proba/testPolymyositis polimiozitaDysphagiaLE=lupus erythematosusAlkaline phosphatase enzyme needed in the formation of the boneankylosing spondylitis=rheumatoid spondylitischondrosarcoma = a malignant tumor of cartilageosteomalacia osteomyelitis inflammation of bone and bone marrowPagets disease=osteitis deformansMeniscectomy=removal of knee cartilageLordosis=curvature of the lumbar spineScoliosis = sideways curvature of the spineLaminectomy = removal of part of a vertebraSubluxation=partial dislocationSpondylolisthesis=displacement of a vertebraMalleolus=bone projection at the ankleOsteoclast= cells that destroys the boneExostosis=outgrowth of boneOsteopenia=deficiency of bone tissueMetacarpals=bones of the handPatella=kneecapPubis=anterior bone of the pelvisZygomatic=facial boneOccipital=posterior skull boneTarsals=bones of the ankleCarpals=bones of the wristPhalanges=bones of the fingers and toesAponeurosis=flat, sheetlike tendonAtaxia=lake of muscle coordinationTorticollis=wryneckTetany=muscle spasm due to a metabolic imbalanceAvulsion=forcible tearing away of a partMyokinesis=muscle movementMyotenositis=inflammation of muscle and tendonDystonia=faulty muscle toneRhabdomyoma = muscle tumorRectus abdominis=muscle that runs vertically at the center of the trunkGluteus maximus=main muscle of the buttocks (breech=buttock)Deltoid,triceps branchii, pectoralis major, gastrocmenius, semitendinosus

The doctor and the law

Certificate- adeverintaCriminal offence delict penalCoroner- ofiter de politie judiciaraCorpse=cadaver=death bodyCremated incineratDrug poisoning, food poisoningForensic physician- medic legistForensic/legal medicine- medicina legalaAutopsy=post-mortem examinationCot- patutTo be consistent with a se potrivi cuTo examine=to see a patientTo consult a physicianSkin=integument integumentary, cutaneousA check-up controlFoster parents parinti adoptivi; foster childrenTo foster- a se ingriji de copiii altora; fosterageCompensation claim- cerere de compensatieSeek-soughtTidal volume volum respirator currentObsolete=out-dated=old-fashionedSeldom=rarelyLitigation cearta, conflictTo get over/ to recover from a illnessTo recur=to relapse- a recidivaPacient on the specific unitTap=puncture- punctieA fit of cough fit=episode=seizure=attackHead trauma=head injuryBrain concussion comotie cerebralaTorment chin, suferintaFright spaimaTo bulid up- a se acumuaAnaphylactic shockAutologous blood= sage de la pacientul insusiCannula- branulaProbe- sondaTo suppress=to inhibitTo nurse= to look after patients


Air hunger=dyspnea=difficulty in breathingBaldness=alopeciaDyspepsia=indigestion=upset stomachHemorrhoids=pilesUrticaria= heat spots=hives=nettle rashBad breath=halitosisGlandular fever=infectious mononucleosis=kissing diseaseWarts=verrucaeHeartburn=pyrosisFlatulence=windEructation=belching=burpingTrolley=gurneyPost-mortem=autopsyProbability=likelihoodPodiatrist=foot doctor=chiropodistOrthopedist=orthopedic surgeonCardiologist=heart specialistTo rupture=to burst=to herniateStroke=cerebral vascular accident (CVA)Fever=pyrexia feverish=febriale=pyrexialCough=tussisPertussis=whooping coughPrescription=medication orderChickenpox=varicellaSmallpox=variollaCold=coryzaHay fever=allergic rhinitisMumps=infectious parotitisMeasles=rubeollaChills=rigorsContagious= transmissible=communicable=communicative=catchyBed-side manner=social skills=peoples skillsFamily doctor=general practitioner=family physicianInternship=hands-on hospital trainingIntern=physician in trainingResident=specialist in trainingResidency=specialty trainingFellow=subspecialistFellowship=subspecialtyacutechronicseveremildlikely unlikelyinfectious non=infectiouslateral contralateralindication contraindicationvomitive antivomitiveto weaken = to debilitate to strengthenocclusion malocclusion nutrition malnutritionregularity irregularityto improve to worsen, to deterioratehealthy unhealthy, sick, illwidespread localizednormal abnormalperipheral centralOTC prescription drugsPyrexial apyrexialInteresting dull, boring, uninterestingInpatinet outpatientAdmit in discharge fromStamina = enduranceENT specialist = oto-laryngologist Track=traceTo pass to failTo supervise= to monitor= to overseeDry cough productive coughPhlegm = sputumIching = pruritusAllergy=hypersensitivityAllergic = hypersensitiveKidney stone = renal calculusDepressant antidepressantArticulation disarticulationMalignant = cancerous benign Deficiency = lackTo flex to extend flexor extensorDysphagia difficulty in swallowing Inflammatory anti- / noninflammatory

Physicians and medical specialtiesAllergology = allergy and imunologyAllergist =imunologistPodiatrist= foot doctor=chiropodistChiropractor= deals with neuromuscular skeletal disorders such as spinal problems and sporting injuries (chiro -> hand)Dentist -> dentistry deals with tooth decay (caries) Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry !Malocclusion = improper biteStomatologist deal with diseases of oral cavity, membranes and tissues, not teeth (thrush=afta)Endocrinologist -> endocrinology and MetabolismForensic medicine = Legal medicine ->forensic specialist (doctor)Perpetrator faptasMaxilla = maxillary = upper jawMicroorganism = germ = pathogen = microbe Subspecialty = fellowshipRadiology = nuclear medicineOsteopathy = osteopathic medicine -> manipulation of bones and musclesPediatrics -> diseases and total health care of newborns, infants, children and adolescentsInfant sugarToddler copil pana la 1 an Childhood diseasesPharmacologist -> deals with drugs actionPharmacist-> ensures the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical drugsPulmonology = pulmonary medicineCause = etiologyLung = pulmonPhysical medicine = physiotherapyCT = computed tomographyMRI = Magnetic Resonance ImagingAlgia = dyniaSurgical specialties non- surgical specialtiesViscus pl. visceraStomach = gasterNeurosurgery = neurological surgeryENT (Ear-Nose-and-Throat) specialty = Otorhinolaryngology !!! EMT = Emergency Medical Technician = Paramedic Orthopedics = orthopedic surgeryPerinatology = Maternal-fetal medicine ->subspecialty of obstetricsNeonatology -> subspecialty of pediatricsRelieve pain = alleviate = soothe = palliate = mitigate = calm down = ease= dullExhaustion = fatigueTo comfort a patient ...Bedside manners = social skills = people skills Layman terms Skilled = calificat , instruitSkillful = talentat, inzestratSelf-indulgent = delasator, comodTo complete = a termina fara diplomaTo graduate= a termina un stadiu educational cu diplomaRequired subject = materie obligatorie vs Elective subject = materie optionalaUndergraduate education = studii de licenta ->undergraduate student => BA = Bachelor of Arts (Bachelors`s Degree) To be licensed to practice...Post-graduate education = doctorat -> PhD = Philosophy DoctorCurriculum = plan de invatamantSyllabus = programa analiticaIntern = stagiar -> internship = hands-on hospital trainingTo rotate = a face stagiiResident = specialist in trainingResidency = specialty-training Internist -> internal medicineGeneral specialist a physician who treats all medical problems rather than specializing. Many GP`s have completed a residency in family practice.Benign malignantCongenital = present at birthRounds = doctors` visits to hospitalized patientsMedical students = externsExterns ---> Interns ---> ResidentsRely on ->reliance on sbTask = chore = duty Paramedical personnel = allied health personnelRegistered nurses = asistente calificate (cu facultate)Licensed practical nurses = asistente cu post-liceala Attend a patient... Attend on a pacient`s needsVocational = occupational school = postlicealaNursing home = sanatoriu To be trained on the job = a fi instruit la locul de muncaDialysis -> hemodialysis machineRen =kidney pl. renesCleanse = purifyContrast medium (media) = substanta de contrastSew- sewed sewn = a coaseSue = a da in judecataCVA = cerebral infarction = stroke= cerebrovascular accidentOvercome = get overDisabled patient = immobilized patient = invalid patientRespirator mask = gas mask = masca de oxigenParamedics (EMT) vs. paramedical personnel (nurses, nurses` aids, orderly brancardier, radiologic technicians ) !!!To deliver / perform / administer CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) to a patient = to resuscitateCardiac arrest = cardiac failure = myocardial infarctionNaprapathy -> naprapath deals with the manipulation of joints, muscles and ligaments disorders of the connective tissue.Stiff = rigid neckOsteitis = inflammation of the boneArthrititis = inflammation of an articulationSpin spun spun = a centrifuga Syncope = faint = loss of consciousnessTo amputate = to severDifficulty with speaking= impaired speechDifficulty with seeing = impaired visionCoughing blood = hemoptysis (expectoration of blood-streaked sputum)Fever = pyrexia -> pyretic = feverish ; febrileTB= TuberculosisMucoviscidosis = cystic fibrosisCatarrh = guturai Sore =rana, inflamatie =necajit, mahnit, iritat Sore throat Bed-sore=pressure sore= escara cold sore= herpes eye sore = urciorSlight =mildCerebral palsy=Adisorderusuallycausedbybraindamageoccurringatorbeforebirthandmarkedbymuscularimpairment.Oftenaccompaniedbypoorcoordination,itsometimesinvolvesspeechandlearningdifficulties.AIDS = acquired immunodeficiency syndromeGastroenteritis= inflammation of the membrane lining the stomach and the intestinesSpeak in a whisper= a vorbi in soapta

Disease and treatmentsAilment = durere usoaraVisual loss -impairementDreaded = fearedEpidemic = outbreakPandemic=anepidemicofunusuallylargeproportions,affectingmostoftheinhabitantsofacertainarea atthe sametimeRelapse = recurrence = recidiva The course of the disease is... Succumb to an illness = a muri dintr-o boala Hypersusceptibility Unhealthy = insalubruAffliction = sufferingHeart throb ->rhythmic throbbing =pulsation= beating --> to measure/ check/ fill the pulseAtherosclerosis = hardening of the arteriesShortness of breath = air hunger = dyspneaEupnea = normal breathingTo nauseate = a ii fi greata -> nausea=greataAneurism=adiseaseofthearterywallthatcausesalocalizeddilatationofthearteryandapulsating tumor.Overexertion = suprasolicitare, surmenajTablet= pillTransplant : donor vs. recipientFlap = lambou (bucat de carne sau de piele care se conserv la amputaii pentru a acoperi scheletul i prile osoase sau pentru a fi grefat n alt parte a corpului) To bring the pressure down to within normal limitisOsseus= bony= ostealBreast cf. mamo -> mamography -masto -> mastectomyUterus = matrix = womb -> cf. - hystero Discharge =drainage = scurgereHoarseness = ragusealaInfectious = communicative = communicable = transmissible = catchyStiffness = rigidityCancellous = spongious = spongy = porousBrittle -> brittlenessEye drops = eye instillation To swell = to inflame -> inflammationTo tangle = a se incurcaRash = eruption = eructationUrticaria = hives = nettle rashHay fever = rhinitisSmallpox = variolaChicken pox = varicella varsat de vantMeasles = rubeolla!!! German Measles = rubellaPruritus = itchingMumps = infectious parotitis = oreionAbove the weather = a fi indraznetLoose = large Hemorrhoids = pilesSprained ankle = luxatie de gleznaMuscle strain = intindere muscularaRagweed = rugina (planta)Rust = ruginaCalf = gambaCalf bone = fibulaShin bone = tibiaCardiac arrest = cardiac stopGlandular fever = infectious mononucleosis = kissing diseaseRigors = chills -> to shiver with coldAcquired immunity vs. Innate = natural immunityTo catch = pick up a diseaseEndogenous vs. exogenousCancer unrestrained growth of abnormal cells. Carcinoma originates from the surface cells of he skin or the linings of the internal organs Sarcoma attacks the muscles, bones, tendons, cartilage, fat, blood vessels, lymph system or connective tissue Leukemia afflicts the blood-forming cellsAngina pectoris = pain in the mid-chest that sometimes radiates to the shoulder, left arm, jaw or abdomenAtrophy = a wasting away due to lack of nutrition or useTo atrophy = waste awayCessation = stopInfarction = the death of tissue in an organ following the cessation of blood supply.Thrombus = (blood) clotParalysis = temporary or permanent loss of function, especially sensation or voluntary motionParalytic stroke = sudden onset of paralysis caused by an injury to the brain or spinal cordHeart failure - the heart cannot maintain adequate circulation of the bloodFatal = lethal = deadly = resulting in death(Percutaneous Transluminal) Angioplasty (PTA) = a technique for expanding a narrowed artery by inserting a balloon catheter (flexible tube)Dormant=inactive=latent vs. activeVeneral disease = sexually transmitted diseases (STD)Diarrhea = loose bowel movementsDementia = the inability to distinguish between reality and fantasyDisease = illness , sickness, affliction,To feel sick = to be nauseousSyndrome = sum of symptomsMalady= disorderAilment =stare de rau, indispozitieCause= etiologySerious = majorDrip =perfuzieDrip stand = perfuzorTentative diagnosis = diagnostic prezumtivIndigestion = dyspepsia = upset stomachPhlegm=thick mucus = spit = salivaSweat = perspirationTo ascertain = to determine, to establishMinute= tinyUnaided eye= naked eyeBreakdown = decompositionIatrogenic (indus de medic) vs. idiopathic (de cauze necunoscute)Booster = rapelShot = injectionPainkiller = analgesic OTC Over-the-counter drug= non-prescription drug vs. prescription drugClotting= coagulationStuffy nose = congested nosedGargle = a face gargara -> gargling=gargaraLozenges = pastile de suptPep pills = stimulantsPep talk = cuvinte de incurajarePep = vlagaAttending physician = medic curantHabit-forming = addictive To cure a disease To heal a woundPuncture test = prick test NSAID = Non-steroidal Anti (/Non) - inflammatory Drugs Vomiting= emesis Severe bleeding = hemorrhagingWeaken = debilitate Anemia = insufficiency of red blood cellsSurgery and Surgeonto subspecialize = a se supraspecializasubspecialty( nonsurgical ) medical specialties vs surgical specialties hands-on hospital training = internship subspecialty = fellowship residency = specialty trainingintern = stagiarinternist = doctor ( med. interna )stomach = gaster ( c.f. gastro ; adj. gastric )enteron = intestine , gut , bowel.GI tract = gastrointestinal tractGeriatric / Seniors Hospitalspleen -> splenic splenetic ( alt sens : easily irritating person ) lienalkidey = ren ( pl. renes )allergist = alergologimmunologist preoperative care= perioperative care ( in jurul operatiei )

intraoperative care postoperative careneo-natologistbranch of medicine = field = domain = areatalented = skillfulto mesh = a se potrivistuffiness = congestionvision / eye / sight problemsblood tests -> to run tests to find etiology / causephysical stamina = resistance = enduranceto do / perform surgeryhereditary = genetic ; inheritedclinicians = those who interact with pacientsO.R. = operating theatreattack = episode = fit = seizure = paroxysmCVA = strokeplaster cast = gipsstrabismus = squint = crossed eyesincus pl: incudes = anvil = nicovalamalleus mallei = hammer = ciocanstapes stapedes/ stapes = scaritato overlap = a se suprapunediagnosis adj. diagnostic observation chart = hospital chart medical history medical record = fisa medicalacavity = dental caries = tooth decayside effect = secondary effectadverse( unwanted ) drug reactions picaturi de urechi = ear drops ; otic instillationprimary care physician -> the pacient consults him firstspecialist physicianattending physician = medic currantto attend ( for doctors )/ to nurse ( nurses ) a pacientboard-certified = acreditatsubspecialist = fellowto refer to -> letter of referral-dynia =-algia -> pain (eg : cephalodynia , gastrodynia )to have a health insurance = to be covered by medical insurance = to be medically insuredappendix -> adj. appendicularhectic = chaoticto make rounds = a face viziteto take turns = a face cu randulshift = tura ( day or night shift )-rraphy = surgical suture, repair by means of surgeryemergency room = E.R.comprehensive health = total / overall anesthesiologist to anesthetize anesthesiadeity = zeitatesurgery = 1) operatie ; 2) chirurgie; 3) sala de operatieoperating room / theatrewidespread isolated ; localizedsimilar = alikeobsolete = no longer in general use, outdatedhostel = dormus = caminendowment = provizii , dotarileper ( a person who has leprosy ) -> leprosy = lepramedical insurance -> medically insuredICU = Intensive Care Uniton-going = continuousward = salon partition = paravanindividual/private room = rezervaunit = sectieto presume = to assumeclotting = coagulation to run/ operate a hospital or universityhospitalized = in-patientambulatory = out-pacientfacility = centru / unitate medicalaset up = to foundemergency department / room = E.D./E.R.casualty = victimto sustain casualties = a suferi pierderiprior = previousappointment = callbed -> escara = bed sore / pressure sore / decubitus ulcer / decubital , hospital or nosocomial gangrene / pressure gangreneto charge someone = a percepe o taxa salary = incasat pe 1 luna wages = avans + lichidarebioassayto assay = to test = to examinefirst degree burngeriatrics -> geriatricianMD = medical doctorto attend a pacientphrase = sintagmacabinet medical = private practice / medical officeto fill a prescription ( pharmacy )coma -> adj. comatose ( the pacient is in a coma ) obstetrician-gynecologist ophthalmologist otolaryngologist = ENT specialist pediatricianSURGICAL PROCEDURES hysterectomy = surgical removal of the uterus ( bcs of benign/malignant tumor ). mastectomy = excision of a breast rhinoplasty = plastic surgery of the nosesterile = germ-freelarynx = voice boxtrachea = windpipe-ectomy = the removal of sth catheter = tube for evacuating or injecting fluids dressing = bandage forceps = instrument for holding, grabbing or extracting retractors = instruments for holding back the margins of a wound scalpel = surgical knife , surgeons knife gurney = targa mobile hook = retractor pt vene sutures = the result after sewing up the incision weighing scales = cantar syringe stethoscope gag = calus sling = suport pt fixarea bratului rupt( 2) = prastie ) stretcher = targa ( stretcher bearer = orderly ) thermometer tourniquet = garou curette = instrument pt chiuretaj ( = curettage ) splint = atela drain = tub de dren ( drainage = drenaj )adj : broad -> to broadendeceased = decedat vs diseased = bolnavstomatologist -> disorders of the oral cavitydentist -> deals with cariessolely = doar, numai.minimally invasive surgery = key-hole surgeryto oversee = to monitor , to control.to support = to sustainnodule = lymph nodelump = nodul lumpectomy hysterectomy orchiectomy / orchidectomy = castration colonostomy mammoplasty colecystectomy cardiomyopathy ( -pathy indicates disorder )hindparts = parti posterioare fetus pl: fetuses infants pana la un anto mould = a mula mould = 1) mulaj ; 2) mucegaianeurysmsneuropathycongenital defect = congenital faultsubspecialty = fellowshipsubspecialist = fellowassessment = evaluationmastopexy = breast-lift surgery ( -pexy = fixare )suppression = inhibitionmaxilla / maxillary = maxilarto coin a word = to invent a wordamenable to = raspunzator de / care poate fi abordat prinminute = thoroughto pursue = to attendstroke = CVA ( cerebro-vascular accident , cerebral infarction ) specialist = medic specialist senior specialist = medic primar primary care physician -> usually the family physicianthe adrenals = SRhyperplasia = overgrowth gynecology vs andrology ( deals with female and male sex organs )*facsimile = copy/reproduction surgical knot = nod surgical approach = abord chirurgical surgical appliance = dispozitiv medical surgical suture surgical history surgical bone impression = amprenta osoasa surgical kit surgical nurse / nursing = ingrijire a pacientilor de pe sectia de chirurgie surgical saw = fierastrau surgical suite = bloc operator surgical / operating table surgical team surgical unit / ward surgical wound infection surgical clearance = acordul chirurgului suture needle suture threadprosthesis = protezaI have my arm in a plaster cast ( gips ).flap = lambouProcedures-ectomy = extirpare , excizie-centesis = surgical puncture ( paracentesis , thoracentesis, rachiocentesis )-cele = proeminenta, tumora ( omphalocele)-iatry = tratament ( psychiatry )-(o)dynia = durere ( arthrodynia )-oma = -om ( carcinoma, sarcoma )-ostomy = formation of an artificial opening, the creation of a hole.-otomy = incision-pexy = pexie, fixare-plasty-plegia = -plegie / paralizie ( para/tetraplegia)-rraphy-rrhexis = -rexie / rupture-scope = instrument; -scopy = procedura-tome = -tom/instrument ; -tomy=-tomie/procedura

tongue = lingua , glossa ( adj. lingual )to metastasize metastasissubsequent = urmatoridiosyncratic afecteaza un nr redus de oameni scrub = costumatie scrub cap = boneta surgical gown = halatautologous bloodattire = outfit stuff = lucruri staff = personalto scrub hands = a curata mainileconsent form = formular de consimtamantenema = clismato refrain / to abstain from nurse anesthetist anesthesiologistto clip off = a taiadrapes = cearceafuri sterile / draperiiether screen = paravan de eterto render the pacient unconsciouspuncture = tap to numb = a amorti numbness = amorteala tingling = furnicaturithoracic / chest surgeryto clamp blood vesselsThe approach to the surgical site = abordulto sever = a taia, a amputato staple = a capsa ( stapler = capsator )hollow organs = org cavitareloops of intestine = anse intestinaleligation = ligatureflaps of tissue -> lambouto sew sewed sewn = a coasepins = acescrews = suruburiprosthetic rod = tija prosteticafistula = openingcalculus calculidebridement = removal of dead/damaged tissueto strain = a intindebrain concussion = comotie cerebral pelvic girdle shoulder girdleto develop intodamp = wettibia ( shin bone ) pl: tibiaeto weaken = to debilitateto prolongby 3 yearschills = rigorsto perform surgery / to operate on a pacient / to do surgeryto put under anesthesia = to anesthetizeto admit a pacient to a hospital / a student to the university admittance = entryadmission to a collegeto discharge a pacient fromdischarge of a pacient from a hospitalhaemorrhoids = pilesdramatically = greatlycut = incision ( voluntary ) = laceration ( involuntary )to clog = 1) a astupa, a infunda , a bloca. 2) a se coagula = to clotlimbs = arms and legs to sue = a da in judecata to sew sewed sewn = a coaseskillful = talented vs skilled = experienced vs skillessos / bone : pl ossa ; cf osteo ; adj osseus, bonystoma = os = oral cavityskin = integumentoutermost layer = epidermis ; dermis ; subcutaneous layer/subcuttisaffliction / ailment / sickness / illness / disease / malady / disorder ductless/endocrine glands duct/exocrine glandsintern = stagiar A pacient is referred to a surgeon.The physician consults / sees the pacient.The pacient undergoes surgery without undue risk.bloodstream = blood flowto consult = a cere o pareretentative diagnosis = diagn prezumptivelective vs optional A fit or a paroxysm of coughan epileptic seizure/attackscrub nurse = responsabila de instrumentarpieces of equipmentcirculating nursedressing room = sala de pansamenteward = salonconscientious = constiinciosmalpracticeliability = obligatie, datorie.tax = impozitexpenses = cheltuielidistructive = corrosiveprotozoa = worm-like parasitesepidemic = outbreak = epidemienew growths = neoplasmsdegenerative/wearing out diseaseto immunize / immunity / immune systemto put off = to postpone, delayto make a diagnosisto swab = a tampona ( 2) betisor de urechi )anaphylactic shockto drain -> liquids vs to void -> solidclyster = enema stretcher = targa gurney = targa pe ambulanta care coboara roti si devine pat trolley = pat mobil ( sau carucior de magazine )cuff = mansondraped = acoperitrefuse bins = tomberonon hand = at hand = handy = at arms reach chief surgeon / surgeon-in-chief = chirurg principal assistant surgeonsdramatic = 1) impressive ; 2) radicalpainful painless / painfreehazardous = 1) risky ; 2) randomto sever = to amputatethe amputee = the personto alleviate / to soothe / to palliate / to mitigate / to dull the pain throbbing pain = durere pulsatila dull pain = durere surdaSth is beneficial to a pacient communicable / communicative / contagious / catchy / catching disease = transmissible disease noninfectious diseaseto pick up a disease = to catch a diseaseaseptic = sterile, germ-freelung = pulmonTypes of surgeryTrauma surgery1) Emergency surgery2) Urgent surgery you can wait for a day or two : appendectomy , colecystectomy .3) Required surgery not life threatening4) Corrective surgery5) Optional surgery