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Ulster GAA CDP Programme Sport Science Fitness Testing Made Easy 3 rd November 2010 UUJ / SINI

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Text of Ulster GAA CDP Programme Sport Science Fitness Testing Made Easy 3 rd November 2010 UUJ / SINI

  • Ulster GAA CDP ProgrammeSport Science

    Fitness Testing Made Easy

    3rd November 2010UUJ / SINI

  • Session Outline

    TimeActivity8.00pmRegistration & Introduction8.10pmPrinciples of Fitness Testing8.20pmIdentifying Components of Fitness in our games8.30pmFitness Tests: Selection, Application, Equipment, Design8.45pmFitness Tests: Practical Demonstration9.00pmResults: Gathering, Interpretation, Feedback9.15pmQuestions & Answers9.30pmSummary

  • Outcomes

    This session aims to provide participants with;

    An understanding of the principles of fitness testing;

    An overview of a typical fitness testing session without the need for expensive equipment;

    Guidance on devising your own fitness tests;

    Advice on collection, interpretation and application of results;

    The ability to perform and oversee a fitness testing session within your club / school / county.

  • Principles of Fitness TestingPurpose




  • Fitness TestsComponents of Fitness;What are the key components of fitness in Gaelic games?

    Agility;Speed;Strength;Power;Muscular Endurance;Aerobic Endurance;Speed Endurance;Flexibility;Others?

  • Fitness TestsSpecific Tests;

    Some examples of specific tests that can be carried out;Sit & Reach - Flexibility;Vertical Jump; - Upper BodyMedicine Ball Throw Lower Body;20m Sprint - Speed;T-Test - Agility;300yd Shuttle Speed Endurance;Bleep Test Aerobic Endurance;

    Other potential fitness tests?

  • Fitness TestsTest Design;

    What are the key things to remember when devising your own test?Sensible;Measurable (Quantitative / Qualitative);Repeatable;Manageable;Time constraints;Realistic;Purpose;Practical;

    Others Issues???

  • Fitness Tests

    Fitness Testing Session (1 Week in Advance);Set Date & Time and inform players;Decide on test battery;Prepare Result Collection Sheets;Organise support personnel;Organise equipment & venue.

    Fitness Testing Session (1 hour in Advance);Arrive at venue with support personnel;Organise each test station;Organise personnel responsible for stations;Organise equipment, including measurements;Organise players.

  • Fitness Tests

    Practical Demonstration

    10 15 Minutes

  • ResultsFitness Test Results;Collection ;Turnaround time;Presentation;Feedback;Individual;Collective;Application;Any others?

  • Fitness Testing


  • Follow Up Courses

    Conditioning the GAA Player

    Heart Rate Training*Venues to be confirmed

    VenueDateGlenswilly, Donegal24th NovemberSt.Micheals, Enniskillen1st DecemberSilverbridge GAC, Armagh 8th December

    VenueDateBallyhaise, Co.Cavan*19th JanuaryLavey GAC, Derry*26th JanuaryUUJ / SINI*2nd February