UK North Sea GP GXT Drilling Performance Jan 11

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  • 8/10/2019 UK North Sea GP GXT Drilling Performance Jan 11


  • 8/10/2019 UK North Sea GP GXT Drilling Performance Jan 11


    (4,248 meters), bringing total footage drilled to 8,662 feet (2,640

    meters) with zero NP.

    o drill and log through the HP/H reservoir in the 8 -inch hole,Halliburton used a SOLAR Geo-Pilot XL system with a full suite of

    SOLAR LWD tools including gamma, resistivity, density, bi-modal

    acoustic sonic (BA) and neutron porosity sensors. Te SOLAR

    suite made it possible to assess and characterize the quality of the

    reservoir, identify perforation intervals and assist in correlation and

    casing point selection, while providing better understanding of the

    field. Te 8 -inch section was treated with BARACARB bridging

    agent and SEELSEAL lost circulation material incorporated into

    the drilling fluid to seal microfractures and help strengthen the

    formation during drilling operations.

    With all LWD sensors working perfectly in both real-time and

    memory modes, the SOLAR Geo-Pilot BHA with SOLAR LWD quad

    combo delivered the entire 2,323-foot (708-meter) section in a single

    run, intersecting all geological targets with zero NP. In what was the

    fourth longest section in the UK for drilling hours on bottom since

    records began, the SOLAR LWD quad combo was down hole for

    355.25 hrs (14.8 days) with the telemetry pulser functioning flawlessly

    for 296 circulating hrs (12.3 days). Successful LWD performance

    eliminated the need for wireline logging, and the well reached total

    depth at 16,232 feet (4,948 meters) 25 days ahead of plan.

    ECONOMIC VALUE CREATED Halliburton executed the

    Drilling Performance solution and delivered the well 25 days ahead of

    plan. Assuming an approximate rig rate of $250k per day, Halliburtons

    performance resulted in economic savings to the customer of

    approximately $2 million. In addition, successful acquisition of a full

    suite of LWD logs eliminated the need to perform wireline logging

    a first for the operator in this North Sea reservoir.

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    between Halliburton and the customer that is applicable to the sale. H08942 12/1

    High-torque rotary steerable solution combining the Geo-Pilot rotary steerable system with GeoForce constant wall thickness motor for increased ROP


    Days vs depth graph