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Uk film consumption

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UK Film ConsumptionBy Amelia Bird

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What is the overall trend in film consumption?

• The estimated film audience in the UK is 5.1 million. Below is a table showing the estimated proportion of annual film viewing in the UK.

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Who watches films in the UK ? The Cinema• The proportion of people aged over 45 years old going to

the cinema has increased due to films like ‘The Kings Speech’.

• 15% of a cinemas income comes from teenagers.

• This graph shows

the ages of

cinema goers.

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Who watches films in the UK ? The TV• The average audience for film shown on TV in 2011 was

estimated to be around 3.4million on BBC, 1.2million on BBC Two and ITV, 1.7million on Channel 4, and 1 million on channel 5.

• Below is a bar

chart showing the

number of people

watching each

channel for films.

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Which audience groups are under-represented in the figures?

• People who may be un represented in the figures may be children of a young age. This is because their parents would buy DVDs and take them to the cinema, so they may not be counted accurately.

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Where/how do people watch films?• Television – this is a highly competitive market. Around

15 million people could access films on the TV in 2011.

• Online – Due to increasing broadband speeds the online market has increased with estimated revenues of £52 million.

• Video – DVDs account for the majority of video sales (87%). However in 2011 DVD sales were down by 4.9% on the previous year.

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What type of films are the most popular?

• The most popular genre of film for 2013 is predicted to be a the hybrid of drama and romance.

• This is because popular films like ‘Les Miserable’ and ‘Django Unchained’ have been released in the early months of 2013 and have been received well.

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What role does technology play in the consumption of film today?• New technology means that audiences are getting more

enjoyable viewing experience. E.g. 3D means that audience are part of the action taking place.

• As well as this, quality of films are improving and being given to audiences in formats such a Blu-ray. Meaning viewing experience is better.

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Which Audience Groups are The Most Lucrative?

• In our group, we decided that young adults are probably the most lucrative. This is because at that age they still have a big social group and have more of a disposable income so they are likely to visit places like the cinema.

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What Strategies should you use to promote your films?

• I think the best ways to advertise is social networking sites because most people these days have an account on at least one social network.

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The importance of technology now and in the future• I think DVDs will go the same way as CDs and won’t be

as popular. So the best way to present films would be online.

• Seeing as most people have access to internet this would be the best way to distribute my film.