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In this report UK's best tourist destinations sorted based on the calculative stats and HND Standards. It is a research report

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  • Report on Best Tourist Destinations in UK HND Travel and Tourism Assignment Travel and Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK. This report tells about the best destination based on the stats like number of tourists, services, management , ratings and much more

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    LO1 Understand the scope of key UK and worldwide tourist


    P1.1 analyse main tourist destinations and generators of the world in terms of

    visitor numbers and income generation

    Travel and Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK. Tourism can be

    basically considered as going out of the usual environment, travelling to new places, staying

    at new location less than a year. It is observed that the day visitors make the major

    contribution to the tourism industry. In UK, the statistics for day visits and overnight stays

    are maintained separately. The tourists who are making day visits spend more in the tourism

    industry and help the economy. In UK, this is considered separately and is measured by Day

    Visit Surveys. We can define the day visits as visits which lasts for few hours and which is

    not done on regular basis. According to a survey these group of people spent around 30

    billion in 2003 which was even more than that done by the overnight tourists. Also according

    to the analysis done by the Department of Culture, Sport and Media, the total revenue from

    this sector in UK for the financial year 2002-2003 was around 91.8 billion. Around the

    world, it is observed that it is one of the fastest growing industries and contributes a major

    part in the economic development. It helps in bringing in foreign exchange to the country and

    creating a lot of jobs for the people of the country. Jobs are created in tourism as well as

    related industries like construction. It is also observed that the tourism is being developed in

    the developing country which is helping in strengthening the economy of the country.

    There are different types of tourists Leisure tourists, Business tourists, tourists vising friend

    and family, inbound tourists, domestic tourists, package holiday tourists, independent

    tourists, outgoing tourists, adventure tourists.

    There many tourist attraction in the UK for tourists coming to UK. A survey is conducted by

    the national tourist boards to understand the popularity of these tourist destinations in terms

    of the number of visitors or the revenue generated forms these tourist destinations. In the

    UK, there are various national tourist boards like England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales who

    monitor the trends. There are many attractions which attract the tourists to these locations

    which include natural attractions and the manmade attractions. The natural attraction

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    includes national parks, heritage sites beaches, landscapes lakes, etc. and the manmade

    attractions include historic monuments, museums, galleries, etc. Some of the examples are

    Tate and the Tate Modern, the Victoria and the Albert Museum consisting of moving images

    (Kozak, 1999). These are the ones which are there in London. There are some famous theme

    parks also for example the Thorpe Park. To name a few most popular attractions are British

    Airway London Eye, Tower of London, Eden Project, Flamingo land theme park and zoo,

    Windermere lake cruises, Legoland Windsor, New MetroLand, Chester Zoo, Kew gardens,

    Canterbury Cathedral, etc. These are the paid admission attraction of UK; there are others

    which are free admission attractions also. These include the Blackpool Pleasure Beach,

    British Museum, National Gallery Tate Modern, National history Museum, Science Museum,

    Victoria and Albert museum, Pleasure Theme Park, Eastbourne Pier, Pleasure Beach, etc.

    (Beddoe, 2004).

    P1.2 Analyse statistics to determine tourism destination trends and predict

    future trends

    Let us now discuss the trends in the tourism industry by taking few examples. Considering

    the inbound tourism trend we can draw graphs to understand the number of visitors to the

    country in the last few months, the trend of the visitors depending in the purpose of visit like

    holiday, business, VFR, miscellaneous. Let us take the example of Britain and develop these

    graphs to understand the trends.

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    In the above chart we can see that the annual trends of the number of visitors visiting Britain

    every year. As we can see the graph we can say that the number of visitors visiting Britain is

    increasing every year since mid-year 2010 and according to this trend we also predict that the

    number of visitors visiting Britain in the coming future will be increasing and will help the

    economy to a large extent. This is also supported by the fact that the technology has

    improved and it has become cheap and easy for the tourists to visit Britain (Leiper, 1979).

    We can also study the trend in the spending of the tourists toward the tourist destinations in

    Britain with the help of following graph:

    The above graph also shows that the spending of the tourists coming to Britain has increased

    by leaps and bounds in the last few years and is expected to rise in similar fashion in the

    coming years (Moutinho, 2000).

    Another chart on the number of visitors to Britain depending on the type of visit cans be

    shown as follows:

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    From these charts we can see that value and volume of inbound tourism to Britain is

    increasing at a very rapid rate. All the market sentiments are positive towards the growth of

    the tourism industry in Britain. These trends also help the economy and the tourism industry

    to industry that where they have to focus and which segment needs more attention or have

    more potential to grow.

    Apart from UK also we can discuss about the one of the worldwide tourist destination which

    is very famous. Let us take the example of Uniter States of America. There are many famous

    tourist destinations like New York, Miami Beach, San Francisco, Statue of Liberty, Las

    Vegas, LA and many more. There are also one of the most famous tourist destinations which

    also acknowledge a large number of tourists every year.

    The future trends in the UK tourism shows that the tourism industry is going to grow very

    fast in the coming year with the advent of better services, more tour operators, better

    packages and all. Let us one of the trend lines for the tourism in the world.

    LO2 Understand the cultural, social and physical features

    of tourist destinations

    P2.1 Analyse the cultural, social and physical features of the worldwide tourist


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    A tourist destination is a boon not only to the tourists who are visiting the destination but

    also to the people who are living in those places. Apart from the people who reside in the

    tourist destinations, its the whole country and the countrys economy which gains from the

    tourism. Other than adding natural beauty and value to the destination, a tourist spot has

    many more aspects towards it. There are many more features attached to tourism like

    Cultural, Social, Economic and Physical. Also Read Marketing in travel and tourism.

    Cultural Features:

    Tourism directly reflects its effects on the culture of the place. It might be both good and bad

    for the people living in that area. For example, the huge amount of overseas tourists, who

    contribute to 50%, and may be more in a few cases, bring with them their own culture and

    their own beliefs. The good aspect of this is that it leads to a very healthy social and cultural

    development of the society. People living in that area get exposed to multiple new cultures

    which they would have just read or heard about. But, a flip side to it might be that the culture

    which was being preserved by a group of people since century or may be longer got changes

    and modified. London, which has always been known for its tourist attractions as, always

    invited tourists from all over the world. It has become one of the worlds leading cultural


    Social Features:

    The social features can be explained as those features which will affect the holiday decision

    for a customer. For example, a doctor goes to Bahamas for medical research and a student

    will go to venire for holiday depending on the social feature of the tourist destinations. The

    society of the tourist destination is mainly a consideration point for a customer to go to a

    particular tourist destination.

    Economic Features:

    Tourism adds tremendously towards any nations economy. There are examples of

    economies which are based on tourism. People from all the different areas of the world visit

    a particular destination and also at times show interest in investing as they start connecting

    emotionally towards it. For example, London is having a good economic condition. The

  • HND Assignment Help | UKs Best Travel and Tourism Destinations 7

    visitors do get so emotionally attached to the tourist destinations in London during t