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UK ANTI-DOPING 13 July 2011 BUCS Conference 2011 Lewis Coggins

UK anti-doping

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UK anti-doping. BUCS Conference 2011 Lewis Coggins. 13 July 2011. Chris Hoy, 100% me Ambassador. The role of universities in promoting clean sport: Are your students at risk?. Are your students at risk?. Chris Hoy, 100% me Ambassador. Strict liability. Strict liability. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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UK anti-doping13 July 2011BUCS Conference 2011

Lewis Coggins#1

The role of universities in promoting clean sport:

Are your students at risk?

Chris Hoy, 100% me Ambassador#2Do you have any experience of anti-doping?Are your students at risk?

#Are university athletes doping??3

Strict liabilityChris Hoy, 100% me Ambassador#4Athletes are solely responsible for any prohibited substance found in their system despite whether there was an intention to cheat or not.

Strict liability#Awareness of all forms of doping meds, supps etc... Inadvertent not just performance enhancing.

Approx 60% findings inadvertent

Universities high risk group5

Eligibility for testingShelley Rudman, 100% me Ambassador#6Affiliated to club/sport

UKAD do test at some BUCS events and can therefore be tested at any timeWhat is your role within your sport/university and is anti-doping a part of this?

What does your university have in place now with regards anti-doping?


Paul Collingwood, 100% me AmbassadorCASE study#8Rachel wallader British Shot Putter

Holds the British Universities title

Tested at the British University Athletics Championships in May 2010

Tested positive for the banned substance - methylhexaneamine (MHA- a stimulant)

Banned for 4 months

#9 Coach approached Muscle Finesse to obtain sponsorship for athletes ( in the form of free supplements) Coach supplied athlete with supplement The athlete did take steps to investigate if the supplement contained substances on the prohibited list checking Global Dro (medication website) The ingredient dimethylamylamine is listed on the packaging it is a synonym for MHA The athlete obtained a further 3 sachets of the supplement from a training partnerWhat are your thoughts?

Rachel wallader#10 UK Anti-Dopinghttp://www.ukad.org.uk/

World Anti-Doping Agencyhttp://www.wada-ama.org/

Check medicationshttp://www.globaldro.com/

Risk minimisation (supplements) http://www.informed-sport.com/

Anti-doping tools#11Who influences the athletes?What part should you play in anti-doping?What support should the university provide?What do you need in terms of support?Questions...#What support From UKAD...but also the NGB, BUCS etc...

Launch of Coach Clean in Sep 2011 which they can direct their coaches to (it will be hosted on the National Skills Academy learning platform)12

What will we do now?Shelley Rudman, 100% me Ambassador#13The previous questions should bring about what they need to do to create a Clean Sport environment...leading to what we can do to support and make it happen.

University Accreditation - Launch October 2011

Prior to this...establish what you need and feedback to UK Anti-Doping

Universities will receive a Clean Sport kite mark Launch October 2012THE Plan - LONG TERM#Our plan work strategically with BUCS to provide you (the uni) with a support package.

Use cards - One thing they will now go and do...14#15