Uberliss Express Method
Uberliss Express Method

Uberliss Express Method

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The Express Meth

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  • berliss - a premium 3-step system which guarantees immediate and superior results. Smooth and uniform hair via berliss exclusive Triple Blend technology consisting of cysteine, keratin and buriti extracts. Proven volume reduction.

    ber respect for the professional. All berliss products are formulated without formaldehyde, with safety testing of the salon environment conducted by an independent laboratory. Only a 3 step process.

    ber respect for the hair. Conditions the natural texture of hair, bringing out incredible softness and shine. Compatible with other chemical processes.

    berliss. ber Results.



    Always wear protective gloves.

    When applying berliss Fiber Restructure to hair, avoid applying it directly onto the scalp. Use application brush to achieve proper application.

    Before flat ironing hair with berliss Fiber Restructure, hair stylists should wear a mask to prevent the inhalation of acidic fumes.

    Ensure that salon has a proper ventilation system and it is turned on when flat ironing hair.

    Follow directions to avoid skin, scalp and eye injury.

    DO NOT use if scalp is irritated, abraded or injured.

    DO NOT color, shampoo or scratch scalp 2 3 days prior to straightening.

    WARNINGSRead all warnings and professional

    instructions carefully before you start.

    DO NOT use on hair that is breaking, splitting or otherwise damaged.

    After berliss treatment, wait one week before hair coloring. Do not tie hair into a bun or pony tail for 72 hours.

    Avoid contact with eyes. In event of contact, flush thoroughly with water for 15 minutes and call a physician.

    DO NOT ingest. If accidentally swallowed, call a physician immediately. DO NOT induce vomiting.

    Keep out of reach of children.

    At home, maintain hair using berliss Hydrating Shampoo, berliss Hydrating Conditioner and berliss RituOil.

    The berliss treatment will be needed every 3 to 4 months.

  • The ber Express application method is perfect for clients seeking to eliminate frizz and soften waves and curls while adding incredible shine. Ideal for clients with thinner and/or less challenging waves and curls.

    For optimal results, it is imperative to strictly follow the step by step instructions as noted.

    STEP 3. Nutritive MaskFor Professional Use Only

    1.1 1.2 1.3

    STEP 1. Fiber ExpanderFor Professional Use Only

    Before applying the product, shampoo the hair once with berliss Hydrating Shampoo. Rinse well and towel blot hair.

    Divide the hair into sections and spray enough berliss Fiber Expander to thoroughly wet the hair. NOTE: Do not oversaturate hair.

    Using hand dryer, dry the hair approximately 80%.

    STEP 2. Fiber RestructureFor Professional Use Only

    2.1 2.2

    Shake well before using. Divide the hair into 4 sections. Subdividing the sections into thin partings, apply berliss Fiber Restructure with a brush.

    Cover with plastic cap and leave product on hair for 20 minutes under dryer or steamer at high setting. Remove cap.

    3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4

    Apply berliss Nutritive Mask to wet hair. Comb through using shampoo comb and cover hair with plastic cap. Leave the product on 10 minutes under the hooded dryer at medium setting.

    Rinse hair for 5-10 seconds. Towel blot hair. NOTE: Do not exceed 20 seconds. After rinsing for 5-10 seconds, the rinse water will still be whitish in color indicating that some of the product is still in the hair. This condition is desirable and neccessary for smoothing/de-frizzing or straightening hair when flat ironing.

    Apply a small amount of berliss RituOil. Blow dry the hair completely using paddle brush or round brush.

    Divide hair into thin partings. Flat iron hair with 7 complete strokes throughout the hair shaft. Use heat guide below.


    For Fine Hair and Color Treated hair: 430oF to 435oFFor Medium hair: 440oF - 450oFFor Coarse hair: 450oF

    Ask your client to shampoo and condition their hair using Uberliss Hydrating Shampoo and Uberliss Nutritive Mask for first few times after the treatment in order to neutralize any possible hair odor.


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