U3A Address: Peterborough U3A, P O Box .U3A Address: Peterborough U3A, P O Box 946 Peterborough,

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Text of U3A Address: Peterborough U3A, P O Box .U3A Address: Peterborough U3A, P O Box 946 Peterborough,

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    U3A Address: Peterborough U3A, P O Box 946 Peterborough, PE1 9ES

    OFFICERS AND COMMITTEE MEMBERS Chairman Brian Keegan 01733 265769 Vice Chairman & Secretary Brenda Fearon 01733 239848 Treasurer Derek Lea 01733 572245 Accommodation Manager Michael Spencer 01733 570663 Day Visit Organiser Paul Parker 01780 782976 Groups Coordinator Terry McCarthy 01733 232518 Membership Secretary Hilary Lewis 01733 265877 Speakers Secretary Jan Bearman-Brown 01733 572201 Other Committee Members Joyce Green 01733 233713 Hilary Keegan 01733 265769 Mary McCarthy 01733 232518 Gill Parsons 01733 263211 Chris Wareham 01733 263006 Conny Yarwood 01733 394669

    SOME TELEPHONE NUMBERS YOU MIGHT NEED Accommodation Officer Joyce Green 01733 233713 Day Visits Organisers Paul Parker 01780 782976 Gina Bates 01733 579317 Sandi Osborne 01733 233840 Doreen Dare 01733 260994 Theatre Group Organiser Graham Woods 01733 234892 Travel Club Organisers Arthur Hunt 01733 756883 Ann Pollack 01733 269108 U3A News Editor Conny Yarwood 01733 394669 Website Coordinator Mary McCarthy 01733 232518



    Direct access to the site is via the address given above. To save re-typing in

    future, save the page to your Favourites/Bookmarks.

    Most of the site is visible and can be navigated using the menu tabs. Login is only

    required for access to My Details, My Activities and Minutes. Use your

    membership number and password you should have received this when you

    first joined the U3A.

    Please check your personal details under the My Details tab and make any

    changes there e.g. to your email address if you have changed it since the start of

    your membership. If you record changes here you do not need to contact the

    Membership Secretary, remember to click Save My Details at the bottom before

    you leave the page.

    For help contact Mary McCarthy at pu3awebsite@gmail.com.

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    There have been a lot of problems with these payments this year. A staggering 30% of those members who paid by standing order failed to make the necessary adjustment to their payments to reflect the increase in subscription rates. Those who have paid the correct amount, by whatever means, may legitimately feel aggrieved that a number of members have got away with paying a lower subscription this year.

    Why did this happen? Members cannot claim not to have known what to do. There were articles in both the January and April issues of U3A News advising of the increase and giving clear guidance on the procedure to be followed. In addition, a new standing order form was sent out to the whole membership with the April newsletter, which only needed to be completed and taken to the bank. This was, of course, at a cost to the U3A for printing.

    These members are possibly ignorant of the difference between a standing order and a direct debit. With a direct debit, the recipient, i.e. Peterborough U3A, can adjust the amount; with a standing order, the sum must be changed by the person paying. This was explained in the April issue of the magazine, but clearly not appreciated by a number of members who perhaps did not read the article.

    Some members seem not to know that they have set up a standing order, so they have paid twice there have even been some double payments by standing order on different dates.

    These problems have caused considerable time wasting and inconvenience for both the treasurer and myself. The Committee is looking at a system whereby direct debits can be utilized instead of standing orders. When details are available members will be informed in the next edition of the newsletter of the outcome and if approved you will be given the opportunity to make the change.

    I make no apology for the strong wording of this article. Managing the renewals of around 2,700 members is quite time-consuming enough without the need to deal with the inefficiency of a certain proportion.

    If you wish the facility to remain, it is up to you, the members, to

    remedy the situation!

    Hilary Lewis, Membership Secretary

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    SATURDAY 28 MARCH 2015


    Coffee served from 9.30am

    Meeting starts 10.30am

    Any member who has missed previous

    New Members Meetings, as well as prospective

    members, are also welcome to attend


    Barn Dance with Dennis Cuddles Starlight Band

    At Jack Hunt School Hall

    Dont forget the 23 January 2015

    Tickets sold out

    Bring Your Own Buffet, Drink And Glasses

    To Share With Friends On Your Table

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    CHAIRMANS REPORT Firstly a very happy New Year to all our members and I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas, no doubt with one or two U3A Christmas dinners to get you in the mood.

    In order to meet our deadline I am writing this column in the middle of November so obviously it is not possible to be bang up to date and it means that the report can be a bit boring and full of items urging you to volunteer for something or communicating Peterborough U3A business. So for a change I thought I would reflect a little and perhaps give you some New Year cheer in the depths of winter.

    In the second week of November, Hilary and I went to Marrakesh for a weeks walking holiday with Ramblers Holidays. Before we went one of our granddaughters, hearing that granny and granddad were going to Africa, and being aware of the Ebola outbreak in Senegal and Liberia, was most concerned for us. So our daughter brought her and her sister around to look at a map and explain that we would be a long way from the affected areas.

    The holiday was great fun, the fellow walkers were all like-minded and I was surprised by the magnificent views on some of our walks of the snow-topped Atlas Mountains. Marrakesh itself was amazing, the souks vibrant with trading and activity and in the main square at 10 in the evening, it seemed as though the whole of the City were out enjoying themselves. It also reminded me just how much our life opportunities have changed in one generation. Although we range in age from people in the 90s to mid 50s nearly all of us are able to visit places that our parents generation often only visited if they were in the armed services and were involved in the world wars. Having said that, I discovered that my 82 year old brother in law, Tom, had visited Morocco 50 years ago with two of his fellow cycling friends, flying to Gibraltar, getting a boat to Tangier via Spain. A much more adventurous outing than our organised trip. As we were waiting at the airport to come home we noticed there were Ryanair flights not just to Stansted but also to Madrid and other parts of Europe, reminding us just how global our world has become.

    I am a member of seven groups so I am aware of the time and effort that group leaders put into organising their activities. So on your behalf I would like to thank all our group leaders for the hard work and effort that they put into running their groups for our benefit.

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    Cannot avoid some business though! Having been re-elected as your Chair for another year my main task is to find someone to replace me when I have to stand down. The rules quite rightly limit the term of office to 3 years maximum. So by the time you read this there will be a maximum of 21 months or maybe 9 months before a new Chair has to be found. So if any of you are interested in this prestigious, high status opportunity please let me know. I would also point out that it is sometime since we had a female Chair!

    Lastly, I both enjoy the opportunity as Chair to visit exhibitions of our work, such as the watercolour and the patchwork & quilting groups, and being a member of the groups that I belong to. In September I joined the woodturning group resulting in most of our family getting bowls for Christmas! I am looking forward this year to our U3A wine tasting and golf holidays as well as the weekly opportunity to find excuses as to why the golf ball wont do what I want it to at Wednesdays golf for fun.

    So to all of you a very happy new year, resolve to try a new activity and continue to enjoy being a member of Peterborough U3A.

    Brian Keegan


    AT THE TOWN HALL The meeting at the Town Hall is held on the last Thursday of each month at 10.25am. Coffee and tea are available from 10.00am so that you can meet and talk to other U3A members and members of the committee. It is also a time to learn of any new courses and trips between issues of the newsletter. The speaker will start at 10.25am. 29 January Stuart Orme 150 Million Years in 55 Minutes The complete history of Peterborough from Dinosaurs to Queensgate. Stuart presents a fast, furious and fun illustrated talk that will surpass even Grandmas memories...

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    26 February Stephen Duffy Lasting Powers of Attorney/Care Home Funding Stephen is a Partner of Buckles Solicitors and will discuss a serious subject and will approach it in an informative and lighthearted manner. 26 March Gordon Rogers Deep Space Astronomy Gordon is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomy Society. His enthusiasm is such that he has a state-of-the-art observatory built adjoining his house. At the request of Sir Patrick Moore he wrote a book titled My Heavens about the iconic Sky at Night series.


    30 April Linda Scoles - Help I need a Lifestyle Adviser! Linda is an American born, now British Citizen, who came to England in 1971 with her AAF