Types of Computer Networks Computer Network Topology

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Types of Computer Networks Computer Network Topology. Types of Computer Networks. There are two types of client-server networks and peer to peer type network . 1. Client-Server Networks. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Types of Computer Networks Computer Network Topology </p> <p>Types of Computer Networks</p> <p>There are two types of client-server networks and peer to peer type network.</p> <p>1. Client-Server Networks</p> <p>Servers are computers that provide facilities for other computers on the network and clients are computers that receive or use the facilities provided by the server. Server in client-server type of network called a Dedicated Server as pure acts as facility provider for workstations and servers can not serve as workstation.Types of Computer Networks</p> <p>2. Peer To Peer Networks </p> <p>type of peer to peer network is termed a non-dedicated server, because the server does not act as a pure server but at the same time can serve as workstation.Computer Network Topology </p> <p>Various Kinds Network Topology1. Bus Topology</p> <p>Bus topology is often also referred to as the backbone topology, where there is a coaxial cable that dibentang then several computers connected to the cable.Computer Network Topology </p> <p>2. Ring Topology</p> <p>Ring topology is often called a ring topology because of its shape like a circular cincing. All computers in the network will be connected in a ring. The ring is almost the same function as the star topology concenrator the gathering center of the cable end of every connected computer.Computer Network Topology </p> <p>3. Star Topology</p> <p>Called a star topology because of its shape like a star, a device called a concentrator can be either a hub or switch into the center, where all the computers in a network connected to this concentrator.Computer Network Topology </p> <p>4. Tree Topology</p> <p>Tree Topology is the development or generalization of a bus topology. Transmission medium is a cable that branches but not a closed loop.Computer Network Topology </p> <p>5. Mesh Topology</p> <p>Mesh topology is the topology that has no rules in the connection. This topology is typically arise due to the lack of initial planning when building a network.Computer Network Topology </p> <p>6. Wireless Topology</p> <p>Wireless networks are a trend as an alternative to wired networks, especially for the development of traditional LAN because it can reduce the cost of wiring and reduce wiring relocation tasks when there is a change in the architecture of buildings and so on. This topology is known by various names, such as WLAN, WaveLAN, HotSpot, Thank You</p>


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