Twitter 101 Basic guide on how to use Twitter to successfully connect with companies, organizations and people.

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Twitter 101

Twitter 101Basic guide on how to use Twitter to successfully connect with companies, organizations and peopleWhat is Twitter?An easy to use social media network that allows you to:Post your own Tweets of 140 characters or less.Receive Tweets quickly and easily in order to have the latest news at your finger tips.Follow only the organizations, companies and people who you wish to receive information from (easily tailored to what YOU are interested in).

Ultimately Twitter allows two-way communication between companies/organizations and the public.HomepageFollowing are organizations/companies/people you subscribe to because you essentially care what news/information they distribute.Followers are organizations/companies/people who have immediate access to whatever you Tweet/Retweet and your page.Following/Followers can be found on the homepage as well.

Write your Tweet in your Compose new Tweet box located on your Twitter timeline.Your Tweets will show up in your homepage timeline along with Tweets/Retweets from those who you follow.

Twitter Lingo@Reply a way to react/respond to a Tweet you have read.Find the @reply button by scrolling over a Tweet to reply to that Twitter account without having to type in the username manually.Mention similar but used not in response to a tweet but to include a member in what you are Tweeting/ Retweeting.Twitter Lingo ContDirect Message (DM) used to send another Twitter member a private message that only you two can view in your DM inbox.A blue light under Me will show if you have a DM.

DM is found in thedrop down list next to following button orin this case where theedit profile buttonis on your homepage.

Twitter Lingo ContRetweet Used when you wish to share an important Tweet you see in your timeline with your followers.Scroll over the Tweet you wish to Retweet in your timeline and click the arrow button/Retweet button on mobile.Quote Retweet (only available on mobile) Click on the same arrows then chose the option quote Retweet to add your own additional information to the Retweet.

Twitter Lingo Cont#Hashtags Way for users to discuss the same topic by inserting a # before a word or set of words. Then click the hashtags you wish to learn more about. Get creative with hashtags so your followers become even more interested in you!Trending Topic Most current topics being discussed on Twitter (usually depend on what is being hashtagged or the most popular news at the time).Pictures/Color/Creativeness On TwitterAvatar another word for your display picture which you can change by hitting edit profile button on homepageCustomize your header photo (larger background picture) with same edit profile buttonAdd Pictures to your Tweets by clicking the camera that pops up under Compose New Tweet and choose a file.Customize your background in settings/design tabs (I made yours in a publishing layout document then uploaded it via settings/design tab)!

Best Way to Get StartedExplore the Twitter worldSearch different companies and see if they have a Twitter account (they probably do) and then follow them!Get Twitter Mobile App so you have all your latest news at your finger tips!