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THE TF TECHNIQUETaper .06 / Tip 35 OR Taper .04 / Tip 40

Taper .08 / Tip 25

Taper .06 / Tip 30

Confirm Coronal Patency

SteP 1 Take the TF .08/25 until it engages dentin and then withdraw immediately. Wipe the flutes, irrigate and recapitulate with a stainless steel hand file to confirm patency. Repeat Step 1 with the same TF file until TWL is achieved. If significant resistance is met before TWL is achieved, proceed with the TF .06/25 using the same steps.

SteP 2Next insert the TF .06/30, following the procedures in Step 1. For #30 tip size apical shape, you can stop at this point and begin your obturation.

SteP 3For final apical shape larger than #30, use the following appropriate tip size: .06/35 for #35 tip size .04/40 for #40 tip size

Prior to using TF, achieve straight line access to the coronal 1/3 and establish an apical glide path with at least a #20 hand file.

Motor speed: 500 RPM Wipe the flutes of the file after each insertion. Irrigate and recapitulate with a stainless steel hand file before you move to the next TF file in the sequence.

File Usage

With the file rotating freely as you enter the canal, advance the file with a single continuous and controlled motion until the file engages dentin, and then withdraw the file. Do not force the file apically.

For carrier-based obturation, a larger coronal flare is required.


SIZES 30, 35 & 40 TAPER TIP .06 .06 .04 30 35 40 23 MM 822-6303 822-6353 27 MM 822-6307 822-6357

LARGE APICAL ASSORTED TAPER TIP .06 .06 .04 30 35 40 822-6643 23 MM

SMALL APICAL ASSORTED TAPER TIP .08 .06 .06 25 30 35 822-8663 23 MM

822-4403 822-4407

To order or for more information, call 1-800-346-3636 or visit

Twisted Files is a trademark, and SybronEndo and the SybronEndo logo are registered trademarks of Sybron Dental Specialties, Inc. 2009 SybronEndo Part No. 077-3098 Rev. A

SAFER. STRONGER. FASTER.GreAt NeWS TF just got better! Now available in larger apical sizes: 30, 35 and 40. tF IS tWISted, NOt GrOUNd unlike other nickel titanium files making it more durable. Most endodontic files are made by grinding the flutes, weakening the metals molecular structure which can lead to separation. Not so with TF. Our unique manufacturing process produces a file with optimal sharpness and flexibility. TF allows you to work in difficult situations safer, faster and with a stronger file. BOttOM LINe TF helps you achieve your goals for saving natural dentition, alleviating your patients pain and managing dental trauma.