Tween SRC Program Ideas

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Tween SRC Program Ideas. Daphne Silchuk-Ashcraft Medina County District Library 2012. Slumber Party Activities. -Crafts -Games -Snacks -Nail Zone -Drawing/Writing Table -Music -Book Discussion . CRAFTS…. Dream Catcher Magazine Collage - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Tween SRC Program Ideas

Tween SRC Program Ideas

Tween SRC Program IdeasDaphne Silchuk-AshcraftMedina County District Librarysilchuk@mcdl.info2012Slumber Party Activities-Crafts-Games-Snacks-Nail Zone-Drawing/Writing Table-Music-Book Discussion

CRAFTS Dream Catcher Magazine Collage Dream Big Journal Shrinky Dink Jewelry

*We plan on having 2 crafts available at our Slumber Party and will be doing the other crafts as stand alone summer programs

Dream Catchers

Materials Needed:Recycled Bracelets (10/$1.00 Dollar Store!)Yarn or String (Leather if you can afford!)FeathersBeads *There are easier patterns for young children

Practice the single half hitch. There are lots of great resources online!

Magazine Collage

Things you Dream of

Materials Needed:

Tons of old magazinesScissorsGlueCard StockMarkers (Permanent) *Besides making a collage to take home, have everyone add something to an additional collage to display in your library!

Dream Big Journals Materials Needed: Brown paper lunch bagsMulti-Color Card StockStickers-Ellison shapes..Old MagazinesGlue SticksScissorsRibbon


Materials Needed:Shrinking PlasticColored Pencils/Permanent MarkersVariety of picture stencilsHole PunchString & BeadsToaster Oven/Craft Oven (350)

Necklaces, pins, rings..


am Big Journals

Materials Needed: Variety of video games Board games Play some classic party games! Go on a scavenger hunt


Chocolate pretzel dipping station! (I use a small crock pot to melt the great!)

We will also have pop, water, misc. chips & popcorn available for snacking. Look into getting pizza donated!


Materials Needed:

Variety of Nail Polish/Polish Remover/ Table Covering *Send out an email I got about 40 bottles of polish donated! Invite a local Nail Tech to come!

DRAWING & WRITING Materials Needed: Colored pencils Markers Crayons Paper

MUSIC Materials Needed:Variety of MusicBoom Box/ Ipod /SpeakersKaraoke MachineWii Dancing Games.


Things we will talk about: Do you know about our Tween Book Club? Book Trailer our Tweens made Rapid Book talk 10 new books What is your all time favorite book?

The End.