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<ul><li><p>7/30/2019 Tutorial w13 Gifted Programme Spore for EDU3104</p><p> 1/19</p><p>BEHAVIOUR AND CLASSROOM</p><p>MANAGEMENT</p><p>(EDU 3104)</p><p>TUTORIAL WEEK 13:</p><p>Information on Gifted Education</p><p>Programme (GEP) in Singapore</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Tutorial w13 Gifted Programme Spore for EDU3104</p><p> 2/19</p><p>Mission &amp; Vision of GEP</p><p>MISSION</p><p> The mission statement of the Gifted EducationProgramme is to provide leadership in the education ofthe intellectually gifted. The programme is committedto nurturing gifted individuals to their full potential for</p><p>the fulfilment of self and the betterment of society.VISION</p><p> The vision is to make the Gifted Education Programmea model of excellence in the education of theintellectually gifted. This will be achieved by providingprofessional expertise and exemplary resources todevelop intellectual rigour, humane values andcreativity in gifted youths to prepare them forresponsible leadership and service to country andsociety.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Tutorial w13 Gifted Programme Spore for EDU3104</p><p> 3/19</p><p>GEP Enrichment Programmes and Activities:</p><p>Chinese Language Camp</p><p>AimThe aim is to enhance pupils interest in learning Chinese, throughparticipation in activities related to Chinese Language and culture; and tocreate a platform for pupils to demonstrate their creativity and talentsthrough using Chinese as the medium of communication.</p><p>Description</p><p>This is a one-day camp that is held annually during the March holidays. Itis organised by the Gifted Education Branch for all Primary 5 mixedChinese Language class pupils (GEP and their non-GEP classmates) inthe GEP schools.</p><p>At the camp, pupils have the opportunity to learn Chinese through culturalworkshops and speech &amp; drama lessons. There will also be a skit</p><p>competition which will require them to perform their own creativeadaptations of a script.</p><p>Target Group</p><p>All Primary 5 GEP pupils, as well as their classmates in the mixedclasses.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Tutorial w13 Gifted Programme Spore for EDU3104</p><p> 4/19</p><p>GEP Enrichment Programmes and Activities:</p><p>Chinese Language Poem Writing and Recitation</p><p>Contest</p><p> Aim</p><p>The aim of the contest is to enhance pupils interest in learningChinese, through exposure to poetry and multiple ways ofpresenting poetry.</p><p> Description</p><p>This is a half-day event that is held in July. It is organised by theGifted Education Branch for all Primary 4 mixed Chinese Languageclass pupils (GEP and their non-GEP classmates) in the GEP schools.Pupils are taught to appreciate classical and contemporary poems</p><p>during their Chinese lessons. This contest is a platform for pupils toshowcase their ability in poetry writing and recitation as a result ofthose lessons.</p><p> Target Group</p><p>All Primary 4 GEP pupils, as well as their classmates in the mixedclasses.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Tutorial w13 Gifted Programme Spore for EDU3104</p><p> 5/19</p><p>GEP Enrichment Programmes and Activities:</p><p>Science Carnival</p><p> AimThe carnival aims to provide a platform for learning Science beyondthe classroom for P4 gifted and high-ability pupils.</p><p> Description</p><p>The Science Carnival is organised by the Gifted Education Branch</p><p>and the Science Centre Singapore to promote interest in Science. Itallows pupils to explore and experience Science through hands-onworkshops and activity stations. The Carnival provides a platformfor gifted and high-ability pupils to interact with peers from otherschools. For the SBGE students who help out with the event byleading groups and managing activity booths, the Carnival also</p><p>offers them opportunities to serve their younger peers.The Carnival is held at the Science Centre Singapore.</p><p> Target Group</p><p>All Primary 4 GEP pupils</p><p>Selected High-ability Learners (HALs) in Science</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Tutorial w13 Gifted Programme Spore for EDU3104</p><p> 6/19</p><p>GEP Enrichment Programmes and Activities: Creative</p><p>Arts Programme (Primary)</p><p> AimThe programme aims to nurture budding young writers at the Primary5 level. By offering them guidance in the art of creative writing, theprogramme hopes to help young writers improve their writing craftand enhance their literary understanding. CAP activities thus provide aplatform for like-minded pupils who are passionate about the arts and</p><p>about writing to meet and mutually develop their interests.</p><p> Description</p><p>The camp comprises the following:</p><p> writing workshops with published writers</p><p>peer critique sessions with writing peers</p><p> hands-on sessions with arts practitioners to experiment with art forms</p><p> Target Group</p><p>Selected Primary 5 pupils (both GEP and HAL) who have interest andaptitude in creative writing (in English).</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Tutorial w13 Gifted Programme Spore for EDU3104</p><p> 7/19</p><p>GEP Enrichment Programmes and Activities:</p><p>Actitude P5 Leadership Camp</p><p> Aim</p><p>The aim of the camp is to provide leadership training forselected potential leaders from GEP schools through anoutdoor adventure programme.</p><p> DescriptionDuring the camp, authentic situations are planned to allowpupils to develop and apply leadership skills. The three-dayresidential camp includes an expedition to Pulau Ubin. Pupilsalso engage in group and individual reflection so that they canthink about their camp experiences and gain insights toenhance their leadership capacity.</p><p> Target Group</p><p>Selected GEP pupils and High-ability Learners (HALs) from the9 GEP schools. Participants are selected based on acombination of self-assessment and teacher-assessment.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Tutorial w13 Gifted Programme Spore for EDU3104</p><p> 8/19</p><p>GEP Enrichment Programmes and Activities:</p><p>Mathematics Trail (GEP)</p><p> AimThe aim is to provide opportunities for pupils to apply mathematical skillsto solve real-life problems. Through complementing the content ofMathematics taught in the classroom, the Trail hopes to help pupilsdevelop an appreciation and enjoyment of Mathematics in everydaysituations.</p><p> DescriptionThe activity is usually conducted within the school compound, schoolneighbourhood, or at various parks or places of interest. The MathematicsTrail provides a good opportunity for pupils to experience the relevance ofMathematics in real life. It emphasises skills such as estimation andmental calculation.</p><p>At the Trail, pupils will use creative thinking skills to design feasiblemethods of solving real-life problems. They will also employ mathematicalskills to make good estimates of the measurements needed.</p><p> Target Group</p><p>Primary 5 GEP pupils</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Tutorial w13 Gifted Programme Spore for EDU3104</p><p> 9/19</p><p>GEP Enrichment Programmes and Activities:</p><p>Primary Mathematics Masterclass (PM2)</p><p> AimThe aim is to challenge pupils who have demonstrated exceptional abilityin Mathematics by exposing them to topics beyond those covered in theGEP Primary Mathematics curriculum. The pupils will be exposed to thethinking that is characteristic of a mathematician and learn tocommunicate mathematical ideas fluently.</p><p> DescriptionThis is held over three days in the June holidays. Based on results in aselection test, about 30 Primary 5 pupils from the 9 primary GEP schoolswill be selected to attend the Masterclass. There will be an emphasis ondeveloping problem-solving skills through interesting and challengingproblems. After the Masterclass, some pupils will be selected to</p><p>participate in the Primary Mathematics Masterclass Mentorship.Participants will have the opportunity to be mentored by a mathematicianand do research in Mathematics. The selection of participants for thementorship programme will be based on their interest as well as learningattitude.</p><p> Target Group</p><p>Selected Primary 5 GEP pupils and pupils who have high ability inMathematics. </p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Tutorial w13 Gifted Programme Spore for EDU3104</p><p> 10/19</p><p>GEP Enrichment Programmes and Activities:</p><p>Science Activity with NParks, A Walk in the</p><p>Park Aim</p><p>The activity aims to provide exposure to science contentoutside the syllabus, develop pupils love for nature, as wellas allow pupils to apply their scientific knowledge to real</p><p>issues. Description</p><p>This activity is organised in collaboration with NParks.Pupils will embark on a guided tour to one of the parks ornature reserves to learn about the rich biodiversity of flora</p><p>and fauna found in Singapore. They will learn about theimportance of conserving our natural heritage and the partthey can play to care for our environment.</p><p> Target Group</p><p>All Primary 5 GEP pupils</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Tutorial w13 Gifted Programme Spore for EDU3104</p><p> 11/19</p><p>GEP Enrichment Programmes and Activities:</p><p>Advanced Mathematics Enrichment Classes</p><p> AimThe aim is to provide enriching learning experiences beyond the corecurriculum to pupils with exceptional abilities in Mathematics. The AdvancedMathematics Enrichment Classes encourage the pupils to explore broader anddeeper mathematical concepts, and allow the pupils to focus their energies onenriched and advanced work in Mathematics over an extended period of time.</p><p> Description</p><p>The 2-hour long classes are conducted outside curriculum time once a week.</p><p>Pupils who have demonstrated even higher ability will be selected toparticipate in Mathematics competitions such as the RI Primary MathematicsWorld Contest, Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools andNational Mathematics Olympiad of Singapore.</p><p>In the Advanced Mathematics Enrichment Classes, pupils will be exposed to</p><p>various challenging advanced mathematical problems. They will discuss andexamine these advanced mathematical concepts in greater breadth anddepth, and learn different and efficient problem-solving strategies to tackleproblems.</p><p> Target Group</p><p>Selected Primary 5 and 6 GEP pupils who are mathematically precocious</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Tutorial w13 Gifted Programme Spore for EDU3104</p><p> 12/19</p><p>GEP Enrichment Programmes and Activities:</p><p>Mathematics Exploration Day Do the Math!</p><p> Aim</p><p>The aim is to provide a platform for learning Mathematics beyond theclassroom curriculum by exposing pupils to the vast applications ofMathematics.</p><p> Description</p><p>It is an out-of-class activity jointly organised by the Gifted EducationBranch, Raffles Girls School (Secondary) and Raffles Institution toencourage pupils to explore and apply their mathematical knowledge aswell as to foster collaboration and teamwork. During the 1-day event,pupils have the opportunity to learn new mathematical concepts througha series of workshops and interesting mathematical games and activities.In addition, the event serves as a platform for pupils to interact anddiscuss mathematical ideas with other pupils who share the same interestin Mathematics.</p><p> Target Group</p><p>Selected Primary 6 GEP pupils and Primary 6 High-ability Learners (HALs)in Mathematics from the mainstream.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Tutorial w13 Gifted Programme Spore for EDU3104</p><p> 13/19</p><p>GEP Enrichment Programmes and Activities:</p><p>Physics to Excite</p><p> Aim</p><p>The aims are to interest pupils in Physics, and to allow them to developtheir creative and scientific thinking skills through demonstrations andhands-on sessions.</p><p> Description</p><p>Physics to Excite is carried out as a post-examination activity forPrimary 6 GEP pupils and is held at the Physics Department in theNational University of Singapore.</p><p>This enrichment activity has been developed in the spirit of allowingstudents to discover and re-discover science through hands-onexperience and interactive learning. The science demonstrations aim</p><p>to build students understanding of Physics concepts by using visuallyimpactful examples of scientific phenomena. Similarly, the D.I.Y. toysthat the students get to construct (and take home) help to highlightscientific principles in an engaging manner.</p><p> Target Group</p><p>All Primary 6 GEP pupils</p><p>GEP E i h P d A i i i</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Tutorial w13 Gifted Programme Spore for EDU3104</p><p> 14/19</p><p>GEP Enrichment Programmes and Activities:</p><p>Science Talent Development Camp</p><p> Aim</p><p>The aim is to cater to the interests and abilities of GEP pupils whoare highly able in Science through the learning of advanced scienceconcepts.</p><p> Description</p><p>This is an annual two-day camp co-organised by the Gifted</p><p>Education Branch, Raffles Institution and Raffles Girls School(Secondary) for selected Primary 6 GEP pupils who show stronginterest and aptitude for Science. This camp challenges pupils whoare talented in Science through the learning of advanced scientificconcepts beyond the primary Science curriculum.</p><p>The pupils will be given opportunities to work on scientific</p><p>investigations in well-equipped laboratories. They are exposed toscientific investigations such as, DNA structure elucidation usingPCR and gel electrophoresis, and making new communicationdevices using optic fibres..</p><p> Target Group</p><p>Selected Primary 6 GEP pupils with strong interest in and aptitudefor Science. </p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Tutorial w13 Gifted Programme Spore for EDU3104</p><p> 15/19</p><p>Enrichment Activities and Programmes for</p><p>High-Ability Learners</p><p>1) RHB - The Straits Times National Spelling Championship (RHB-STNSC)</p><p>Target Group: Primary 4 6 pupils</p><p>Description:</p><p>The competition, formerly known as the National SpellingChampionship from 2007 to 2011, is organised annually by the</p><p>Gifted Education Branch.</p><p>The RHB-STNSC aims to develop a greater appreciation of the</p><p>importance of spelling in literacy development among Primary 4 6 pupils in Singapore. The competition provides pupils with the</p><p>opportunity to pit their spelling skills against one another by</p><p>applying strategies to help them spell words both familiar and</p><p>unfamiliar to them.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Tutorial w13 Gifted Programme Spore for EDU3104</p><p> 16/19</p><p>Enrichment Activities and Programmes for</p><p>High-Ability Learners</p><p>2) Wits &amp; Words: Inter-school Debate Championship</p><p>Target Group: Primary 5 &amp; 6 pupils</p><p>Description:</p><p>The Inter-school Debate Championship is jointly organised bythe Gifted Education Branch with Debate Association(Singapore) and Raffles Girls School (Secondary). Thiscompetition focuses on building the oral competencies ofverbally talented pupils.</p><p>The Inter-school Debate Championship also enjoys thesupport of the National Library Board. In 2013, NLB is offeringfour regional workshops on library research for interesteddebating teams and teachers.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Tutorial w13 Gifted Programme Spore for EDU3104</p><p> 17/19</p><p>Enrichment Activities and Programmes for</p><p>High-Ability Learners</p><p>3) Creative Arts Programme (Primary)Target Group:</p><p>Primary 5 pupils who have interest and aptitude in creativewriting (in English).</p><p>Description:</p><p>The camp provides participants with the opportunity tointeract with professionals from various arts disciplines,including published writers who can offer them advice onhow to hone their writing skills.</p><p>The camp comprises the following:-writing workshops with published writers</p><p>-peer critique sessions with writing peers</p><p>-hands-on sessions with arts practitioners to experimentwith art forms</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Tutorial w13 Gifted Programme Spore for EDU3104</p><p> 18/19</p><p>Enrichment Activities and Programmes for</p><p>High-Ability Learners</p><p>4) Primary Mathematics Project Competition</p><p>Target Group:</p><p>All Primary 4 and Primary 5 pupils</p><p>Description:</p><p>This competition is jointly organised by the Gifted EducationBranch and NUS High School of Mathematics and Science toencourage pupils to carry out innovative and creative work inMathematics.</p><p>The competition is targeted at pupils from two grade level...</p></li></ul>