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1. Turnitin for the iPad 2. Downloading the Turnitin App 3. 1. Search for Turnitin in the app store. Download the free app with your apple credentials. 4. 2. The app will download to the home screen of the iPad. Find the app and open the app. 5. Opening the App 6. 1. After the app is opened, touch the Turnitin button. 7. 2. Touch the Integrated LMS button since we access Turnitin through Blackboard. 8. 3. You will need to gain an access code via Blackboard. Click the Continue button to go to the access code page. 6 9. Gaining an Access Code 10. 1. Navigate to a course in Blackboard. Click on Turnitin Assignments. 11. 2. Click on any Turninit assignment listed. 12. 3. Click on the title of any students paper. All the papers will give the same access code and show you all students papers on the iPad. 13. 4. Click the iPad icon in the bottom left hand corner and click Generate Code. You will see your course code appear. 14. Entering the Access Code 15. 1. Back on the iPad, enter in the access code that was generated from Blackboard on your computer and touch the add button. 16. 2. You will be prompted to create a passcode. You will have to enter this number any time you access the Turnitin app. 17. Accessing your Course Assignments and Grading 18. 1. To access your classes, touch the Accounts button. 19. 2. Click on the High Point University button to access your courses. 20. 3. You will see a list of your courses. Touch a course to see all Turnitin assignments. 21. 4. Touch the assignment. You will be asked to sync submissions. Click Sync submissions. You will see a list of all submissions where you can click on individual papers to grade. 22. 5. Once submissions are synced, you can click on a student assignment to grade and view the originality report. 23. Please feel free to contact Kaitlyn Reish at kreish@highpoint.edu or 336-841-9379 with any further questions.