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    Turki  Mohammad  Al-­‐Turaiki Assistant  Professor

        Personal  Data  

    Nationality  |  Saudi            

    Date  of  Birth  |04/07/1986    

    Department  |  Surgery      

    Official  UoD  Email  |  tturaiki@ud.edu.sa  

    Language  Proficiency  

    Language   Read   Write   Speak   Arabic   Yes   Yes   Yes   English   Yes   Yes   Yes   Spanish   Yes   Yes   Yes     Academic  Qualifications  (Beginning  with  the  most  recent)  

    Date   Academic  Degree   Place  of  Issue   Address  

    05/11/2011   EBOPRAS  (European  board  of  plastic,   aesthetic  and  reconstructive  surgery)  

    U.E.M.S.   Europe  

    02/12/2010   SB-­‐Plast  (Saudi  board  of  Plastic  

    surgery)   Saudi  Commission  for  health  

    Specialties   K.S.A.  

    22/7/1992   MRCS  (Member  royal  college  of  

    surgeon)   ROYAL  COLLEGE  OF  SURGEON  

    IRELAND/   Intercollegiate  

    11/11/1985   MBBS   King  Faisal  University   K.S.A.     PhD,  Master  or  Fellowship  Research  Title:  (Academic  Honors  or  Distinctions)  

    Master   Master  Degree  in  Reconstructive  and  Microsurgery  (2011-­‐  2013)   Fellowship   Fellowships  in  Reconstructive  and  Microsurgery  (2011-­‐2013)    

    Professional  Record:  (Beginning  with  the  most  recent)  

    Job  Rank   Place  and  Address  of  Work   Date   Demonstrator   Surgery  (Plastic  Surgery)   Dammam  University-­‐  K.S.A.   19/04/2004  to  date      




    Administrative  Positions  Held:  (Beginning  with  the  most  recent)  

    Administrative  Position   Office   Date   Senior  Registrar   King  Fahd  Hospital  of  University  in  Al-­‐Khobar   2010  to  date   Senior  Resident   Saudi  Commission  for  Health  Specialties   2006  –  2010   Junior  Resident   Saudi  Commission  for  Health  Specialties   2004  –  2006    Service  Resident   Security  Forces  Hospital   2002  –  2004  

    Summer  Trainee   Saudi  ARAMCO  Medical  Services  Organization  Program,  

    Dhahran,  Saudi  Arabia   2000  –  2000  

    Summer  Trainee   Al-­‐  Mana  General  Hospital,  Dammam,  Saudi  Arabia.   1999  –  1999  

    Summer  Trainee   Eastern  Saudi  Arabia  Chamber  of  Commerce  &  Industry,  

    Training  &  Improvement  Division   1998  –  1998  

    Summer  Trainee   Training,  Al-­‐  Mouasa  Hospital,  Dammam,  Saudi  Arabia   1997  –  1997     Scientific  Achievements  

     Published  Refereed  Scientific  Researches   (In  Chronological  Order  Beginning  with  the  Most  Recent)     #   Name  of  Investigator(s)   Research  Title   Publisher  and  Date  of  Publication  


      M.  M.  Al-­‐Qattan,  T.  M.  Al-­‐Turaiki,   A.   Y.   Al-­‐Zahrani,   M.   S.   Al-­‐Harbi   and  F.  S.  Al-­‐Kahtani  

    A  New  Technique  of  Flexor   Profundus  Repair  in  the  Distal   Part  of  Zone  I:  Inclusion  of  the   Palmar  Plate    

    The  Journal  of  Hand  Surgery  2010   0:0  1-­‐5  

    2   M.   M.   Al-­‐Qattan   and   T.   M.   Al-­‐ Turaiki  

    Flexor  Tendon  Repair  in  Zone  2   Using  A  Six  –  Strand  “Figure  of   Eight  “  Suture  (  

    The  Journal  of  Hand  Surgery  2009   34E:  322-­‐328    

    3     M.  M.  Al-­‐Qattan,  T.  M.  Al-­‐Turaiki,   N.  Al-­‐Oudah  and  K.  Arab  

    Benign  Eccrine  Poroma  of  the   Dorsum  of  the  Hand:  Prediliction   for  the  Nail  Fold  &  P53  Positivity    

    The  Journal  of  Hand  Surgery  Vol.   34E  No.  3  June  2009  

      Current  Researches       #   Research  Title   Name  of  Investigator(s)   1   Inguinal  Lymphatic  Mapping  for  VLNT   T.  M.  Al-­‐Turaiki   2   Some  Vascular  Anatomical  Variation  in  Groin  Region   T.  M.  Al-­‐Turaiki   3   Tendon  Transfer  in  Children   M.  Al-­‐Bensh  I  and  T.  Al-­‐Turaiki     Contribution  to  Scientific  Conferences  and  Symposia     #   Conference  Title   Place  and  Date  of  the  Conference   Extent  of  Contribution  

    1   MICROSURGERY  LAB.  Hand-­‐On   TRAINING  

    Hospital  Universitario  de  Puerta  del   Hierro  /  April  2011-­‐  till  March  2013   Organizer  

    2   Barcelona  Breast  Meeting  -­‐   Redefining  Breast  Surgery    

    (Barcelona,  Spain)  /  13th  –  15th  March   2013   Attendant  

    3   XVIII  International  course  of   Plastic  and  Aesthetic  Surgery    

    (Clinica  Planas,  Barcelona,  Spain)  /  26th  –   28th  September  2012    



    #   Conference  Title   Place  and  Date  of  the  Conference   Extent  of  Contribution  


    2nd  European  Conference  on   Super  microsurgery  –  In  Search   of  the  Ideal  Surgical  Treatment   for  Lymphedema  

    (Hospital  Sant  Pau  I  Sant  Creu,   Barcelona,  Spain)  /  1st  –  2nd  March  2012   Participant  

    5   Genitourinary  Reconstruction   Course  

    (Fundacion  Puigvert,  Barcelona,  Spain)   /6th – 11th May 2012     Participant  


    XI  Surgery  of  the  Hand   Refresher  Course  Frontiers  in   Hand  and  Upper  Limb   Reconstruction    

    (Santander,  Spain)  /  23rd- 24th February 2012   Attendant  

    7   XV  International  Course  in   Basic  Microsurgery  (Hand-­‐On)  

    Barcelona  (Sabadell),  Spain  /  5-­‐7   October  2011   Participant  

    8   The  International  Symposium   on  Laser  Surgery   5-­‐7  October  2010   Attendant  

    9   Basic  Surgical  Operative  Skills   Course  Instructor  (Hand-­‐On)   Security  Forces  Hospital  -­‐  October  2010   Organizer  

    10   Monthly  Cadaveric  Anatomy   Course  

    Saudi  Council  for  Health  Specialties   (Board  of  Plastic  Surgery)  -­‐  2010   (Residency  Program  Activity)  


    11   Reconstruction  experience  by   Professor  Fredric  Jerome   Georges  

    R.K.H.  /  4-­‐5/7/2010   Participant  

    12   Laser  Safety  Workshop   11  July  2009   Participant  

    13   Advances  in  Wound  Care   Workshop   Riyadh  /  28-­‐29/4-­‐2009   Participant  

    14   Animal  Lab.  Hand-­‐On   Microsurgery  Course  

    King  Faisal  Specialist  Hospital  and   Research  Center  -­‐  (Board  of  Plastic   Surgery  /  Resident  Program  Activity)  -­‐   2009  


    15   International  Symposium  on   New  Trends  in  Hand  Surgery  

    Security  Forces  Hospital  -­‐  6/11-­‐ 2008  


    16   Endovascular  Therapy   Workshop   18-­‐19  October  2008   Participant  

    17   7th  GCC  Conference  for  Plastic,   Reconstructive  &  Burn  Surgery   R.K.H.  -­‐  11/14  May  -­‐2008   Attendant  

    18   Botox  /  Filler  Injection  &  Laser   Therapy  Course  (Hand-­‐On)   R.K.H.  -­‐  11/14  May  2008   Participant  

    19   Reconstructive  &  Aesthetic   Breast  Surgery  Workshop   K.F.SH.  &  R.C.  –  8/9/  April  2008   Attendant  


    Cortical  Plasticity  Following   Upper  Extremity   Reconstruction  &  Chronic   Neurogenic  Pain  Following   Peripheral  Nerves  


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