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Turkey Comenius team meeting France

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In September 2013: The project called Green Skills for a Global Change was announced to the teachers working in our school in the first teachers meeting. When the lessons started, the project group was chosen in terms of their proficiency level of English and their interest in working in an international project.

In our school website, we added a part called Our Comenius Project in order to show what we are doing about the project to our students, teachers.

Our project group prepared a Comenius Corner, where we tried to explain our environmental topic and our partner countries to make both teachers and students be aware of our project.

In November 2013:We issued a school magazine in English explaining our school, our project, our partner countries. The magazine was posted to all the schools in Kucukcekmece, Istanbul.

In December 2013:

We divided our project group into 5 subgroups and we wanted them to make a research about 5 different topics, namely water, soil, air pollution in Turkey, global warming and its effects on Turkey, and the effects of energy resources on global warming and environmental pollution.

In January 2014:We went to Lisbon, Portugal between 15th and 19th. Two teachers and 4 students went there. Our first project meeting was great.

In March 2014:

We organized a poster work with a slogan Are we aware? at school in order to explain our project better. 60 students took part in our organization. The posters were displayed in different places at school.

In April 2014:

We organized a short film contest about environment. 9 groups participated in the contest. The first three groups were awarded. At the same time, these films were shown in the classes and they were downloaded in our website. 11-L students with our project teacher, Ayfer ztekin, prepared a questionnaire about how sensitive we are to environment including 26 questions. 250 students answered it. According to its results, it turned out that most of the students havent raised environmental awareness completely. However, a great majority of them behave in an environmental-friendly way in some aspects. Before Slovenia meeting, our project group made a research about the advantages and disadvantages of windmills and the importance of wind energy in Turkey. With the help of the research, we prepared the presentation for Slovenia meeting. We also prepared a nice movie of our school.

In May 2014:

We had a videoconference with French students via Skype about windmills. Our videoconference was successful. Firstly, our students introduced themselves and the French group did it. Then, they discussed the topic.

Between the dates, 21st and 25th of May, 4 students and 3 teachers went to Slovenia. Every school presented their schools, countries and research work.

In June 2014:The students who had been to Slovenia wrote their creative diaries. Since the next meeting will be in September, we have prepared a letter about a proposal for the increase in the number of windmills in Istanbul. We will send it to our Ministry of Environment in October because we are not a member of European Union. Our project group is also in the preparation for a Turkey guidebook. It will be ready in November when our partner schools come to Turkey.