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1. 1Propriet ary and Confident i al Keith Wilson, VP Agency Products at The Search Agency 2. 2Propriet ary and Confident i al Source: McKinsey and Company Although marketers aim to push consumers through the Consumer Decision Journey in a linear fashion, that is not always the case. Oftentimes, consumers have very different experiences, are influenced by varying factors, and use a variety of tools to make their purchase decision (including multiple devices, such as televisions, desktops, tablets and smartphones). How do you measure and assign value to every point of a consumers unique purchasing experience? 3. 3Propriet ary and Confident i al It is important for marketers to stay cognizant of the many varieties of influential factors at every point of influence on the purchasing decision journey and utilize a mix of marketing tactics. The key to success lies in testing, iterations and guiding future strategy with meaningful metrics. SE OPaid Search Displa y Social Media Email Marketing