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  • Truro College

    Further Education Prospectus discover the difference

  • Welcome

    It has been another remarkable year of success for Truro and Penwith College.

    Our students have achieved record-breaking results across the whole range of our offer, in partnership with excellent teaching and support staff who deliver the highest standards of education. The College continues to expand its world- class facilities and to enhance access and opportunity for students across Cornwall.

    We are one of the very best colleges in the country and were delighted when Ofsted again designated us Outstanding in its most recent inspection of our work.

    Tertiary colleges such as this one have established a very high reputation for the quality of their specialist post-16 expertise and learning environments, for the wide range and flexibility of the courses they offer on both academic and vocational pathways, and for their examination results.

    Truro and Penwith College is a leading example of a Tertiary college and is recognised nationally as one of the very best providers of post-16 education and training. Results for A Level, vocational courses, work-based learning and the International Baccalaureate have been exceptional again this year. Our students not only achieve outstanding outcomes, but the best progression opportunities into Higher Education and employment which follow from those outcomes. It is their success that allows us to present ourselves with confidence as the best educational institution for you to pursue your ambitions.

    To deliver these high levels of student achievement, we focus constantly on providing outstanding teaching, exceptional personal support, and world-class facilities. Our impressive academies at the College provide a platform for students to pursue excellence in specific fields such as sports, medicine, music, art, and enterprise, alongside their chosen course. They also ensure that specialised guidance and support is available for applications to the most competitive degree courses and to the most selective universities.

    As you explore our prospectus, you will see the level of passion and commitment we bring to all aspects of College life. I hope you will decide to become a part of our College, and in doing so create your own outstanding experiences, achievements and futures.

    David Walrond Truro and Penwith College Principal


  • Contents Course Listing 04

    Outstanding Education 06 Outstanding Results 08 Outstanding Experiences 10 Outstanding Academies 13 Outstanding Opportunities 14

    Options Explained 16

    Courses & Training Programmes 20

    Apprenticeships 22 Art & Design 38 Automotive & Engineering 44 Business & Law 48 Care, Community & Education 54 Computing & IT 58 Construction 62 English & Languages 68 Food, Catering & Hospitality 74 Foundation Studies 78 Hair & Beauty 82 Humanities & Social Sciences 88 IB Diploma 94 Mathematics 98 Media & Photography 102 Music & Performing Arts 108 Personal & Professional Development 116 Public Services 120 Science 124 Sport 130

    Academies 134

    The Low-down 144 Frequently Asked Questions 151 Your Journey to College 152 Lifelong Learning 154

    How to Apply 156 We are open. Visit us 157 Index 158


  • Course Listing

    Subsidiary Diploma & Extended Cert/ Diploma Subsidiary Certificates and Diplomas are an excellent addition if you are studying A Levels. It can add breadth to your academic programme and provide a vocationally relevant dimension. The Level 3 course is equivalent to one A Level.

    IB Diploma 94 This two-year, Level 3 course is an excellent alternative to A Levels and provides a broad-based education. The IB Diploma is widely accepted by universities.

    Vocational These work-related qualifications will prepare you for progression to Higher Education or employment. They are excellent choices if you know the area of study or career pathway you wish to pursue. These courses are available at Level (L) 1, 2 and 3.

    A Levels You can study a wide variety of subjects and keep your options open. You will choose up to five subjects at AS Level (first year) and most students will continue with four subjects at A2 Level in the second year. A Levels are Level 3 courses.

    Art & Design 38 Art & Design (Critical & Contextual Studies) 40 Fine Art 40 Illustration/Graphics 40 Product Design & the Built Environment 42 Textiles Fashion 42 Textiles 42

    Automotive & Engineering 44 Electronics 46

    Business & Law 48 Accounting 50 Business Studies 50 Economics 50 Law 52

    Computing & IT 58 Computer Science 60

    English & Languages 68 English Language 70 English Language & Literature 70 English Literature 70 French 72 German 72 Italian 73 Italian for Beginners 73 Spanish 73 Spanish for Beginners 73

    Humanities & Social Sciences 88 Ancient History 90 Classical Civilisation 90 Geography 90 History 92 Philosophy, Religion & Ethics 92 Politics 92

    Psychology 93 Sociology 93

    Mathematics 98 Mathematics 100 Further Mathematics 100

    Media & Photography 102 Film Studies 104 Media Studies 104 Photography 104

    Music & Performing Arts 108 Dance 110 Drama & Theatre Studies 110 Music 110 Music Technology 110

    Science 124 Biology 126 Chemistry 126 Environmental Science 127 Geology 127 Physics 128

    Sport 130 Physical Education 132

    Care, Community & Education 54 Health & Social Care L3 Certificate / Diploma 56

    Computing & IT 58 Information Technology L3 Extended Certificate 60

    Music & Performing Arts 108 Music (Classical/Jazz) L3 Subsidiary Diploma 112 Musical Theatre L3 Subsidiary Diploma 112 Music (Rock & Pop) Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma 112

    Art & Design 38 Art & Design UAL L2 Diploma 43 Art & Design UAL L3 Extended Diploma 43

    Automotive & Engineering 44 Light Vehicle Maintenance & Repair L1 Diploma 46 Engineering L2 Diploma 47 Light Vehicle Maintenance & Repair L2 Diploma 47 Engineering L3 Extended Diploma 47 Light Vehicle Maintenance & Repair L3 Diploma 47

    Business & Law 48 Business Administration L2 Certificate 52 Business/Travel & Tourism L2 Diploma 52 Business L3 Extended Diploma 52 Business Administration L3 Certificate 53 Travel & Tourism L3 Extended Diploma 53

    Care, Community & Education 54 Exploring the Caring Sectors L1 Progression 56 Health & Social Care L2 Progression 57 Children’s Play, Learning & Development L3 Extended Diploma 57 Health & Social Care (Health Studies) L3 Extended Diploma 57 Health & Social Care (Social Care) L3 Extended Diploma 57


  • Apprenticeships Apprenticeships are an opportunity to earn a real wage, gain practical skills and complete nationally-recognised qualifications while working for a local business.

    Computing & IT 58 Introduction to Information Technology L1 Progression 60 Information & Creative Technology L2 Progression 60 IT Practitioners: General IT L3 Extended Diploma 61 IT Practitioners: Software Development L3 Extended Diploma 61

    Construction 62 Bricklaying L1 Diploma 64 Carpentry & Joinery L1 Diploma 64 Plastering L1 Diploma 64 Architectural Joinery L2 Technical Certificate 64 Bricklaying L2 Technical Certificate 66 Plastering L2 Technical Certificate 66 Site Carpentry L2 Technical Certificate 66 Architectural Joinery L3 Advanced Technical Diploma 66 Bricklaying L3 Advanced Technical Diploma 67 Site Carpentry L3 Advanced Technical Diploma 67

    Food, Catering & Hospitality 74 Professional Cookery L1 Diploma 76 Professional Cookery L2 Diploma 76 Food & Beverage Supervision L3 Diploma 77 Advanced Professional Cookery L3 Diploma 77

    Foundation Studies 78 Access Inclusive Learning 80 Access Skills Development 80 Access to Community & Education 80 Skilled for Life 80

    Hair & Beauty 82 Hair & Beauty Skills L1 Diploma 84 Barbering L2 Diploma 84 Beauty Therapy L2 Diploma 84 Ladies Hairdressing L2 Diploma 84 Beauty Therapy L3 Diploma 85 Hairdressing L3 Diploma 85 Nail Technologies L3 Diploma 86 Theatrical & Media Make-up L3 Diploma 86

    Media & Photography 102 Media & Photography L1 Progression 106 Art & Design: Photography UAL L2 Progression 106 Creative Media Production & Technology UAL L2 Progression 107 Art & Design: Photography UAL L3 Extended Diploma 107 Creative Media Production & Technology UAL L3 Extended Diploma 107

    Music & Performing Arts 108 Acting L2 Progression 112 Music L2 Progression 113 Production Arts L2 Progression 113 Music L3 Extended Diploma 114 Music Technology L3 Extended Diploma 114 Performing Arts: Dance L3 Extended Diploma 115 Performing Arts: Performance L3 Extended Diploma 115 Production Arts & Live Events L3 Extended Diploma 115

    Personal & Professional Development 116 Traineeships L1, 2 & 3 118 Personal & Professional Development L2 & 3 118

    Public Services 120 Public Services L2 Progression 122 Public Services L3 Extended Diploma 122

    Science 124 Applied Science (Analytical & Forensic Science) L3 Extended Diploma 128 Applied Science (Biomedical Science) L3 Extended Diploma 128

    Sport 130 Sport Level 2 Progression 132 Outdoor Adventure L3 Extended Diploma 132 Sport L3 Extended Diploma 133 Sport & Exercise Science L3 Extended Diploma 133

    Automotive & Engineering General We