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  • We must be one of the most advancedusers of Business One we really stretchit but it supports us well.

    James Collier,UK Financial Controller,Trulife


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    sAP sOlutiONs ANd serviCesSAP Business One application B1 Apps Rapiddeployment


    trulifeDelivering Enhanced Customer Experience with SAP Business One

  • TrulifeisoneofIrelandssuccessstories.Since1987,ithasbeenatrulyinternationalbusinessemployingover600people,andwithoperationsinIreland,theUK,theUSAandCanada.Originallyspecialisinginbreastprosthetics,theTrulifeGroupnowmarketsagrowingrangeofprostheticandorthoticproductsinover80countries.Withareputationforproductandserviceexcellence,TrulifehasestablishedaworldwidepresencewiththesupportofSAP Business OneandIIS.



    ThedecisionwastakentomovethenewTrulifeUKandIrelandsubsidiariesontoSAP Business One,withIISastheimplementationpartnerofchoice.IISlaterenabledTrulifetofurtherleverageSAP Business OnewithB1 Appsaddingdeepermanufacturingande-commercefunctionality.AsOliveGunning,GroupOperationsDirector,says:

    Both Ireland and UK operatedifferent businesses with differentproduction requirements but SAPBusiness One delivers.

    In Ireland, SAP Business One has enabled us to combine business operations so that we can run a manufacturing operation, an export distributor business and a domestic customer base on one unified package.

    This gives us the ability to integrate our entire customer ordering and have clear visibility on inventory management with purchaseplanning.

    Better FiNANCiAl CONtrOl

    Others in the company are equally enthusiastic about the solution.

    Ive used quite a few different systems and SAP Business One strikes the right balance for a company like ours.

    Its not the most complex system Ive used, but quite simply it turns raw data into usable information that puts me firmly in control and enables me to be more proactive.

    In my previous company it could take me half an hour to drill down into some of this data, but with SAP Business One I can get the same level of insight in five clicks.

    The ease of use and speed are incredibly important to a business like Trulife. With SAP Business One weve reduced the time taken to produce the accounts from six days down to two and a half.JamesCollier,UKFinancialController

    Were able to do far more in-depth analysis than before we started working with IIS. Nothing stands still, not our business and not what were doing with SAP Business One.

    IIS is helping us to evolve how we use it and, in fact, one of the great strengths of the system is its flexibility and how easy it is to build on it over time.CormacDowling,FinancialControllerIreland

    Trulife is a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of healthcare products to a global marketplace. A major supplier to the HSE in Ireland, and the NHS in the United Kingdom, Trulife distributes life-enhancing products through a network of 300 distributors in over 80 countries. Through the provision of SAP Business One and B1 Apps, IIS has helped Trulife manage a complex, growing business more effectively. IIS has enabled Trulife to expand and optimise its business while delivering a better experience to the patients, healthcare professionals and channel partners with whom it works.

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    Customers can now see exactlywhere in the process the order is, andthis allows healthcare professionalsto plan patient appointments moreaccurately.

    This not only helps themoptimise their time, but also meanspatients arent being inconveniencedif the product isnt ready.BrianBradley,OperationsManager

    SAP Business One hasenabledtruevisibilityandgreateroperationalefficiency.Ithasalsohelpedreducetimetodeliveryandgonebeyondexpectationsoncustomersatisfaction.

    Better PeOPle

    Trulifeisaspecialistmanufacturerofnichemedicaldevices,butitsbusinesssuccessrestsonpeoplewhetherthatspatients,customers,suppliersoremployees.Itsproductshelppatientsregaintheirpassionforlife,anditsemployeesareadedicatedteamfocusedonprovidingthebestpossibleservicetocustomersandpatientsalike.WiththestreamlinedprocessandenhancedcommunicationofferedbytheIISandSAP Business OnesolutionTrulifecontinuestoexpandandinnovatewhilstofferingtheverybestincustomersatisfaction.

    Our employees are always mindfulthat to our customers this isnt justanother product, its somethingthats life enhancing.

    Were all fully committed to delivering the very best service to customers.MartinRyan,SalesDirector,Ireland

    IIS have helped us take this to the next level. Using SAP Business One and B1Apps have empowered us to improve the level of service we can offer, and as a result were seeing new business due to our reputation for product and service excellence.BrianBradley,OperationsManager

    It is crucial in a business like ours is to be able to quicklyprovide the reporting requirements your company needsto provide staff with the information they need to helpthem make better business decisions. Thats the biggestbenefit weve gotten from implementing SAP Business One.

    Cormac Dowling, Financial Controller Ireland

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