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A love story

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  • The End

    True Fucking Story

    True Fucking Story

    The story of how I met your Father... LOL JK this is never going to happen , but here is the story of how I met a cute little french man. Well... he was a boy at the time :)

    Your face is a boy

  • The End

    True Fucking Story

    True Fucking Story

  • Driving in my new car through the rain, Im not too thrilled to be going to watch a movie with my cousin. I need a drink. But, on a Wednesday night for once I have nothing to do, and I told my cousin I would join her for a movie night. Not try say I dont enjoy my cousins company....I just dont feeling especially chipper and the weather isnt making it any better. Hell, Im not even wearing makeup. My mind drifted to tomorrow night, I was looking forward to tomorrow night....champagne Thursday.

    JE, my friend had invited me to Champaign Thursday yesterday. JE is Haitian and a sweetheart who occasionally speaks French with me. He was in class earlier this week and met a group of French exchange students that were looking for fun. Je, being a social butterfly, invited them to a new tradition with lots of cheap Champaign.

    JE knew I would be interested in meeting them because of my interest in French and French guys of course. Last year JE has befriended the old group of French exchange students at Auburn. I met them at this bday party last year,. At the time I was taking French and tried to practice with them. 10 jello shots later Flourent, one of the French boys, was asking me,

    "Have you eh ever hadzzzz French kiss?" as lame as this line sounds was it totally worked on me. I am and probably will always be a sucker for accents.

    Me and Flourent got caught kissing on JE's staircase and then ran into an upstairs closet. I felt guilty since I had a boyfriend at the time (jake) but, we were in a serious fight. Flourent didnt care.

    My phone started ringing....its JE "Hello!"


    One rainy night in Auburn....

  • "Polly! What are you doing babe?""Nothing," I left out the fact that I was enroute to my cousins."Well, me, Casey and Jhiggs are headed to hang out with the new frenchies, I was just seeing if you wanted to join.""Sure...but I thought it was tomorrow?""Yea, champagne Thursday is, but they called us to see if we wanted to hang out tonight at their place.""Sweet", I replied, "Where?""The reserve""O.K."JE gave me directions and I made a quick U TURN on College street.

    "Hey Katherine, I dont think I can hang out tonight. I forgot about a test I have tomorrow. Im sorry.""Oh its cool.""yea sorry love."So I drove to JE's directions and inevitably got lost. I called him back for reassurance.

    "Ya, keep to the left, I'll walk outside.""are any of them cute?""Well....em.....One guy is pretty cute ... haha....but you can decided for yourself. I cant really say that since Im a guy!"

    A year later in Lyon, France over xmas JE's sexuality was a bit more freed as he ran around the flat in his boxers with 3 other guys transforming his briefs into a thong while singing at the top of his lungs. But, thats another story.....

    I arrived at the apartment and made my way in introducing myself and scouting


  • 3out the cuter french guy. Our eyes met. Oh his eyes a sharp yellow green with long dark eye lashes. You must be who JE was referring to. "Romain, nice to meet you." He leaned in and I held out my hand for a shake, forgetting to do the kiss kiss on the check."Polly, nice to meet you I replied He Smiled. I asked again how do you say it?""Romain.""haha ok" I didnt even attempt it repeat.

    His voice sounds so familiar, almost not even french. I quickly made my way to Casey and jhiggs. 2 of my best guy friends at Auburn. Casey, an architecture student from Macon, GA, is a southern boy with a brain. He is studying to become an Architect, a really Ted Mosby. Jason, is an artistic industrial design kid with style. Casey and I have been desperately close in the last few months. Both fresh out of long term-first love relationships. We were always smoking together to keep our sanity. We were mutually attracted but only interested in friendship.

    "So you guys go to the same school as the last group from France right ?" Je asked.

    "Yea, ESDES." Romain answered. "I showed them around a bit they were cool kids.""Yea, " Casey interrupted "Polly knew the French dude pretty well haha." he elbowed me in the side laughing.I blushed, "yea, I guess.""Who did you know?" Romain asked darking his eyes at me with a grin. He tilted his head to the side. My mind went blank."Ummm, Flourent? flourent?" My French sounding worse and worse as I try to pronounce his name. "Florent?" Marine asked with a perfect accent. "he was my boyfriend."My eyes said "oh shit" Marine was a pretty girl, naturally pretty.

    "Yea we met at a party, JohnErics bday party last year. We just kissed. I said shaking my head. I spit out Im so sorry.""haha, its ok. She let out a genuine smile. dont worry. We did not stay together when he left."

  • , and he shot me the "oh fuck ha-ha" look.. I regained composure and I went on talking to Romain. "You want a drink?" he asked."Sure!"

    He made me a vodka and sun kissed in a coffee cup .....classy.

    I listened to his beautiful accent and finally figured out how I knew his voice. It was British, he sounded like the guy from Across the Universe. {A great movie about Jude, a boy from England, who come to America and falls in love with Lucy. Great love story, Great Beatles music.}

    "Have you seen Across the Universe?""No""you should see it, its a musical about the Beatles...your accent sounds like the guy from the movie.""He is British?""Yea, Why do you sounds British?""My step father is from Londonand he lives there with my I learned english from the UK.""Oh...well, youve got to see that movie when it comes out on you like the Beatles?""Yea, of course. He smiled. We sat down at the table and I turned up my Sunkist. The French girls jumped around taking pictures left and right of our hangout. They documented everything.

    "We have to show ya'll how to shot gun a beer!" Casey cheered.


    I gave Casey an "eat shit" look,

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  • I watched as my American friends bestowed the art of shot gunning a beer. Not quite my cup of tea, but, a fun show. I dont drink beer, got into cider when we lived in London , but thats another story.......

    I left the frenchies stark new apartment and heading home hours later with a buzz and a crush..tommorrow will be fun. And I will have makeup on.


  • 7I have dance practice every Thursdays, so after AU Rhythms sorry excuse for a practice, I called JE and got the directions to Jason's house in Eagles Landing. When I arrived everyone was already drinking. I sat myself at the table-playing circle of death next to my new French girlfriends. They added some new twists to this classic game.*Buffalo= a rule, that requires you to drink with your opposite hand. If you are caught with the drink to your mouth anyone can yell buffalo and you must finish your glass.*thumb rule, in this you put your thumb on your chin instead of the table.

    After drinking to much Andre, I moved to liquor as we started a game of Suck and Blow. I sat myself next to Romain. Casey put himself between the French girls attempting to kiss them...a game he would pursue for quite a while.

    "Lets play spin the bottle!"And the homo revelation began. The ration of girls to guys was upsetting, but we tried to keep it interesting with the girls kissing each other a so on. I had to hold Romain and Adrian apart! "Gross! Stop being to gay!" a phrase I would learn to say a lot....but thats another story......

    With the bubbling exciting of this new group the game changed to truth or dare and basically drink your face off! Romain hogged Jason's IPod playing unfamiliar tunes he had sang in concert in France.

    "Romain, this is how we dance here! Polly come dance with me. Show the frenchies how we do it in America!." Je saidIm sure was appalling to them.

    Champagne Thursday

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  • After seeing their reaction, I turned to John eric..I whispered in his ear.

    Dare me to kiss Romain, and Ill dare you to kiss a French girl.'"You like him! ? " his eyes lit up with excitement as he asked with a drunken smile."hes cute.'"ok""Polly! I dare you to kiss romain." He yelled above the music. I cringed at the thought of him realizing I put him up to it, but Romain was so enthralled in his song of Mardy Bum he did hear the dare at first, but JE didnt give up.

    "aight" romain answered.And we kissed with Mardy Bum in the background. He grabbed my face. It was a quick kiss, but I snuck in a quick lip bite. (thanks JE)We danced around to the music for a bit and Romain left for the bathroom. I was feeling pretty ballzy so I followed a min behind. But I didnt have to pee. I waited at jasons bathroom door. It opened and he fell out "Oh Sorry, here you go. "

    I shot him the ultimate eye fuck and he returned it smoothly....."Wow he has mastered this art too" I thought. We both kept the stare as we passed each other in the doorway. I turned over my shoulder as he walked back into the bathroom. We kissed with no hesitation. And there it chemistry. he kissed for a bit and finally made our way out of Jason's bathroom .....a bathroom we would make out way out of more than once....but thats another story.......


    Le Kiss

  • We all headed out side for a smoke in the cold January air. Truth or dare made its way around the circle. Marine kissed Casey. JE chugged his glass. Anne-Elodie kissed JE. Then Casey dared me to kiss Romains neck. Perfect I thought .. Hes mine now. Little did I know that was his ultima