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Troldtekt decoration offers individual decoration for ceilings, walls and framed wall panels while at the same time ensuring good room acoustics.

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  • Troldtekt decorationA different kind of decoration



    Troldtekt decoration offers individual decoration for ceilings, walls and framed wall panels while at the same time ensuring good room acoustics. Advanced printing technology enables the transfer of motifs of any type and design directly onto Troldtekt. The characteristic, rustic panel surface adds an exciting dimension to the motif and gives the room a unique decoration. Troldtekt decoration presents unique opportunities for non-traditional use of signs, logos or your own photos. Templates enable transfer of different graphic expressions and patterns to the panels, allowing even large areas to be decorated. The simple form makes it easier to install such as on to a large ceiling surface, because an element of randomness is generally allowed in the panel composition.

    On the following pages, you can read more about individual decoration by the designer duo aggebo&henriksen and by artist Jens Christian Vestergaard. You can also read about transformation of your own motifs into Troldtekt decoration.


    Troldtekt decoration a different kind of decoration

    Troldtekt decoration ......................................................2

    Good acoustics with a personal touch ........3 Case study: vestjyskBANK

    In the artists workshop ...............................................4

    Troldtekt as an artform .................................................5

    Designer-style Troldtekt ..........................................6-7

    Service ............................................................................................8

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    Published by: Troldtekt A/S, 2013

    Photos: David Bering, Martin Trsleff, Nonbye and Thomas Mlvig




    Good acoustics with a personal touch

    Several daily conferences in a glass-walled room may

    sound like a bad cocktail but it was everyday reality for

    vestjyskBANK employees. Using a Troldtekt decoration

    solution, good acoustics have now been created in the

    10 sq m glass room.

    The bank had two of their own ad photos printed

    on the decoration solution. The photos depict children

    and adults playing outside in nature and they have

    become a daily reminder about the banks values

    closeness, competence and dynamics.

    An obvious solution

    Birte rum works in the department handling opera-

    tion and maintenance of all vestjyskBANK departments.

    vestjyskBANK in Lemvig (Western Denmark) used a Troldtekt decoration solution to improve acoustics as well as aesthetics in their conference room. The bank chose a motif which reflects the banks values.

    < vestjyskBANK had their own motifs printed, symbolising the banks values closeness, competence and dynamics.

    < Troldtekt decoration creates good acoustics in the 10 sq m glass cage at vestjyskBANK in Lemvig.

    In connection with a workplace evaluation, she became

    aware of the acoustics problems in the Lemvig con-

    ference room.

    The rooms acoustics were a huge challenge for us.

    It was impossible to have a conversation in there,

    whether there were few or many people in the room,

    she says.

    Initially, the bank had the Troldtekt panels on trial

    but it quickly became obvious that the panels improved

    the acoustics so obvious, in fact, that the bank also

    chose to use this solution in another office.

    Positive response

    Reactions among employees and bank customers to

    the decoration solution and the banks printed motifs

    have been positive both to the aesthetic expression

    and the improved acoustics. Furthermore, since the

    Troldtekt panels are suspended directly from the ceiling

    perpendicular to each other, the conference room has

    retained the bright expression which was the original

    idea behind the glass walls.

    We are very pleased with this solution, and feed-

    back has been extremely positive, says Birte rum.

    Troldtekt decoration allows you to have acoustics-regulating wall panels or entire ceiling surfaces covered with individual decoration.Your imagination and taste are the only limits for the motifs. You can supply your own digital photo, a scanned drawing or a painting as long as you have secured the rights to copy the motif. The Internet contains a wide variety of webpages offering royalty-free high-resolution pictures at reasonable costs - for example try searching stock photo.

    Digital pictures for printing on Troldtekt must have a relatively high resolution i.e. minimum 72 dpi in the final motif size, which could be 120 120 cm.

    Troldtekt decoration is also well suited for logos or signs. The only limitation is the rustic characteristics of the Troldtekt panels, which are not suitable for rendering small fonts and motifs with small and intricate details.

    Troldtekt with your own motif


    In the artists workshop

    When spoken language comes to an end, imagination

    takes over. These words were spoken by West Jutland

    artist Jens Christian Vestergaard. To him, a painting

    says more than a thousand words. Vestergaard finds

    his inspiration in the strong, personal experiences his

    life has offered, some of them rough, and he channels

    his thoughts into brush strokes on canvas in his studio

    located in Stoholm in central Jutland. The results are a

    line of paintings in strong colours and a selection of

    these can be reproduced for customers in a Troldtekt

    decoration solution.

    Inspiration from Troldtekt

    Jens Christian Vestergaard finds it exciting when one of

    his paintings is blown up using digital photography and

    printing technology to fit a Troldtekt panel much larger

    than the original.

    These panels work extremely well when they are

    printed. In fact, it once inspired me to redo one of my

    paintings in a larger version, says Vestergaard, who is

    Several of Jens Christian Vestergaards paintings have been reproduced on Troldtekt decoration. This has been an exciting process to be involved in for the artist, who finds the inspiration for his colourful paintings in his own experiences and thoughts.

    comfortable with his works changing

    character when used for Troldtekt

    decoration. The artist continues,

    The nuances often become darker

    but it works well and I fully respect

    the fact that printing on Troldtekt is a

    completely different tool than working

    with paint and spatula on a canvas.

    Artistic line

    So far, it is mainly Jens Christian Vester-

    gaards earlier motifs that are used for

    Troldtekt decoration. In time, Vestergaard imagines

    that the development and line of his own painting

    career may be repeated in the Troldtekt motifs.

    I have developed from the non-figurative and

    abstract to more specific motifs and depending on the

    space where the solution is to be used, this develop-

    ment may be interesting to reflect via Troldtekt, he


    Biblical motif

    In recent years, a motif containing the biblical story of

    Jacobs Ladder combined with the story of the Babel

    Tower has characterised Jens Christian Vestergaards art.

    On the one hand, the image symbolises that which

    comes to us from above. On the other hand, the Babel

    Tower illustrates our attempts to control life on our

    own attempts which often turn out to be pies

    in the sky. I imagine that a painting like that would go

    well on a Troldtekt panel e.g. for a parish council,

    says Jens Christian Vestergaard.

    Jens Christian Vestergaard was born in 1960 and has been a professional artist for 15 years.

    He is originally from Holstebro in Western Jutland, but now lives with his family in Stoholm in the centre of Jutland, where Vestergaard also has his own studio.

    Buyers of Vestergaards paintings include Danish and foreign private individuals and

    also a number of banks, schools and cultural establishments.

    Facts about the artist



    Troldtekt as an artform

    As a professional I am truly proud the results

    are amazing!

    Olafur Munk from sign manufacturer Ole Nonbye

    A/S in Odder, Denmark, leaves no doubt about the

    quality of the prints made by the companys gigantic

    printer on the Troldtekt panels. For about 8 years,

    Olafur Munk, Manager of Digital and Screen Printing

    at Nonbye, has been printing paintings, company logos

    or private motifs on Troldtekt panels.

    This is a completely different material from PVC,

    glass or aluminium, which are our primary print media.

    Troldtekt panels have a coarse structure and absorb a

    large amount of ink. Therefore we need to use large

    volumes of colour, says Olafur Munk, who has spent

    many hours researching the exact volumes of colour

    necessary to render the original concepts in the best

    possible way.

    Room to manoeuvre

    The printing process starts with Nonbye receiving

    the desired illustration in the form of a digital photo.

    Colours and scale are then adjusted before the printer

    takes over. This rolls the ink over the Troldtekt panel in

    two passes while s