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Trip to London

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María Cascales, David Marín, Arnau Busqué, Marta Payá, Steeven Daniel y Alfredo Rodríguez. Trip to London. Day 1. The meeting point is at IES Miguel Espinosa at 5 o’clock am - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Trip to London

  • Mara Cascales, David Marn, Arnau Busqu, Marta Pay, Steeven Daniel y Alfredo Rodrguez

  • The meeting point is at IES Miguel Espinosa at 5 oclock amWell arrive at the airport of Alicante at 6:00 am, to have the bording pass and check in the baggage.Well flight to the Gatwick airport.Well arrived 9:35. Then well go by bus to the hotel.The hotels name is Royal National Hotel.Then well go by subway to Westminster Bridge to see the Big Ben, the Parliament andTrafalgar Square.Walk and diner in Leicester Square

  • It is locate at BEDFORD WAY-RUSSELL SQUARE.This 3 stars hotel provides both clean and horney accommodation.Have a wonderful time an the Royal National Hotel with our fast room service.

  • subway to Westminster Bridge

  • Leicester Square is a pedestrianised square in the West End of London, England

  • The typical meal in London is the fish and chips. can be purchased on the street.Also you can buy ice cream on the street.

  • Gas lamps in Green Park, LondonGas lamp, Chancery Lane.New Square Lincoln's Inn, London, WC2A.Gas lamp by Covent Garden tube station.The main street into Covent Garden, James Street, is still lit entirely by gas. By the Lamb ad Flag pub, Rose Street and Lazenby Court, Covent Garden.Garrick Street, Covent Garden.