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london trip

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  • 2013



    4 ESO


  • Trip to London :

    Horario Domingo 17 Lunes 18 Martes 19 Mircoles 20 Jueves 21 Viernes 22

    Maana --- Desayuno en el alojamientoDesayuno en el

    alojamientoDesayuno en

    el alojamientoDesayuno en

    el alojamientoDesayuno en el


    --- Nationa Gallery Covent Garden

    St James Park

    Camden Lock Market,

    Recogida de equipajes

    --- British Museum Tate ModernPortobello

    Road Market.Notting Hill Arts Club

    Traslado al aeropuerto


    --- British Film Institute Piccadilly

    CircusGolden Bridge

    Jubilee.Museum of Childhood Aeropuerto

    Tarde Aeropuerto Pollock's Toy Museum Abbey RoadNational Army


    The Photographer

    's Gallery.Vuelo


    NocheLlegada al

    alojamiento alojamiento alojamientoLlegada al

    alojamientoLlegada al

    alojamiento HOUSE---

  • 1 We are arriving at Heathrow airport in London at the eight o'clock of the morning.

    2 We are taking the, subway to the center of London, we are taking the subway Gatwick Express

    3 We are coming to Victoria Station to "Hotel Lidos Hotel" This hotel is at 10 minutes in the C / Belgrave Round

    4 Hotel Lidos Hotel 44 $ IVA is incorporating the hotel is in the center of London

    Hotel Lidos


    08:00 h We are get up .08:30 h We are breakfast in the hotel .09:00 h We have free time to we wash.09:30 h We have the morning visit .12:30 h We are eat in the fast food restaurant .14:00 h We have the afternoon visit .17:00 h We are going to drink the tea.17:30 h We have free time .19:00 h - We are dine in the hotel .20:00 h We have free time for we are talk the us experiences of the day.22:00 h We go to the bed in us room


  • 1 day : We are going to in the British Museum , the oldest museum in the world , after we entering the National Gallery.

    National Gallery British Museum (Visit morning) (Visit afternoon)

    2 day :We are entering into the British Film Institute to see the London cinematographic heritage after We coming to the Pollock's Toy Museum for us remembering our childhood .

    British Film Institute Pollock's Toy Museum (Visit morning) (Visit afternoon)

    3 day :We are to exploring a Covent Garden is a very lively area , after we visiting to the Tate Modern for us watching their works

  • Covent Garden Tate Modern (Visit morning) (Visit afternoon)

    4 day : We are going to Piccadilly Circus is a road junction and public space ofLondon s West End in the City of Westminster , after we visiting the famous the Abbey Road ot the BEATLES the famous singer

    Piccadilly Circus Abbey Road (Visit morning) (Visit afternoon)

  • 5 day: We are goint to St James Park of London. We are to feed the ducks. And for Portobello Road Marcket.

    St James Park Portobello Road Market. (Visit morning) (Visit afternoon)


  • We are going to London because we are learning a lot of English.

    Also we are learning very thing of the museum because the museum have got very history that we can know and surprise we.

    We are learning we are living together with our schoolmate 24h of the day.

  • Also we know the different food that they are eat in London city.


    1.We aren't smoking cigarette in the trip .

    2.We are silence when the guide is explain .

  • 3.We aren't wearing the movile during of day .

    4.We aren't speeding to the floor

  • Dear's fathers/mothers or tutors:

    We will contact you theirs for talking information about of excursion that making you theirs childrens, the next 17 of February with destination London.Since was anticipate or activity only making for students or 4 E.S.O.The said activity consist of trip leisure and cultural.

    Destination: London (Reino Unido U.K)Date: Day 17 of February.Finance: His recommend personal save for expensive or trip.Price for student: 500$ that pay by periodsRegistration: The registration is confirmed of first credit payment of 200$.For it each students have period of week deliver corresponding to money.Participant: Be able to take park in activity a lot of the students that now there was penalize with lose of right participate in out of school activities.

    Waited for these dates them help take decision respect to participated yours daughters in be activity. Now however, if require any explanation be able to his doubts, called to 945623675.

  • Dears fathers/mothers or tutors:

    Returned of enter in contact with you for inform that have to know as much as before the confirmation of assistant or his daughters. The motive of his letter is important in hours there cultural trip.We his tutors have to know as soon as before or number of students that helped trip.

    The Money minimum advise for that take his daughters principally is 75$ for eat during of five days.In change for own expense were his choice.

    4 Hotel Lidos Hotel 44 $ IVA is incorporating the hotel is in the center of London