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  • 1. Trilogy Health Services Compassionately Committed to Excellence in Customer Service!
  • 2. Trilogy Background
    • Founded December 1997, Trilogy is a customer service-focused provider of senior living and long-term healthcare services in a continuum of care setting including adult day care, assisted living and skilled nursing services.
    • Midwestern operations, headquartered in Louisville, KY.
    • Raised initial growth capital in 1998.
    • Opened first health campus in February 1999.
    Trilogy is among the top 20 senior care operators in the United States Number of Communities in Operation per Year
  • 3. Regional Markets
    • Snapshot:
    • 61 healthcare facilities in 5 states, 6,214 beds.
    • 7,500 employees.
    • Six Operating Divisions
    • TriStar Service Companies
      • PCA Pharmacy
      • Paragon Rehabilitation
      • Vibrant! Home Health
    Campus Location by State 35 13 4 3 1 39 14 4 3 1
  • 4. Trilogy Operating Strategies
    • Using servant leadership culture as a foundation build a service model that is Compassionately Committed to Excellence in Customer Service!
    • Create value through Best in Class operations in newly-constructed or renovated Trilogy Health Campuses.
    • Cluster health campuses and ancillary businesses in demographically attractive non-urban communities in the Midwestern states of Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky , Illinois and Michigan.
    • Aggressively market superior service model and full continuum advantage.
    • Leverage size and market position for synergistic efforts in related businesses and facilities.
    Campus Based Ancillary Services
  • 5. Trilogy Service Standards
    • Trilogys operating philosophy is to deliver Best in Class service that Exceeds the Expectations of our Customers.
      • Servant leadership culture
      • Customer service training for all staff
      • Leadership training for nurses and caregivers
      • Trilogy Service Standards
    • Best in Class Employee Leadership
      • High Morale and Retention create service advantage.
        • Most important Employee is the one closest to the customer.
      • Employee Loyalty/Engagement achieved:
        • ER3 Programs/Enhanced Benefits
        • Training and Education Investments
    • Trilogy uses leading edge service providers as its role models in all facets of operations.
    • Focus on service excellence has yielded:
      • Continued improvement in customer service scoring
      • Improvement in occupancy and payor mix
      • Growth in same-store earnings
    Focus on Service Leadership
  • 6. The Trilogy Health Campus
    • Each Campus Contains Distinct Operating Units for Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living services.
    • Free Standing aspect of the Skilled and Assisted units is a critical feature to our customers.
      • Separate Entrances, parking areas, dining and living areas.
      • Operating units are small with a non institutional feel. Just like home!
      • Amenities and dcor are reflective of service level.
    • New Construction creates competitive advantages.
    • Shared overhead services are key to efficiency and operation.
      • Administration and other support services are located conveniently between the units.
      • Kitchen is located between the two dining rooms, allowing for hot meal service directly to both.
      • Service areas are hidden from consumer view.
    Administration Support Services Residence Assisted Living Healthcare Center Skilled Nursing Central Service Area Kitchen Separate Entrances
  • 7. Campus Photos
  • 8. Focus on Customer Service
    • Trilogys operating philosophy is to deliver excellent customer service.
      • Trilogy Business Thoughts
      • Resident First Program
      • Family Call Program
      • Customer Service Training
    • Trilogys culture of focusing on customer service is the cornerstone of its success.
  • 9.
    • The home office works for the field.
    • Utilize home office team members for best practices and experience.
    • We are here to be your partner in leading continuous improvement in your campus or area of expertise. We are not a company of lone rangers!!
    • Organization charts are for organization; not communication!
    Home Office Support Team
  • 10. Culture of Service Mission Statement s to Successful Customer Service Customer Validation E
  • 11. Trilogy - Mission Statement
    • Trilogy is committed to exceeding their customer's expectations.
      • Excellence is achieved by execution of the Trilogy Service Standards.
    • The Right Employees make the difference.
      • Communication and training are the keys to success.
    • The Team Approach works best.
      • Let everyone contribute to his or her fullest potential.
    • Pay Attention to the Details.
      • The details separate the winners from the losers.
    • Take what the Company is doing very seriously, but not yourself.
      • The company has zero tolerance for egos or politics.
  • 12. s to Successful Customer Service
    • Expectations
      • High expectations for customer service; zero tolerance for failure to execute our Trilogy Service Standards and promptly responding to and resolving customer needs and concerns; high expectations for employee conduct; zero tolerance for patient abuse, improper ethics or mistreatment of peers.
    • Excellence
      • Compassionate service and customer service excellence with attention to details. We go out of our way to help our customers or another employee.
    • Employees
      • Employees make the difference; everyone pulls on the same customer service rope. When our employees are treated like royalty, they will treat our customers like royalty.
    • Empowerment
      • Create empowered employees through culture and training.
    • Education
      • Invest in training for our employees; training is a personal responsibility.
    • Earnings
      • Earnings are the result of great customer service and can be thought of as the applause of the customers for a job well done. This in turn, allow re-investment in improving our services and campus environment.
    • Execution
      • Requires teamwork, commitment, compassion and communication.
  • 13. Build a Culture of Customer Service
    • Trilogys operating philosophy is to deliver excellent customer service.
      • Servant leadership culture.
      • Campus specific customer service programs.
      • Customer service training for all staff.
      • Leadership training for nurses and caregivers.
    • Focus on service excellence has yielded:
      • Continued improvement in customer service scoring.
      • Improvement in occupancy and payor mix.
      • Growth in same store earnings.
    Spring 2010 Customer Satisfaction Survey Would You Recommend Our Campus?
  • 14. Professional Development
    • We encourage growth in cultural leadership through continuing education and business management reads. Some recent titles that may give you assist with our culture of customer service and philosophy to our company are: