Tri-Phasic Model: Remembrance & Mourning IATP Narrative Exposure Therapy Model

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Tri-Phasic Model: Remembrance & Mourning

Tri-Phasic Model:Remembrance & MourningIATP Narrative Exposure Therapy ModelIATP NETIntegrates elements several methods including: Trauma-Focused CBT; EMDR; Cognitive Processing Therapy; Traumatic Incident Reduction; Prolonged ExposureNon-abreactive narrative trauma memory processing for desensitization and integrationExcellent tool for helping survivors have a positive mastery experience with confronting trauma memoryHighly structured but simple and easy to useSteps15 30 min set up in previous sesisonInstructions for Graphic Time LineHomework Written Narrative Two 5min halvesPictorial NarrativeVerbal Narrative Recursive NarrativeClosureGraphic Time LineNarrative 1Introduced in previous session End Points (beginning & end)BeginningWhen did you first perceive threat?EndWhen did you first realize that you were going to survive?Middle part completed as homeworkGraphic Time LineBeginningEndImpactNissanUnbuckle seat beltsWaiting w/ surgeonEMT=OKUpside downFlip &skidWritten NarrativeNarrative 25 min writing of the FIRST HALF of the GTL with RELAXED BODYINTERMISSION: Relaxation Skill (i.e., Diaphragmatic Breathing)5 min writing SECOND HALF of GTL with RELAXED BODY90 second prompts (Keep your body relaxed; With a relaxed body, take two more minutes. Pictorial NarrativeNarrative 3Use template to have survivor draw six pictures that tell the story just writtenDraw endpoints first (Beginning & End) then full in four middle drawings10 minutes maxRELAXED BODYPictorial Narrative

Verbal NarrativeNarrative 4As soon as survivor completes drawing ask: May I approach you?Ask survivor to use the pictures to tell you their story with a REALAXED BODYNo interruptions unless dysregulation Thank survivor when completed15 min maxRecursive NarrativeNarrative 5Ask survivor: May I see your pictures ? (survivor hands pix to therapist)Tell back survivors story as accurately as possible using same language and inflections.Use third-person (Survivor's name and gender-specific pronoun)DO NOT embellishTherapist MUST keep relaxed body CLOSURE5 10 min at end of session to discuss survivors reactionsSuggestions Aerobic activity following sessionAccess & utilize support36 hours of re-experiencing/dissipating within 72 hoursCall if any difficultiesCount backwards from 100 by 7s