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Treatise of Fluxions

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    Issue Table of ContentsAmerican Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 104, No. 5 (May, 1997), pp. 393-484Front MatterWas Newton's Calculus a Dead End? The Continental Influence of Maclaurin's Treatise of Fluxions [pp. 393-410]Yet Another Definition of Chaos [pp. 411-414]Hereditary Classes of Operators and Matrices [pp. 415-430]Major Centers of Triangles [pp. 431-438]On Lambert's Proof of the Irrationality of [pp. 439-443]NotesA Simple Congruence modulo p [pp. 444-445]A Geometrical Method for Finding an Explicit Formula for the Greatest Common Divisor [pp. 445-446]

    The Evolution of...On the Historical Development of Infinitesimal Mathematics [pp. 447-455]

    Problems and SolutionsProblems: 10585-10591 [pp. 456-457]Solutions10383 [p. 457]10384 [pp. 458-459]10388 [pp. 459-460]10389 [pp. 460-461]10391 [pp. 461-462]10398 [p. 462]10400 [pp. 462-463]10410 [pp. 463-464]10416 [pp. 464-465]10417 [pp. 465-466]10420 [p. 466]10424 [pp. 466-467]

    ReviewsReview: untitled [pp. 468-471]Review: untitled [pp. 471-478]

    Telegraphic Reviews [pp. 479-482]The Authors [p. 483]Editor's Endnotes [p. 484]Back Matter