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Travel Community Forum


Travel Community Forum

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Travel Community Forum

Team Member :Sandeep Gaikwad


Department of Computer Science & Information Technology



Outline TravelReveal Community Forum

1- Definition of Problem.2- Objective.3-Existing System.4-Introduction of Project.5-Requirement Analysis ,Technical specification.6-Propose system.7- Activity Flow of System.8-Conclusion.9- References.

Forum3Travel Community Forum

Definition Of Problem TravelReveal Community Forum

• There are many forum related to Computer, Health, Science , Development are exist.• but there are less number of Travel Forum are present•An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. •Administrator may promote (and demote) member to moderator manage the rules, create sections and sub-sections, as well as perform any database operations (database backup etc.).•Administrator use Admin Panel for above operation. Its very hard to perform delete post, banned user, block thread.

Forum4Travel Community Forum

3-Existing System TravelReveal Community Forum

India Mike.com


TripAdviser.com travelerforum.com Virtualtourist.com

ugoigo.com punbb.com DANIWEB.com

5Travel Community Forum

Plus Point of Existing System.•India Mike is Popular travel forum•Well structure , focus on tourist places.•Ugoigo travel forum is clean and attractive UI. Problem of existing System.• There is attractive UI In India mike travel forum.•Trip- Adviser Forum focus on tourist places Topic.•Ugoigo forum is only focus on Tourist destination•There is no automatic user ban system in below forum•There is no automatic Topic ban system.•Moderator is required to moderate topic Post in existing system.

Objective TravelReveal Community Forum

Travel community forum is message board where traveler share their idea, thought, problem , with other. So that this helpful for new traveler having wish to travel. He get information about travel spot, hotels, culture, etc. objective of forum is that member put question or thread on forum. Visitor gives there replies to thread likewise discussion is start. Generally company build the forum to popular the company website. TravelReveal.com website is providing the travel community forum for travelers.

Forum6Travel Community Forum

Introduction of Project TravelReveal Community Forum

The Travel Community Forum is message board, where traveler share their idea, thought, problem , with other.There are many feature such user group, emoicon, BBCode & HTML, By default to be an Internet forum, the web application needs an ability to submit threads and replies. Forum software may sometimes allow categories or subforums. This Forum have Automatic User Ban settingThis Forum have feature like restrict bad-words in posting message.Travel Community Forum Have Enhance Look Feel.Open Source Technology such as( PHP, MySQL , JQuery)is Used to Developed The Forum.This Forum Have Rating System for Topic, Reply.

Forum7Travel Community Forum

Requirement Analysis Technical Specification

Developer System Requirements Software RequirementWeb browsers : IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Design & Coding :Adobe Photoshop CS4 , Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 -Client Side : HTML, CSS, JQuery, AJAXServer Side : PHPTesting Server :XAMPP - Operating System :Windows XP. Hardware RequirementsProcessor :1.66GHz,HDD :40 GBRAM :1GB.Monitor :15’’ ,1024x768

Note: This Hardware Requirement is Minimum.

Forum8Travel Community Forum

Travel Community Forum

Propose Design Travel Community Forum


Admin PanelAdmin Panel

Flow of SystemTravelReveal Community Forum


START Homepage



User isValid()

Registration Exist/Home

Admin Send Activation Link

Forgot Password Pwd Mail to User

Read Reply Post Topic Post Reply

Notification to Admin

Post Topic/ReplyPost, Topic Approve

Mail to User

FAQ Logout / End

Check user



10Travel Community Forum

isRegister (user)

Admin Logout


Yes No

User PanelAdmin Panel


User Can Login from Link

User get forgotten pwd through email



Check User is DB

Logic Of User,Topic ban System TravelReveal Community Forum

Forum11Travel Community Forum


User ,Topic,Reply

Posted Topic , Reply, User-Review

Other Member Read the Topic

Rating To Topic

Red Flag

Reason For Red Flag


Topic , User is Banned EndYes

NoDiscard Ban

Logic Of Bad-word Restriction System TravelReveal Community Forum

Forum12Travel Community Forum


Logged User

Posted Topic , Reply, User-Review


Badword DB


Topic , Reply is post


Badword DB


Save in DBNo

Check Bad Word in DB

Focus set on Post Message

Economically is also feasible due use of Open source Technology, PHP, MySQL,The portal is interactive & easy navigation for user. The Forum is one Type Platform For Traveler To share there Life Moment with others. This Forum make Money from Google Advertisement.This forum has many Feature such as automatic User Ban System, Topic Ban SystemAutomatics Bad word Restriction in posting.City Forum is provided for user.


13Travel Community Forum

Travel Community Forum

References & Help !www.wikipedia.com www.indiamike.com www.igougo.com www.tripadviser.com www.virtualtourist.com www.travelforum.com

www.travelreveal.com www.daniweb.com www.php.net www.jquery.com www.w3schools.com www.noup.com


Travel Community Forum



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