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  • 8/7/2019 Trasncript RCR 02242011 Mae Beavers


    RC: So, without further ado, let me bring on our guest

    here. Senator Beavers, hello?

    MS. BEAVERS: Yes, how are you?

    RC: Hey, great. Welcome to the show, and certainly

    appreciate you giving up part of an evening here to be with us.

    It was kind of a short introduction there, but let's see, I

    believe you represent Senate District 17, is that correct, in


    MS. BEAVERS: I do.

    RC: And did I I'm sure I left out some things there.

    MS. BEAVERS: Oh, that's all right. I represent eight

    counties east of Nashville, and I've been in the state senate

    for eight years, I was in the house for eight years, and on the

    county commission for four years before that.

    RC: Okay, great. So it sounds like you are quite an

    experienced legislator, and I'm not that familiar with the

    government of Tennessee, but it sounds like you do have a

    bicameral legislature with a senate and a house of

    representatives. Is that correct?

    MS. BEAVERS: We do.

    RC: Okay. And, as I said, I really appreciate you coming

    on, and your assistant was quite pleasant to work with, too, to

    line this up and very accommodating. I know you were in session

  • 8/7/2019 Trasncript RCR 02242011 Mae Beavers


    last week and quite busy. So we were able to arrange it this


    Now, you are the author of two bills that would modify the

    Tennessee code having to do with ballot access.

    MS. BEAVERS: Right, and we're actually withdrawing that

    first bill. We decided to expand that to all of the federal

    offices. You know, this has really got me thinking about who

    really checks to make sure people are qualified to run for

    office, you know, any of the offices, and so we have expanded

    the bill to include not only the people who are running for

    president, but Congress and for the U.S. Senate.

    RC: Okay, so the two bills I have printed off here, Senate

    Bill 366, is that the one you're withdrawing?

    MS. BEAVERS: Yes, that's the

    RC: Okay, and that only seemed to deal with the

    presidency, the president, and then you're replacing that with

    Senate Bill 1091, is that correct?

    MS. BEAVERS: That's correct.

    RC: Okay. Well, I guess I have several questions. One

    is, you know, I think there should be a need for legislation

    or what do you hope to accomplish with this bill I guess would

    be my first question? Why did you introduce it?

    MS. BEAVERS: Well, it's to make sure that people who are

    running for office are eligible to run for office. I think

  • 8/7/2019 Trasncript RCR 02242011 Mae Beavers


    that, you know, there have been a lot of questions about our

    President's eligibility, and it kind of got me thinking about,

    you know, who's really out there checking? You know, it used to

    be, you know, for instance, if you run for a race in your local

    county that everybody knew everybody, and so you kind of knew

    what age a person was and, you know, things like that, but now,

    you know, we've grown so much that people just don't know each

    other, and I think we need, especially at the federal levels,

    you know, people checking to make sure that you're qualified to


    RC: Well, you just said there have been a lot of

    questions. Yes, there does seem to be there has been a small

    group of people that have brought up questions about President

    Obama, but I mean, do you really have any questions about him

    being eligible, or any other

    MS. BEAVERS: Well, a lot of people do. I have no personal

    knowledge about whether or not he was eligible or not, but there

    have been a lot of questions about it, and I think it just begs

    the question, you know, who's really checking on this.

    RC: I won't get into your age

    MS. BEAVERS: I'm 63 years old.

    RC: Okay, we're close to the same age. So you've been

    around long enough to remember Ronald Reagan, I guess, and some

    of the other presidents.

  • 8/7/2019 Trasncript RCR 02242011 Mae Beavers


    MS. BEAVERS: Oh, of course.

    RC: Okay, well, were you aware of the fact that Ronald

    Reagan didn't have a birth certificate until he was over 30

    years old?

    MS. BEAVERS: No, I was not.

    RC: Okay, well, we'll get into that a little later. So

    but so according to you, then, you have no questions about

    Obama's eligibility yourself then.

    MS. BEAVERS: Oh, I think people have raised questions

    about it enough to make everybody wonder.

    RC: But, you know, we've actually seen a copy of his

    official Hawaiian birth certificate posted online. We've seen

    high resolution photographs. He's the only president I've

    actually ever seen a copy of his birth certificate before he was

    President. Actually, there is the one posted I've seen a

    picture of Ronald Reagan's, you know, the one we were talking

    about that was actually issued in 1942. So I probably have less

    questions about his eligibility than any president, because I've

    actually seen a picture of his birth certificate. I think

    you've probably seen that also. Is that correct?

    MS. BEAVERS: You know, I get emails all the time with

    things in them, you know. I can't honestly tell you that I read

    all of them, because I get so many emails, it's unbelievable.

    So you know, I just know that the question has been out there.

  • 8/7/2019 Trasncript RCR 02242011 Mae Beavers


    RC: But I mean there are lots of questions out there.

    People question whether George Bush had something to do with,

    you know, causing 9-11, but that was all silly and we knew that

    was silly, right? I mean, there are conspiracy theories about


    MS. BEAVERS: Well, when there are questions about things,

    at least I'm in the position where we can clarify the law and

    make sure that things are being done legally, and

    RC: Okay, so we're I'm sorry, go ahead.

    MS. BEAVERS: - and I think that that is the job of the

    secretary of state to make sure that people who run for

    president, who run for federal offices, are qualified to be on

    the ballot.

    RC: Well, and I don't think anyone would disagree with

    that. I'm not sure that there aren't states out there that

    don't require some sort of proof already, and we do know and

    we do know, I've read that the Obama campaign ordered a number

    of birth certificates, and I'm not sure what states required


    MS. BEAVERS: Right.

    RC: Apparently he satisfied all fifty states, and I

    believe that most states do require that the parties file some

    sort of certificate stating that the President was eligible.

    I've seen a few of those posted online.

  • 8/7/2019 Trasncript RCR 02242011 Mae Beavers


  • 8/7/2019 Trasncript RCR 02242011 Mae Beavers


    MS. BEAVERS: Now, you're asking me to get into a lot of

    things that I haven't really looked into yet.

    RC: Well, I mean, you've put it in your bill. It says an

    original long form birth certificate.

    MS. BEAVERS: Well, we are following some of the bills that

    have been filed in lots of other states, and you know how it is,

    you file your bill and, you know, you prepare before you go to


    RC: Well, that's one question I had. I've actually looked

    at several of these bills that have been filed, and there seems

    to be a lot of similarities. Were these actually submitted by

    someone else or a central organization as a template?

    MS. BEAVERS: I have no idea. I have no idea. That's what

    we do lots of times. You know, we look at what other states are

    filing, and if there's something that we think would be good,

    you know, we'll pick up on it. You know, I filed the Firearms

    Freedom Act in our state two years ago. I copied Montana's

    bill, and we actually got ours passed before Montana did. We

    unashamedly copied their bill. They knew what we were doing.

    We've worked with them. And you know, a lot of states work


    I'm working on the health care compact right now, and we're

    working with a number of other states to make sure we all have

    the same language and working together on those bills.

  • 8/7/2019 Trasncript RCR 02242011 Mae Beavers


    RC: Well, let's get back to this, your bill and I've got

    the wording right here this is 1091 says one of the

    requirements that the party has to provide, or the candidate, is

    and let me find it here an original I think it says, yeah,

    an original long form birth certificate, but you don't know what

    that is.

    MS. BEAVERS: I'm not sure exactly what long form means,

    but it means an original certified copy of a birth certificate.

    RC: Well, it says here's the entire paragraph. It says

    an original to prove citizenship other that's other than

    natural born citizenship, wait a minute, let me back up here.

    It says an original long form birth certificate showing the date

    and place of birth, names of the hospital, and the attending

    physician and signatures of witnesses and attendants.

    MS. BEAVERS: And I don't know about you, but my birth

    certificate has all of that on it, and every birth certificate

    RC: Well, that's a lot of older birth but are you aware

    that a lot of states now give what only give the short form

    birth certificate.